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to the Pictures in the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge. Crown 8vo. sewed, 1s. 6d.; or in cloth elegant, 28. 6d.

CAMBRIDGE. - Cambridge Mathematical Journal, Vol. I.

Second Edition, 8vo. cloth, 18s.

CAMBRIDGE.-Cambridge and Dublin Mathematical Journal.

The Complete Work, in Nine Vols. 8vo. cloth, 71. 4s.


Second Edition, Crown 8vo. ls.
COLENS0.-Ten Weeks in Natal. A Journal of a First

Tour of Visitation among the Colonists and Zulu Kafirs of Natal. By the
Right Rev. JOHN WILLIAM COLENSO, D.D. Bishop of Natal, with a
Map and Illustrations. Fcap. 8vo. cloth, 5s.

COLENS0.-An Ordination and Three Missionary Sermons.

By the Right Rev. JOHN WILLIAM COLENSO, D.D. Bishop of Natal.

COLENS0.–Village Sermons. By the Right Rev.JOHN WIL

LIAM COLENSO, D.D. Bishop of Natal. Second Edition. Fcap. 8vo.

cloth, 2s, 6d. COLENS0.-The Communion Service, from the Book of

Common-Prayer, with Select Readings from the writings of the Rev. F. D.
MAURICE, M.A. Edited by the Right Rev. JOHN WILLIAM COLENSO,
D.D., Bishop of Natal. Fine Edition, rubricated and bound in morocco,

antique style, 6s.; or in cloth, 28. 6d. C3mmon Paper, limp cloth, 1s. COOPER.-A Geometrical Treatise on Conic Sections. By the Rev. J. E. COOPER, M.A. late Fellow of St. John's College, Cambridge.

[Preparing. COTTON.-Sermons: chiefly connected with Public Events

of 1854. By G. E. LYNCH COTTON, M.A. Master of Marlborough College,

formerly Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge. Fcap. 8vo. cloth, 3s. DEMOSTHENES.-Demosthenes de Corona.

The Greek Text, with English Notes. By BERNARD DRAKE, M.A. Fellow of King's Coll, Cambridge, Editor and Translator of the “Eumenides of Æschylus.” Crown 8vo, cloth, 58.

DEMOSTHENES. - Translation of Demosthenes on the

Crown. By J, P. NORRIS, M.A. Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge, and one of Her Majesty's Inspectors of Schools, Crown 8vo, cloth, 3s.

A 2

DRAKE.-Notes Explanatory and Critical on the Books of

Jonah and Hosea. By WILLIAM DRAKE, M.A. late Fellow of St. John's
College, Cambridge. 8vo. cloth, 9s.


a Year of War. Second Edition. Sold in aid of the Fund for Officers Widows and Orphans. Crown 8vo. sewed, 1s. 6d.

EVANS.—Sonnets on the Death of the Duke of Wellington,

by SEBASTIAN EVANS. 8vo. sewed, 18.

FERRAR.-Lives of Nicholas Ferrar, Fellow of Clare Hall.

By his BROTHER JOHN, and Dr. JEBB. Now first Edited, w
trations, by J. E. B. MAYOR, M.A., Fellow and Assistant Tutor of St.
John's College, Cambridge. Fcap. 8vo. cloth, 78. 6d.

FLOWERS OF THE FOREST.-A War Ballad for January

1855. By M. A. H. Crown 8vo. 6d. FROST.-The First Three Sections of Newton's Principia.

With Notes and Problems in illustration of the subject. By PERCIVAL
FROST, M.A. late Fellow of St. John's College, Cambridge, and Mathe-

matical Lecturer of Jesus College. Crown 8vo. cloth, 10s. 6d. FROST,-Thucydides, Book VI. The Greek Text, and English

Notes : with a Map of Syracuse By PERCIVAL FROST, Jun. M.A. late

Fellow of St. John's College, Cambridge. 8vo. cloth, 78. 6d.
GODFRAY.-An Elementary Treatise on the Lunar Theory.

With a brief Sketch of the History of the Problem up to the time of Newton.
By HUGH GODFRAY, B.A. of St. John's College, Cambridge. 8vo. cloth,

58. 6.
GOODWIN.-How Christ's Promises are fulfilled.

A Farewell Sermon preached on the occasion of the departure of the Bishop of Natal, and the other members of the Natal Mission. By HARVEY GOODWIN, M.A., Minister of St. Edward's, and Hulsean Lecturer in the

University of Cambridge. 8vo. sewed. 18. GRANT.-Plane Astronomy.

Including Explanations of Celestial Phenomena, and Descriptions of Astronomical Instruments. By A. R. GRANT, M.A., one of Her Majesty's In

spectors of Schools, late Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge. 8vo. boards, 6s. HALLIFAX.-Bishop Hallifax's Analysis of the Civil Law. In

which a comparison is occasionally made between the Roman Laws and those of England. A new Edition, with alterations and additions, being the heads of a Course of Lectures publicly delivered in the University of Cambridge, by J. W. GELDART, LL.D. 8vo. bds. 88. 6d.; interleaved, 108. 6d.; double interleaved, 12s. 6d.


HARDWICK.-Christ and other Masters.

An Historical Inquiry into some of the chief Parallelisms and Contrasts between Christianity and the Religious Systems of the Ancient World. With special reference to prevailing Difficulties and Objections. By CHARLES HARDWICK, M.A., Fellow of St. Catherine's Hall, Divinity Lecturer at King's College, and Christian Advocate in the University of Cambridge. 8vo.

[Nearly ready,

HARDWICK.-A History of the Christian Church, during the

Middle Ages. By CHARLES HARDWICK, M.A. Fellow of St. Catharine's Hall, Divinity Lecturer in King's College, and Christian Advocate in the University of Cambridge. Author of "A History of the XXXIX. Articles." With Four Maps constr cted for this Work by A. KEITH JOHNSTON. Crown 8vo. cloth, 108. 6d.

HARDWICK.-A History of the Christian Church during the Reformation. By CHARLES HARDWICK, M.A.

[In the Press. *** These two Books are part of a Series of Theological Manuals

now in progress.

HARDWICK.-Twenty Sermons for Town Congregations. By

CHARLES HARDWICK, M.A. Crown 8vo. cloth, 6s. 6d.

HARE.-Two Sermons preached in Herstmonceux Church,

on Septuagesima Sunday, February 4, 1855, being the Sunday after the Funeral of the Venerable Archdeacon Hare. By the Rev. H. VENN ELLIOTT, Perpetual Curate of St. Mary's, Brighton, late Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge, and the Rev. J. N. SIMPKINSON, Rector of Brington, North: ampton, formerly Curate of Herstmonceux. 8vo. Is. 6d.

HEMMING.-An Elementary Treatise on the Differential

and Integral Calculus. For the Use of Colleges and Schools. By G. W. HEMMING, M.A. Fellow of St. John's College, Cambridge. Second Edition, with Corrections and Additions. 8vo. cloth, 9s.

HERVEY.—The Genealogies of our Lord and Saviour Jesus

Christ, as contained in the Gospels of St. Matthew and St. Luke, reconciled with each other and with the Genealogy of the House of David, from Adam to the close of the Canon of the Old Testament, and shown to be in harmony with the true Chronology of the Times. By Lord ARTHUR HERVEY, M.A. Rector of Ickworth with Horringer. 8vo. cloth, 108. 6d.

HOWARD.-The Book of Genesis, according to the Version

of the LXX. Translated into English, with Notices of its Omissions and Insertions, and with Notes on the Passages in which it differs from our Authorized Version. By the Hon. HENRY E. J. HOWARD, D.D. Dean of Lichfield. Crown 8vo. cloth, 83. 6d.


HOWES.-A History of the Christian Church during the First Six Centuries. By J. G. HOWES, M.A. Fellow of St. Peter's Coll. Camb.

[Preparing *** This is part of a Series of Theological Manuals now in progress. HULBERT.-The Gospel Revealed to Job: or Patriarchal

Faith and Practice illustrated. By C. A. HULBERT, M.A. 8vo. cloth, 128. HUMPHREYS.- Exercitationes Iambicae; or, Progressive

Exercises in Greek Iambic Verse. To which are prefixed, the Rules of Greek
Prosody, with copious Notes and Illustrations of the Exercises. By E. R.
HUMPHREYS, LL.D. Head Master of the Cheltenham Grammar School,
Second Edition. F:ap. cloth, 58. 6.

JEREMIE.-Two Sermons Preached before the University

of Cambridge, on April 26, 1854, and March 21, 1855, being the Days appointed for General Humiliation and Prayer. By J. A. JEREMIE, D.D. Regius Professor of Divinity. 8vo. 2s.

JEREMIE.-Sermon preached before the University of Cam

bridge, on July 1st, 1855, on the occasion of the Death of PROFESSOR BLUNT.

By J. A. JEREMIE, D.D. 8vo. sewed, ls. JEWELL.-An Apology of the Church of England, and an

Epistle to Seignior Scipio concerning the Council of Trent, translated from the original Latin, and illustrated with Notes, chiefly drawn from the Author's “Defence of the Apology." By A. T. RUSSELL, Fcp. 8vo. bds. 5s.

JUSTIN MARTYR.-S. Justini Philosophi et Martyris

Apologia Prima. Edited, with a corrected Text, and English Introduction and explanatory Notes, by W. TROLLOPE, M.A. Pembroke College, Cam

bridge. 8vo. bds, 78. 6d. JUVENAL.-Juvenal: chiefly from the Text of Jahn.

With English Notes for the Use of Schools. By J. E. B. MAYOR, M.A. Fellow and Classical Lecturer of St. John's College, Cainbridge. Crown 8vo. cloth, 108. 6.

KINGSLEY.-“Westward Ho!” or, the Voyages and Adven

tures of Sir Amyas Leigh, Knight, of Burrough, in the County of Devon, in the Reign of Her Most Glorious Majesty Queen Elizabeth. By CHARLES KINGSLEY. Second Edition. 3 vols. crown 8vo. 11. lls. 6d.

KINGSLEY.-Glaucus; or, the Wonders of the Shore.

Second Edition. With a Frontispiece. Fcap. 8vo. cloth, 38. 6d. KINGSLEY.-Alexandria and Her Schools: being Four Lec

tures delivered at the Philosophical Institution, Edinburgh. With a Preface. Crown 8vo. cloth, 5s.

KINGSLEY.-Phaethon; or Loose Thoughts for Loose

Thinkers. Second Edition. Crown 8vo. boards, 28.

LATHAM.-Geometrical Problems in the Properties of Conic

Sections. By H. LATHAM, M.A. Fellow and Tutor of Trinity Hall. 8vo. sewed, 38.6d.

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LUND.-A Short and Easy Course of Algebra.

Chiefly designed for the use of the Junior Classes in Schools, with a numerous collection of Original easy Exercises. By THOMAS LUND, B.D. late Fellow of St. John's College, Cambridge. Second Edition. 12mo. cloth, 3s. 6d.

LUSHINGTON.-La Nation Boutiquière: and other Poems,

chiefly Political. With a Preface. By the late HENRY LUSHINGTON,
Chief Secretary to the Governor of Malta. Points of War. By
FRANKLIN LUSHINGTON, Judge in the Supreme Courts of the Ionian
Isles. In 1 vol. fcap. 8vo. cloth, 3s.

MACKENZIE.-The Christian Clergy of the first Ten Cen

turies: their Influence on European Civilization. By HENRY MACKENZIE, B.A. formerly Scholar of Trinity College, Cambridge. Crown 8vo.

MʻCOY.-Preparing for Publication; to be completed in about Five Parts

price 5s. each, forming One Volume 8vo. of about 500 pages, with nearly 1,000 illustrations in the text, drawn and engraved by the Author,

A Manual of the Genera of British Fossils.

Comprising Systematic Descriptions of all the Classes, Orders, Families, and Genera of Fossil Animals found in the Strata of the British Isles; with figures of all the Generic Types. By FREDERICK M'COY, F.G.S., Hon. F.C.P.S., Professor of Natural History in the University of Melbourne, Author of “Characters of the Carboniferous Limestone Fossils of Ireland," "Synopsis of the Silurian Fossils of Ireland," one of the Authors of “Sedgwick and M'Coy's British Palæozoic Rocks and Fossils," &c.

M'COY.-Preparing for Publication, in One Volume, crown 8vo. with numerous

Illustrations, An Elementary Introduction to the Study of Palæontology.

With numerous Figures illustrative of Structural Details, ** This little Work is intended to supply all that elementary information on the

Structure of Fossil Animals, with reference to the most nearly allied existing types, illustrated explanation of technical terms, &c. which the beginner may require, but which would be out of place in the Author's systematic volume on the Genera.

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