Sea-side Studies at Ilfracombe, Tenby, the Scilly Isles, & Jersey

Blackwood, 1858 - 414 páginas

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Página 360 - With a sweet emotion ; Nothing in the world is single ; All things by a law divine In one another's being mingle— Why not I with thine...
Página 241 - As it does not generally break up before it is raised above the surface of the sea, cautiously and anxiously I sank my bucket to a level with the dredge's mouth, and proceeded in the most gentle manner to introduce Luidia to the purer element. Whether the cold air was too much for him, or the sight of the bucket too terrific, I know not, but in a moment he proceeded to dissolve his corporation, and at every mesh of the dredge his fragments were seen escaping.
Página 274 - As weakness — strength by no means. How is this That men of science, osteologists* And surgeons, beat some poets in respect For nature — count nought common or unclean, Spend raptures upon perfect specimens Of indurated veins, distorted joints, Or beautiful new cases of curved spine, While we, we are shocked at nature's falling off, We dare to shrink back from her warts and blains, We will not, when she sneezes, look at her, 180 Not even to say 'God bless her'?
Página 150 - ... brass or iron, except daggers : they use ropes made of twisted thongs ; trusting to these they go to war. The mode of fighting of these men is as follows : when they engage with the enemy they throw out the ropes, which have nooses at the end, and whatever any one catches, whether horse or man, he drags towards himself; and they that are entangled in the coils are put to death.
Página 241 - ... was too much for him or the sight of the bucket too terrific I know not, but in a moment he proceeded to dissolve his corporation, and at every mesh of the dredge his fragments were seen escaping. In despair I grasped at the largest, and brought up the extremity of an arm with its terminating eye, the spinous eyelid of which opened and closed with something exceedingly like a wink of derision.
Página 127 - Actinia crassicornis, that might have been originally two inches in diameter, and that had somehow contrived to swallow a valve of the great scallop (Pecten maximus), of the size of an ordinary saucer. The shell, fixed within the stomach, was so placed as to divide it completely into two halves, so that the body, stretched tensely over, had become thin and flattened like a pancake. All communication between the inferior portion of the stomach and the mouth was of course prevented, yet, instead of...
Página 9 - One show'd an iron coast and angry waves. You seem'd to hear them climb and fall And roar rock-thwarted under bellowing caves, Beneath the windy wall.
Página 127 - ... the animal- had availed itself of what undoubtedly had been a very untoward accident, to increase its enjoyments and its chances of double fare A new mouth furnished with two rows of numerous tentacula, was opened...
Página 341 - March 7th, 1850, it was observed that he must have come out of his shell in the interval (as the paper had been discoloured, apparently in his attempt to get away) ; but finding escape impossible, had again retired, closing his aperture with the usual glistening film ; this led to his immersion in tepid water, and marvellous recovery. He is now (March 13th, 1850) alive and flourishing, and has sat for his portrait.
Página 301 - Not all the progeny of the primary impregnated germ-cell are required for the formation of the body in all animals : certain of the derivative germ-cells may remain unchanged and become included in that body which has been composed of their metamorphosed and diversely combined or confluent brethren: so included, any derivative germ-cell or the nucleus of such may commence and repeat the same processes of growth by imbibition, and of propagation by spontaneous fission, as those to which itself owed...

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