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When thy soft tones have charm’d the With great ability of mind to chuse, liftener's ear,

Another daughter of the Tragic Muse, And wrapt attention with enchantment To paint Melpomene with all her grace, hear

Where find her portrait as in Siddonj'
How well thou didst the mother's woes face?

Whose talents now unrivall'd stands
Matilda's forrow for her Douglas' fate ! confess'd
When poor Elwina's story reach'd our The brightest jewel in the Tragic crest.

(tears ;
Pourtray'd by thee, beguil'd us of our Long may the drama with instruciion
And fad Euphrasia, from thy magic fire

please, Receiv'd those dictates' Nature did in And shew us Virtue dress'd in Nature's spire ;

ease ; For Murphy's Muse with truth might Depict our follies in the glass of truth, cause it known,

And learn the moral to impetuous youth, His Grecian Daughter you made all Record the annals of Great Britain's ille, your own,

Aud sanction merit with benignant smile.'
Return again, to grace a British flage,
Where Nature triumphs in the Drama's CURSUS GLACIALIS.

Where once a Yates's Shore superior HANC puer nam pucri mentem

quoque gloria tangit, And thy Alicia charm'd th' adniring Artem habet labi, prægravis 'unda town ;

gelu, Where Young's bright genius and her Ad plantas aptè figuntur ferrea bina, graceful mein,

Quæ duro in ligno, collocat arte faber, Have wrought perfection in the mimic His etiam, ut melius vestigia firmet, scene ;

And Shakspeare's numbers from her De cario afligit valido lora duo.
pow's receive

Quæ poftquam clavis superà devinxit &
Thole chaste impreslions they were

intrà meant to give.

Stat tremulus, tandem tendat adire

gelu. When proud Semiramis harangu'd Cautoque incedit, prima ad tentaminan the states,

grefu Who breath'd the Empress like immor

Et nova

cum multo crura timore tal rate!

movet, In pathos chaste, as in her looks serene, Labitur in primo, trepidat formidine With graceful dignity she mov'd the pectus queen ;

All iterum tentát, fed tamen iple To warm the soul with eloquence of treinit speech,

Nox ubi te didicit libramine pendere Delight her hearers, and perfection justo, reach ;

Hinc inde intrepidos fertque referique 'Twas thine, O Yates ! 'twas in thy grefius. nature wrought,

Desuper & glaciam largis vult paffibus To mould the scene with brilliancy of ire, thought.


Qua via eft S. iso qua via nemo premit. Infructive History o'er thy urn Mall Cum fubito caudentes Fortuna nec usque Deserving trophies to record thy praise ; juvabit ; And to thy memory let Truth pro Prospera concretam volvitur in gla. claim

ciem, The well-earn'd laurels of thy deathless Quin iterum infurgit, maguis licet exfame!

cidit Aulis :


Si mali nunc tueri darou male seremper To keep alive the beauties of the Aft miserum trislis fortuna tenacitur ftage,

urget And fofter worth in this enlighten'd age,

Decidit ex templo diminuetquc caput,




Citeus in Cælum baculi, pila furgit ab | Thus let me the splendor and strife ictu

Of the rich and exalted forego ; A flagris celeri verditur orbe tro With beauty ftill sweeten my life, chus

And love's gentle storm only know. In telis didicit quisquis properare ge- What joy the bee-murmurs impart !

mellis, Hic pedibus poterit tutius viæ fuis. The zephyrs that curl the blue waves!

Soft whispers that teal to the heart ! · F-Z-LLA_I_N.

And echo that talks in the caves! Peace, babblers, or only repeat

The filver descent of the Iprings; TO E D W I N.

Fond shepherils frame here no deceit, ISTRESSING fighs muft ever rend

But scandal has numerous wings. Your Emma's faithful breast; I call'd you to witness, 'tis true, For health is loft, sweet peace is fled, The vows that to Phillis I swore ; And grief's her conftant gueft. Methinks still her blushes I view,

And, trembling, forgiveness implore. Then cease, dear youth, oh cease to ask, What pains her to refuse ;

Ier charms I will grave in my heart, Bir let an eye of pity glance

Her name upon every tree; O'er this her humble Muse.

And sooner shall love want a dart,

Than fickleness harbour with me: Which fupplicates you ftill to prove You're worthy of that love,

J. C. S. Which time nor absence can decrease, Or poverty remove.

Lines addrolled to MERLIN, on bis Harp. Expect nor wish then e'er to hear That heart is tranquil grown, Which must to Edwin be fincere,


Othee the Muses' purest strains And beat for him alone.


For who like thee can aid the Muses'
EMMA. song;

Not Orpheus felf, though his harmo-
Made brutes, and men, and Pluto's self

admire ;

Angels might to thy harp their peans A PASTORAL BALLAD.

fing, from tbe Correspondence of Two Lovers, All that to harmony belongs is thine,

Or feraphs listen to the trembling string; Inhabitants of Lyons.

Thy harp imortal and its tone divine. A new Novel, published by Mefrs.

Marty Dawes Blackett Robinsons, Paternoster.Row. How, OW soft are the notes of the spring! An Answer to the ACROSTIC REBUS, What fragrance exhales from the

Vol. XX. p. 664. grove ! Ye birds,

taught by you, I would fing, MERCURY's the planet, as fure as a And here I for ever could rove.


It is fcarce feen hy us, as it rolls near Though its bottom is clear, yet the rill the sun ;

Delights from the rock to descend; Icarus made wings, the wax melted, So I, from ambition's steep hill,

when he My days in the valley would end. Soar'd too high, so he fell, and was

drown'd in the sea. The waves that, fo ruffled awhile, The earth we do walk on-the bird on

Were, glittering, dash'd in the sun ; On the bordering violets smile, Is furely the lark, that falutes first the And kiss them, and murmuring run. day :


nious lyre,


the spray

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Few.flow'rs with the lily can ever com

pare, The name of this actor is Miell, I de.

clare. Nought now gives me joy, in his ab..

sence I mourn, Should he fee thef: lines sure to S. he'd return.


Solution to a REBUS by Davis, in the

Supplement of Vol. XX. p 723. THE handsome city

you express, Salisbury is-'t least so I gutss.


METHINKS, sweet maid, thy gentle

form, In every breaft must rouse desire; Such symmetry as thine mall warm

'Soft beardless boy, and aged Gre. Mary, if ihou should e'er be mine,

Ah, but I'll pass such visions o'er ; Reflection says “ the'll ne'er be chine, You know she's woo'd by hundreds

more.Despair, then take thy wretched seat,

Reign ever in thy troubled mind; And, lince from thee there's no retreat, Kind Heav'n make me to woe re

sign'd, Earth's greatest joys to love, where love

we find. Leicestershire.

W. L.

Solution to a REBUS, Vol. XX. p. ibid. IF ladies were not so much given to

flirt, Nor in the art of coquetry quite so ex

pert; They might rely on't they'd married

soon be, By losing no time with their swains Instead of which doctrine, they puzzle And say yes and no 'till their swains

they perplex; Who, wearied with procrastination so

'long, Resolve to wed none. dre the females not wrong?

R. B.


on Miss

foon agree.

and vex,

WHAT I feel for my charmer that

The need not doubt, And what all valiant' men are but fel

dom without ; A consonant add-you should then join

one third Of an insect-the nymph's name you'll

fee in a word, Who has wounded my heart- she's of

Stamford the toall, And if the flights my love, I fall soon be a ghost.


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on Mr.

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H E name of a faint who once was

ver'd in mind, But Christ of his error convinc'd hing,

we find; A heavenly fign, and where Daniel was

calt, Tho' the prophet unhurt was, took up

at last ;

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Join these; and the name you will see A NAGRAM

very plain Of a worthy, kind, honest, and good IF you an useful instrument natur'a iwain :

In husbaudry tranfpose,

A term oft us'd' for cut or clip,
His face, when he speaks, is oft dress’d

You quickly will disclose.
up in fmiles,
A relation he is to my friend Mrs. Another transposition will

A plowed field expose ;
C. S. 0. Which last if you transpose likewise,
A tribe of Israel (hews.


A RE BU S. HALF the land where good israel his TAKE firft a fruit that's pleasant to And huit a fair flow's, this completes And next a city fam’d for length and

my design; The name of a qualify'd nymph you A bird of prey you'll easily find ont,

space; will find, Per perton engaging, of fenfe most re

And then a river, bards have wrote

about ; iin'd.


What agues have been curd by, as

some will tell ve,

And what thould sacred be to ev'ry lady: An ACROSTIC

The place where all must land when life REBUS

is o'er, on Nir.

And last of all a most sweet-smelling

flow'r ; А

SOFT gentle paffion which moft Compact the initials, and I make no people feel,

doubt Once at least, if iheir hearts are not But with great ease you'll find my rebus

harder than tteel; fadd a fruit of fwait flavour, but Guard then your hearts, ye unsuspecttake off the peel :

ing fair, A general, whore valour gain'd him Againit a youth whose charms you applaule,

all declare, He fought well, and died in his coun. And call him an Adonis, en militry's caule;

taire. What aftronomers say resembles a ball :

SOPHRONIA. Collect these initials, wlien you have got The name of a poet you quickly will

CH A RADE. know, He is a good surgeon, and kin to My first forces many a tear from my

's. 0. Who finds comfort in the endearments of my whole.



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on Mr.

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1 CH A RADE, '7 H-EE parts of a liquor both sweet and white;

ladies, ye my first would know, A liquid to these you next should unite; What grows in the field, but is oft fet All accountants claim my second, on fire :

A number, 'ris by them oft reckon'd : The name of this youth I now do re

My whole, ye fair, oft lend its aid, quire.

In dirty weather to the maid.


( 105 )


Ratisbon, Dec. 8.

be sent to Paris to present it perfonally THE businets of the nunciatures in a member of the holy conci:ve.

Germany will shortly be referred There are but little hopes, however, of to the decision of the diet. The arch-its having much weight. bishops are endeavouring to obtain Warsaw, Jan. 6. We have accounts a conclufum, declaring the permanent from Jasly, that the main Russian army cftablishment of nunciatures, impower- under field-marshal prince Potemkin, ed by any jurisdiction whatever, in went into winter-quarters immediately Germany, as contrary to the Germanic after marching from Bender, leaving constitution, to the treaties made with four regiments in that fortress under the princes and states of the empire, gen. Kretchetnickof; the rest of the inand the decrees of the council of Bafle. fantry are quartered in Moldavia, and

Lisbon, Dec. 15. The queen has esta - the cavalry in White Russia and the fronblished a junto, which is charged to ex

tier places. amine the present state of the regular Mons, Jan. 9. The duke of Aremorders, and to send out temporal means berg, the late grand baillie of Hainault, of meliorating them. The bishop her arrived here on the ad inft. His arrival confessor is president, and the junto is was announced by the ufiial demonstracomposed of Mell. Juan Pereira Rainos, tions of joy, viz. the ringing of bells, Thomas Ferreira de Veiga, Mafiarenas firing of guns, &c. When he approachand Torel, and the French fathers Jo-ed the city, upwards of 4oco citizens, seph de Rocha, of the order of St. Do- attended by the burgess guard, went minick, and Joachim de Foyos, of the out to meet him, and conducted him in congregation of the oratory, This a kind of procession to the flate house, junto held its firit felian the 2d inflant, where he was complimented by the in the apartır at of its president, at the rates and magiftrates for his Ready adpalace of Aji ja.

herence to the patriotic caufe ; while Warsaw, Dec. 20. The commiffion the people, equally grateful, though of war' has received orders to pay the less eloquent, expressed their praises by new-created officers their wages from bonfires, &c. and a general illumination the first of this month.

throughout the town at night. All the regiments of infantry are to Vienna, Jan. 11. Ever fin e lhe sth be divided into eight companies ; the the emperor has been mending every artillery of the crown will have four-day. This sudden turn in his health is teen of them, and that of the grand ascribed to a salutary crisis, which took duchy of Lithuania feven.

place on the preceding Wednesday night, The value of the revenue of the estates, when he threw up a quantity of putrid which formerly belongedto the bishoprick matter, which was considered as the of Cracow, all expences deducted, in principal cause of his illness. He is cluding the bishop's pension, which is now to weil, that be transacts business 100,000 florins, is soo,oco florins. as usual, and reads every dispatch to and

Frankfort, Jan. 3. The bishop of from Petersburgh, Jaffý, &c. &c. FieldFulde has forbid the marriages of sol. marshal Laudohn, who was never in diers in his eftates ; he has also efta- better health, frequently partes houis blihed a bank for the relief of his fub- together with the emperor; and a rejects.

port is current, that, should circumRome, Jan. 5. His boliness the Pope, Nances require it, this fortunate and as fovereign pontiff, has put his name gallant veteran will take upon him the at the head of a memorial to the general. command of the army in Bohemia and assembly of France touching the rights Silesia, which at this inoment corfifts of the clergy, intreating that the fathers of 75,000 men. From present appearmay be candidly and patiently heard 4 ances, it may be presumed the next before any thing decisive takes place. (pring will open a dreadful scene of war, One of the junior cardinals is talked otto as the ongelor jas trint the most presting VOL. XXI.



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