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Primary Department-First Grade.
Facts in Natural Sciences.'
Primary Colors.

Botany-Trees, Shrubs, Bushes, Vines, Flowers, Grains, Yegetables, Fruits, Nuts, Seeds.

Physiology-Haman Body.

Natural Philosopby-Air, Water, Rain, Snow, Hail, Vapor, Steam, Dew, Fog, Clouds, Sun, Moon, Stars.

Mathematics-Counting by Objects, Time Table, Drawing Straight Lines. Language- Words, Things before Names, Moral Stories, Concert Verseg. Gymnastics and Singing.

Second Grade-Primary. Botany Continued-Simple Leaf Forms and Flower Forms, Trees and Wood.

Zoology--Annimal, Mammals; 1, Two Handed; 2, Four Handed; 3, Flesh. Eating; 4, Cud-Chewing; 5, Thick-Skinned; 6, Gnawers; Color, Form, Size, Habits, Food, Use and Speed of Domestic Animals.

Natural Philosopby-Color, Scale of Tints and Shades of Primary Simple Properties of Matter.

Mathematics-Counting by Objects, Addition; Long Measure by Objects ;; Drawings, Angles and Plane Figures.

Language-Webb's Primary Reader, Sounds of Vowels, Combination: with Consonants; Moral Stories, Concert Verses, Maxims. Singing and Gymnastics.

Third Primary. Botany Continued-Leaf and Flower Forms, Compound Leaves, Parts of the Flower, Root Forms.

Zoology-Birds-1, Flesh Eaters; 2, Perchers; 3, Climbers; 4, Scratchers; 5, Waders; 6, Swimmers.

Natural Philosophy-Simple Experiments, Secondary Colors.

Mathematics—Subtraction, Multiplication and Division Tables by Objects, Analysis of Numbers, Drawing Plane Figures, Table of Miscellaneous Things.

Language-Reading, Webb's First Reader finished, Spelling by Sound, Concert Verses, &c., Singing, &c.

First Intermediate. Robinson's Rudiments to Fractions; Natural Philosophy by Objects;. Second Reader, 45 pages; Spelling and Definitions; Elementary Geography begun, Singing.

Second Intermediate. Robinson's Rudiments finished; Swift's Natural Philosophy entire; Ele-mentary Geograpby continued; Second Reader finished; Spelling and Definitions.

Third Intermediate.

Davies' Arithmetic to Decimals; Wood's Object Lessons; Botany; Elementary Geography finished; Third Reader, Spelling, Singing, &c.

First Grammar. Sill's Synthesis, Davies' Arithmetic continued, Fourth Reader, Spelling, Composition, Declamation, Penmanship, Book-keeping, Drawing, Vocal. Kasie, Physical Geography.


Second Grammar. Welch's Analysis, Davies' Arithmetic finished, Zoology, 5th Reader, Spelling, Composition, Declamation, Penmanship, Book-keeping, Vocal Music, Physical Geography.

Third Grammar. History, Entomology, Algebra began, Latin or Gernian, Composition, Map Drawing, with Geography.


First Grade. Algebra finished, Latin, German or French, Botany, (Summer term,) Physical Geography,

Second Grade. Physiology and Astronomy, Geometry begun, Latin, German or French Composition.

Third Grade. Chemistry, Geometry finished, Rhetoric, Latin, German or French finished.


Hox. 0. HOSFORD, Supt. of Public Instruction:

DEAR SIR—The Corporation of Adrian College consists of twelve trustees, of whom two are elected yearly at the regular annual meeting.

The members at the beginning of the past year were Henry Hart, Esq., President of the Board, Hon. L. G. Berry, Rev. John McEldowney, Fitch Reed, Esq., T. D. Ramsdell, Esq., Hon. R. R. Beecher, Rev. S. P. Rice, Wm. H. Scott, Esq., J. C. Pendleton, Esq., Rev. S. B. Smith, Rev. M. B. Wilsey, and Abel Whitney, Esq.

Rev. Cyrus Prindie, D.D., Treasurer.
Prof. J. W. McKeever, Secretary.


The Board of Instruction is as follows:
Rev. John McEldowney, A. M., President.
Orange Soott, Professor of Mental and Moral Science.

Rev. James McEldowney, A. M., Professor of Latin and Greek Language and Literature.

Rev. J. W. McKeever, A. M., Professor of Natural Philosophy and Natural History.

Rev. J. Kost, A. M., M. D., Professor of Chemistry and Geology

Rev. Luther Lee, D. D. Professor of Theology and Biblical Literature.

Adam H. Lowrie, A. M., Professor of Mathematics.

Miss Mattie H. Pomeroy, Principal of the Ladies' Department.

Mrs. H. A. Thurber, Teacher of Vocal and Instrumental Music.

Miss Lucy E. Whiton, Teacher of Painting and Drawing. N. W. Wilcox, Teacher of Penmanship and Book-keeping.

Under an arrangement with the Trustees of the Methodist Protestant Collegiate Association looking to a Union of that body with the Wesleyan Methodist Connection in the support and maintenance of the Institution, two additional Professors were added during the Spring Term, viz: Rev. A. Maban, D.D., and Prof. George B. McElroy. The Board of Trustees was so changed as that six of the city Trustees gave place to a like number from the Asssociation above named.


The number of students in attendance in the several departments of the Institution during the year, is as follows: Seniors,

8 Juniors,...

6 Sophomores,

15 Freshmen,...

37 Senior Preparatory,.

60 Junior Preparatory,..

207 Selected Studies in College Classes,...


Instrumental Music, ...
Oil Painting,
Department of Fine Arts not elsewhere reported, ..

[blocks in formation]


369 Ladies,

160 Gentlemen,


369 The Departments of Instruction are: 1st, Preparatory and Elective. 2d, College-Classical and Scientific Courses; and 3d, Theological

The 1st includes a full Preparatory Course of two years, regularly classified, and embraces those studies necessary for admission to the Freshman Year of College. The 2d includes a full four years course in the Classical Department and an order of studies for a like time in the Scientific Department When completed by the student he is admitted to the usual honorary degrees. The 3d includes instruction in Theology.

A special Department for instruction in systematic Theology and Biblical Literature, is under the charge of Rev. Dr. Luther Lee, and affords to young men intending to enter the Ministry favorable opportunities to pursue such Theological studies without additional expense, as they may be able to sustain in connection with their Collegiate course.

Young men wishing to make the study of Theology their principal object, and not entering College classes, can here prosecute such a course as will tend to their highest efficiency in the profession contemplated.

The conditions of admission to the Theological Department are satisfactory evidence of Christian character, and such literary attainments as will, in the judgment of the Faculty, enable the party to study Theology to advantage.

The terms and vacations are the same as those of the College Department.

Those studies included in the Theological Course, which belong to the regular College Course, will be parsued in the College classes.

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