Fundamentals of Sentencing Theory: Essays in Honour of Andrew Von Hirsch

Andrew Ashworth, Martin Wasik
Clarendon Press, 1998 - 300 páginas
The Oxford Monographs on Criminal Law and Justice series covers all aspects of criminal law and procedure including criminal evidence. The scope of the series is wide, encompassing both practical and theoretical works.

This volume is a thematic collection of essays on sentencing theory by leading writers. The essays consider several issues affecting the discipline including the underlying justifications for the imposition of punishment by the State, areas of sentencing policy that have given rise to particular
difficulty, such as the sentencing of drug offenders, the rationale for discounting sentences for multiple offenders, the existence of special sentencing for young offenders, and cases where the injury done to the victim is of a different magnitude from what might have been expected, and includes
various questions about the unequal impact on offenders of different sentencing measures.

This volume is dedicated to Professor Andrew von Hirsch, whose continuing work on sentencing theory provided the stimulus for the collection.

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The Problem of
in Proportion and in Perspective
Five Puzzles in von Hirschs Theory of Punishment
Crime Seriousness and the OffenderVictim Relationship
Why Bulk Discounts in Multiple Offence Sentencing? 1 29
Dangerousness and Citizenship
Sentencing Young Offenders 1 65
Desert Proportionality and the Seriousness
Doing Justice to Difference
Sentencing Equal Treatment and the Impact
The Hardness of Hard Treatment
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Andrew Ashworth is Vinerian Professor of English law at All Souls College, Oxford.
Martin Wasik is Professor of Law at Manchester University.

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