Racing Calendar: Containing an Account of the Plates, Matches, and Sweepstakes, Run for in Great-Britain and Ireland, &c. in the Year ..., Volume 75

A. Grant, 1847

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Página xv - If a better be absent on the day of running, a public declaration of the bet may be, made on the course, and a demand whether any person will make stakes for the absent party, and if no person consent to do so, the bet may be declared void.
Página 325 - Imrsos or from mares that never bred a winner allowed 3Tb, but only one allowance; the second horse to save his stake, and the winner to pay 10 sov.
Página xxxi - ... disqualified for winning the race, whether such jostle or cross happened by the swerving of the horse, or by the foul and careless riding of the jockey, or otherwise...
Página 8 - ... stakes ; those got by stallions or out of mares that never bred a winner allowed 4ft, only one allowance ; AF Gen.
Página xxiv - Club shall have the power of calling upon a nominator to produce satisfactory testimony that the horse named is not the property, either wholly or in part, of any person whose name appears in the advertised list of defaulters, and if the nominator shall fail to do so, the Stewards may cause the nomination to be erased.
Página 253 - Sweepstakes of 25 sov. each, 15 ft. and 5 only if declared on or before the 1st of February ; the second horse to receive 50 sov.
Página x - Plate is run for shall have the power to order an examination of the horse's mouth by competent persons, and to call for all such evidence as they may require, and their decision to be final unless they shall think fit to refer the matter to the Stewards of the Jockey Club for the time being, in which case the decision of the said Stewards of the Jockey Club shall be final.
Página xvii - At a meeting of the Stewards and Members of the Jockey Club, it was stated that much uncertainty had prevailed with regard to the operation of the rules and orders of the Jockey Club, and therefore it was thought proper to declare that they apply to all races run at, and engagements made for, Newmarket ONLY, the Jockey Club having no authority to extend their rules and orders to any other place...
Página xx - Each candidate must be proposed by a Member of the Jockey Club, and his Christian and Surname and usual place of abode, with the name of the member proposing him, put up in the Dining and Card-rooms, at Newmarket (or in such other place as the Stewards shall appoint) on the day preceding the ballot.
Página xxvii - Each person, at the time of challenging, is to subscribe his name to a paper to be hung up in the Coffee-room at Newmarket, and deliver to the Keeper of the Match-book the name or description of the horse, &c. sealed up, which shall...

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