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My father's old, what then ? Age, like a caterpillar,
Will crawl upon the leaves of a young tree
Till it has eaten away all its beauty ;
And I'll not waste my golden youth in bondage
To a proud slave.

Crown's Ambitious Statesman.
Oh, fir! my reason is not dim with age,
Whate'er my eyes are ; time which steals our sight,
Is for the thievery by nature find,
To make us recompence in inward light.

Crown's Thyeftes.
Ο Ρ Ι ΝΙ, Ο Ν.
Opinion's but a fool, that makes us scan
The outward habit by the inward man.

Shakespear's Pericles.
Opinion, the blind goddess of fools, foe
'To the virtuous, and only friend to
Undeserving persons.

Chapman's Widow's Tears.
O malcontent, feducing guest,
Contriver of our greatest woes :
Which born of wind and fed with shews,
Doft nurse thyself in thine unrest,
Judging forgotten things the best!
Or what thou in conceit design'it,
And all things in the world doft deem,
Not as they are, but as they seem :
Which shews their state thou ill defin'st ;
And liv'st to come, in present pin'lt.
For what thou hast, thou still doch lack.
O mind's tormentor, bodies rack,
Vain promiser of that sweet rest
Which never any yet possess’d !

Daniel's Cleopatra.
Whilst great men do, as toss'd on th’ocean, groan,
Taught by their toils, esteem much of our reft :
For this doth thousands with affliction store,
Which of the world as most unhappy moan,

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If they but chance to view some few more blest ;
Where, if they would but mark how many a one
More wretch'd than they in misery do live;
It strait would calm the most unquiet breast;
The cottage oft is happier than the throne.
To think our own state good, and others ill,
It could not but a great contentment give :
There much consists in the conceit and will ;
To us all things are, as we think them still.

E. of Sterline's Alexandrean Tragedy.
There's nothing simply good or ill alone;
Of ev'ry quality, comparison
The only measure is, and judge opinion.

Dr. Donne. Who

gets th'opinion of a virtuous name, May sin at pleasure, and ne'er think of shame.

Middleton's Mad World my Masters. Let not opinion make thy judgment err; The ev’ning conquest crowns the conqueror.

Lady Alimony. Opinion is that high and mighty dame Which rules the world ; and in the mind doth frame Distaste or liking: For in human race, She makes the fancy various as the face. Sometimes the father differs from the son, As doth the gospel from the alcoran ; Or Loyala from Calvin ; which two brands In strange combustions hurl fair Europe's lands ; So that amongst such atoms of mankind, You scarce can two encounter of one mind.

Howel. How can you rest where pow'r is still alarmd: Each crowd a faction, and each faction arm'd ? Who fashions of opinion love to change, And think their own the best for being

strange ; Their own if it were lafting, they would hate ; Yet call it conscience when 'tis obstinate.

Sir W. Davenant to the King.


OPPORTUNITY. Secureful thoughts do fofter fond delay,

Bewitching hopes breed carelessness of mind ; Occasion, fet on wing, flies faft away,

Whose back once turn'd, no hold-fast can we find ;

Her feet are swift, bald is her head behind :
Who so hath hold, and after lets her go,
Doth lose the lot which fortune did bestow,

Mirror for Magistrates.
There is a tide in th: affairs of men,
Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune ;
Omitted, all the voyage of their life
Is bound in shallows, and in miseries.
On such a full sea are we now a-float;
And we must take the current when it serves,
Or lose our ventures.

Shakespear's Julius Cæfar. We must abide our opportunity : And practice what is fit, as what is needful. It is not fafe t'inforce a lov'reign's ear: Princes hear well, if they at all will hear.

Johnson's Sejanus. There is a certain season, if we hit, When women may be rid without a bit.

Beaumont and Fletcher's Valentinian.' Opportunity to statesmen, is as the just degree Of heat to chymists ; it perfects all the work.

Suckling's Brennoralt.

The End of the Second Volume.

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