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Births and Marriagosa


23. The Middlesex, capt. from Charles Nash, esq. of the SurreyChina,

road, to miss Beal. 25. The Busbridge, capt. from Mr. Whinfield, rector of Battlesden, Bengal.

Bedfordshire, to miss Wrey. May 11. The Sullivan, capt. Robert Robert Preston, efq. of Woodford, Pouney.

member for Dover, to miss Brown, of


Thomus Riddell, esq. of Swinburn

Castle, Northumberland, to miss Salvin, April 18 The lady of Wm. Wright, of Croxdale, Durham. csq. of Watford, of a son.

24. The rev. archdeacon Verf. The lady of Henry Peele, efq. of choyle, to miss Walli. Dover, of a daughter.

The rev. Arthur Lord, of Clonhelly, 26. The lady of Charles Cotton, Ireland, to mifs Wolfe. esq. of New Burlington-Itreet, of a Robert Beatfon, esq. of Kilrie, to miss daughter.

Jean Campbell, of Roffend, Fifeshire, 28. The hon. Mrs. Magens Dorrier, Thomas Harris, esq. of Maidenhead, of Cavendish-square, of a daughter.

to mifs Townley. 30. The lady of John Richardson, efq. Williain Bridges, efq. of Southampof Wimpole. Itreet, Cavendih-square, ton, to mifs Hopkins. of a son.

May 4. The rev. Ruffell Scott, of Mrs. Baillie, of Bedford-square, of a Portsmouth, to miss Hawes of Bury-. fon.

street, St. Mary Axe. May 1. The lady Louvaine, of a The rev, R. Huntley, of Boxwell, fon.

Gloucestershire, to miss Webster. The lady of William Boscaven, esą. George M. Macaulay, eso. of this of Red Lion-square, of a daughter. city, to miss Thud, of Blackcath.

The lady of the hon. lieutenant-col. 3. Henry Harding Parker, efq. of Fane, of a fon.

Corke, to miss Skottowę. 12. The lady of William Baker, esą. The hon. Henry Dillon, to miss of Hill-ftreet, of a daughter.

Trant. The lady of the hon. capt. Charles William Peters, chaplain to the Pr. Napier, of Merchifton-hall, Scotland, of Wales, to mifs Knowfley, of Thirik, of a fon.

Yorkshire. The lady of Charles Stanley Monk, John Sause, efq. of Liverpool, to of Dublin, of a daughter.

mifs Alice Willock.

Mr. Hitch, rector of Westerfield, MARRIAGES.

Suffok, to miss Baker, of Brooke's

Hall, near Ipswich.
April 17:
Thomas Rice, esq. of the

William Pritchard, esq. of Piccadilly, horle-guards, to miss Lowe, of Hamp- to miss Wells. ton Wick, Middlelex.

Captain Fortescue, of the Scotch Charles Fry, efq. of Lincoln's Inn, Greys, to miss Mounsey. to miss Elrington.

The rev. Rich. Codrington, of BathJames Lucas, esq. of Honiton, to cafton-court, Somersetshire, to miss J. miss Smith.

Webber. William Elliott, efq. of Stobbs, North

Thomas Major, efq. of Halifax, to Britain, to miss Ruileil.

miss Stone. Gilbert Jackson, A. M. of Magdalen Andrew Corbett, efq. of High Hate College, Oxford, to miss Maria Pilford, ton, Cheshire, to miss Taylor, of Lymme. of Effingham, Surrey.

Deane, efq. of Southampton, Henry Grimes, esq. of Saffron Wal. to Miss Deane, of Reading. den, to miss Knight,

George Thacker, esq. of Taunton, Charles Doyle, efq. of Bristol, to

to mifs Proyle. mifs Peltie:.

Henry Bofanquet, esq. of Lincoln's. Alexander Adams, efq. of Belton, So. inn, to miss Caroline Ansley, of Trumpmersetshire, to miss Franks, of Clapham. ington, Cambridgeshire.

Capt. A. Brice, of the Colditream 14. Francis M.Kenny, esq. in the regiment of guards, to miss Dupre, of East India company's service, to miss Portland Place,

Hill, of Suffolk-ftreer.


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Edwad Hay, efq. of Newall, North Mrs. Garnault, of Whitechapel. Britain, to the hon. miss Maria Mur H. Pitt Sutton, efq. of Plymouth. ray.

Clack, esq. of Plymouth. Eyre Mafly Evans, esq. lieutenant in The lady of the late Jonathan Seavre, the 6th regiment of foot, to mils Ellen esq. of Treay, county of Armagh. Cusack, of Rosslara, in the county of David Stewart Moncrieffe, efq. a baClare.

ron of the exchequer, in Scotland. James Gann, efq. of Maureftown Henry Leeson, efq. of Chesterfield. hall, to Mrs. Wakefield, of Cross-lane, 25. James Montagu, esq. a master Long. Acre.

in chancery. Thomas Bernard, esq. of Carlow, to 26. William Mitchell, esq. of BeaMiss O'Brien, of Garryhill.

consfield, Berks.

William Henry Benge, esq. of Lewes,


May 2. William Greaves, esq. of
April 17. William Kilson, esg. of Liverpool.
Shephey, Devonshire.

6. Capt. Patrick Mouat, of the Nathaniel Forster, D. D. rector of

navy 'All Saints, Colcheker.

The lady of Thacker Nightingale, The lady of the late Thomas Leigh, esg. of Boycon-hall, Eflex. esq. of Iver.

The rev. Martin Madan, of Epsom. Mrs. Pingo, of Gray's-Inn-lane. William Cecil, esq. of Garden-court, Miss Evelyn, of Felbridge, Surrey. Temple.

Mifs Maria Bouverie, daughter of the Mrs. Dunne, of Hatfield, Herts. hon. Bartholomew Bouverie.

Francis Maddison, esq. of Higham Capt. Wm. Hamilton, of the navy. Ferrers.

Lewis the Ninth, reigning landgrave Mrs. Bentham, of Oxford. of Helle Darmfladt.

Mrs. Harkins, of Efenden, Herts. Lieut. col. Samuel Browne, of the Miss Selina Thiflethwaite, of BromnpAth regiment of dragoons.

Benjamin Haultain, el. of Wey Joseph Rogers, esq. of Bristol. bridge, Surrey,

James Timbrel, esq. of Wotton
George Prescott, esq. of Theobald's Ballet.
Park, Herts.

14. The lady of Dr. Douglas of SaAlexander Dean, esg. of Ipswich. ville-row.

Mr. Corfield Clare, rector of Mad. Mr. Woodward, rector of East Hea-
dresfield and Alvechurch, Worceller-dred, Bucks.

Major Taylor, second son of the earl
Abraham Alves Correa, esq, of Bevis of Bective.

James Darcy, efq. of Rockvale, in David Bayford, of Hill-ftreet, Berke the county Clare. ley-Square, M. D. and F. R. S.

Arthur Blennerhaslet, esq. of FordrJanics Leslie, cliq. of Parliamento field, in the county of Kerry. ftreer.

Nicholas Nixon, esq. of MincingWilliam Ford King. efq. of Greek. lape. ftreet, Soho.

William Bogdani, efq. of Hitchin. Thomas Barret, vicar of Southlegh, John Lloyd, esq. of Illington. Oxfordíhire.

Dr. Jessop, of Dublin. Lord Matrey, of the kirgdom of Ire Ambrofe Whetney Upton, esq. of land.

Limerick. 24. The lady of Thomas Achmury, Richard Jones, efq. of Dollandstown, wy. of the Crescent, Baih.

in the county of Meath. Mrs. Wrighi, of Hackney.

Henry Dabzac, D. D. senior fellow, Mr. Gregs, A. B. rector of Weare and principal librarian of Trinity Cola and Bildihall, Somersetshine.

lege Dublin.


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Lady's Magazine;


Entertaining Companion for the Fair Sex, appro

priated solely to their Use and Amusemçat.

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1 The Index, No. 15.
283 17 OD Virtuous Friendship,

310 2 The Negro equalled by few Europe- 18 On the ineftimable Value of Time, 311

285 19 The Fatal Deception. A Tale, 312 3 The Female Rumpus. A Tale, 289

26 Account of the Birth-Day Dresses, ;14 4 Oo Matrimonial Defamation, 292

21 Cautions to a Young Lady, 320 5 The Censor; 'or, Friendly Female 22 Description of Stanton Harcourt, 321 Monitor, No. 6.

294 23 Enigmatical Sulutions and Questions, 6 Secrecy should be preserved invio

322 late,

ibid. 24 Poetical Essays. Female Characters 7 Pleasures-on contemplating Nature -Lines to Mrs. -Yerles it in the Spring,

296 scribed to a young Lady of South8 On Mr. Pope's Afertion concerning well, Nottinghamshire-Lines ade Women,

298 dressed to Miss P. of Lancashire 9 A Request by a Lady,

299 Epitaph-To a hopeful Youth--Suo 10 Occasional Papers addressed to the lutions to Rebuses-Five new ReLadies, No. 16.

300 buses Solutions toCharades-Four 11 Exhibition of Purtraits, No. 4.. 302 new Charades -Auagram -- Solu12 The Contrast,

tions to Enigmas,

324–328 13 The Matron, No. 214.

25 Foreign News,

329 14 Letter to the Matron,

26 Home News,

331 is Another to the same by Patty Plain, 27 Births,

335 309 28 Marriages

ibid. 16 Letter to Elvira,


29 Deaths


This Number is embelliched with the following Copper-Plates, viz.

1. An new Pattern for working a Cloak, Gown, Petticoat, &c. &c.-2. The old

Kitchen at Stanton Harcourt, Oxfordshire.-3. A beautiful historical Pidure of the Facal Deception-And, 4. A Song, fet to Music by Ms. Hudsor.

LONDON, Printed for G. G. J. and J. Robinson, No. 25. Pater.

nofter Row, where Favours from Correspondents will be received,

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ritorious as they may have been,

they were trod under foot during *OF MAKING MANY BOOKS THERE that long night of intellectual darkIS NO END." Ecclef. xii, 12. ness that overspread his nation and

kingdom. HAT there is nothing new "Of making many books there is

under the sun, is an opinion no end." How fit a motto for the which will, perhaps, be readily present state of literature, when the taken up by all who are deeply con- press groans with voluminous laversant with ancient history : and bours, and booksellers are adding by such, a conclufion will be drawn, warehouse to warehouse to contain that the present age has but few them! At no time, and in no coun. pretences to originality; that every try, do we find so great a torrent of virtue and every vice now existing, writings overflowing a nation as at may be traced in the earliest records present. Literary fame fills the of human manners, and that where breast with irresitible ardour, and we think ourselves most justified in we may safely say, that negligence she claim of original merit, we are is only in fault if any flower now but licking into shape that which be born to blush unseen, or waite existed from the beginning of the its sweetness in the desert air." In world, or polising the diamond every species of literature our books that has lain in the earth “ fince are increasing so greatly, as to prothe mountains were brought forth." duce a degree of confusion from But without examining too narrow- which a young pupil knows noc ly into these opinions, which it was how to extricate himself, or how to my present design only to advert to make a proper choice. For amidt it seems at least fair to conclude, such a number of books as are pubthat if Solomon, who flourished in lished, can it be wondered if there are the thirtieth century of the world, some bad? Nay I am afraid that the were now a'ive in the eighteenth of number of good ones bears but a the Christian æra, he would have small proportion to those which are the same occasion to offer the obser- either intrinsically bad, or ufeless, vation which I have prefixed to this or trifling. paper, as be had then. The“ many To prevent the inconveniencies

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