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the Faculty, none in the courses of study. All departments were larger than in the preceeding year. The year was singularly free from disturbances or difficulties of any kind.” The number of students was as follows:

Department of Science, Literature and the Arts. Seniors,

43 Juniors,

41 Sophomores,

59 Freshmen,

93 In Higher Chemistry,.

70 In Select Studies,..



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The number of graduates, during the year in the various departments was as follows:

Department of Science, Literature and the Arts. Civil Engineer, 7; Bachelor of Science, 6; Bachelor of Arts, 30; Master of Arts, 19; Master of Science, 5. In the Department, 67.

Department of Medicine and Surgery. Doctor of Medicine, 74.

Department of Law. Bachelor of Laws, 108.

The Honorary Degree of L. L. D., was conferred on one person; and the Honorary Degree of M. A., on one. Total number of degrees conferred, 251.


The very full Report of this College, as presented by its President, represents the College as enjoying a prosperity which must be exceedingly gratifying to its friends and patrons. It has almost entirely recovered from its previous embarrassments, and has every prospect of securing immediately a liberal and permanent endowment. In speaking of this, the President says: “The friends of the College are hopeful and earnest beyond any former period, and are confident that, including the $25,000 raised by the citizens of Albion and vicinity, $100,000 will be placed at interest, for the benefit of the College, during the coming year.”

The summary gives the number of instructors in all departments,

7 The number of students: Sophomores,

6 Freshmen,

21 Preparatory

.234 Painting and Drawing,..

11 Selected Studies, ..

22 Music,


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The Report which comes from this College represents the condition of the College to be exceedingly prosperous. The finances are rapidly improving, the number of students rapidly increasing, and friends full of hope in the success of the College multiplying on every hand. The officers of the College are greatly encouraged in their work. Several large bequests were left to the College during the past year. This College, in common with others, has had its hours of darkness and days of struggle; but it is now belioved that its darkest ours are past and its severest struggles over, and its friends are rejoicing in the hopeful prospects for the future. The number of Instructors reported in the several de

partments, ...


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From a catalogue we gather the following statements:

Hillsdale College is located at Hillsdale, Michigan, on the Michigan Southern Railroad. The college edifice is of brick, four stories high besides the basement, embracing upwards of twenty public rooms, and one hundred and ten private rooms, sufficient to accommodate two hundred and twenty students. The building also affords boarding accommodations for an equal number, There are, in addition, ample accommodations in private families, in the vicinity of the college, for several hundred more.

Faculty. No. of Instructors,

9 Assistant teachers,..

7 Students.

8 9


5 13

Seniors,. ...
Juniors, ..

Scientific Department.
Fourth year,
Senior Classical Preparatory,
English Preparatory,

Ladies' Course.

2 5 18 34 12 16 213



Fourth year,
Whole No. of Gentlemen,...


11 19 33 188

338 271




It will be seen, by reference to the report of the President of this College, that its prosperity is still continued. During the past year the College has made manifest progress. The Board of Trustees are now engaged in erecting a new College edifice, to be used for recitation rooms, and dormitories. It is to be fifty-four feet in width and one hundred and twelve feet in length, four stories high. Its cost will not be less than $30,000; $15,000 of which were pledged on the last commencement day. Several large donations have been made, during the year, to the endowment fund of the College. Others are confidently expected, the present year. The number of Instructors,

9 Assistant teachers, ..

4 Students in College,...

18 Students in Scientific course,

24 Classical Preparatory,


Total number in all Departments,..



The State Normal School still continues as prosperous as at any previous time. The teachers have been so long connected with the School, and understand so fully what was needed to to be done, that the School did not feel the loss of its former Principal, as it otherwise would have done. Under its new Principal, we may hope to see its power for good, still more increased, and its general prosperity greatly enlarged.

Summary. Number of Teachers..

9 Number of Students-Winter Term,.....

187 Summer Term,

146 In Model School - Winter Term,..

100 Summer Term,...

86 Fall Term,


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