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Tallmadge, Mr., New York, on a national bank in New Webster, Mr., Mass., on petitions for a duty on coal, 19.
York, 413.

deposite banks, 68.
the land bill, 662.

expunging resolution, 499.
Tipton, Mr., Indiana, on the admission of Michigan, 228. land bill, 669, 695.
Treasury circular, 376.

abolition in the District of Columbia, 714, 715,
land bill, 530, 535, 550, 553, 660, 661.

abolition of slavery in the District of Columbia, memorial in favor of a national bank, 737.
706, 711.

bill for ceding the public lands, 740, 744, 784.
bill for ceding the public lands, 792.

report of committee on Mr. Madison's writings,
bill to amend the act for the punishment of cer-

tain crimes against the United States, 801.

reduction of tariff, 873, 874, 880, 954, 958, 966.
bill to increase the military establishment, 829.

call on the Secretary of the Treasury and Secre-
reduction of the tariff, 978.

tary of the Senate for information, 967.
bill to remunerate Captain Hall for improvements distribution question, 998, 1008.
in firearms, 988, 991.

White, Mr., Tennessee, on the admission of Michigan,
Walker, Mr., Mississippi, on public deposites, 84, 86.

the admission of Michigan, 226.

land bill, 559, 677, 681, 694.
on acknowledging Texas, 360, 527, 797, 986, abolition in the District of Columbia, 712.
1010, 1012.

bill to compensate the Kentucky and Tennessee
the land bill, 377, 380, 419, 512, 513, 529, 530,

volunteers, 807.
534, 557, 559, 560, 561, 663, 667, 668, 679, on Choctaw reservations of land, 854, 872.
694, 695, 696, 728, 729, 731.

Indian appropriation bill, 893.
Treasury circular, 533, 619, 778.

Wright, Mr., New York, on unexpended appropriations,
American Colonization Society, 565.

bill for ceding the public lands, 750, 787.

the mint bill, 326.
Cumberland road bill, 807.

surplus revenue, 377.
Choctaw reservations of land, 854.

French and Neapolitan indemnities, 513, 515,
Wall, Mr., New Jersey, on the petition of the heirs of

518, 521, 523.
the late Colonel Philip Johnston, 123.

reduction of the revenue, 569, 577.
abolition in the District of Columbia, 507, 511.

land bill, 693.
reduction of tariff, 879, 883.

a bill to remit duties on goods destroyed by fire
distribution question, 1007.

at New York, 847, 848, 849.
supplying the committee rooms with certain reduction of tariff, 872, 873, 874, 875, 878, 879,
books, 1010.

920, 930, 965.
Webster, Mr., Massachusetts, on repealing Treasury distribution question, 993, 1020, 1022, 1023.
circular, 18, 89, 635, 643,

harbor bill, 1014.


Abolition memorials, 1120; resolution that all memorials | Bounty lands; the Committee on the Public Lands are
of this kind shall be laid on the table, without

instructed to inquire into the expediency of
reading or debate, 1120, 1156, 1339, 1396,

altering the laws on this subject, so as to allow
1397, 1411, 1424, 1513, 1585.

locations to be made on any lands subject to
Amendment of the constitution; a report on the subject,

entry at private sale, 1051.

Breed, Ebenezer, a bill for relief of, ordered to a third
Anderson, William, a bill for relief of the representatives

reading, 1424; bill passed, 1513.
of, 1296; rejected, 1313.

Buffalo barbor; a resolution directing the Secretary of
Appropriation bill, civil and diplomatic, 2010, 2099,

War to report the survey and examination of a
2143; passed, 2145.

barbor at the east end of Lake Erie, 1512;
navy, (see Navy.)

agreed to.
army, (see Army.)

Canada trade; a resolution instructing the Committee on
Indian, (see Indian.)

Commerce to inquire into the expediency of re-
Army; a bill making appropriations for the army for

vising the laws regulating trade on the frontiers,
1837, 1130, 1554, 1756, 1908, 1949; passed,

1512; not passed.

Censure of Mr. Adams; a proposed resolution to that
a bill to increase the military establishment, 2149;

effect, 1610.
bill passed.

Chaplains; one ordered to be elected for each House, to
Alcbalalaya railroad; a bill granting a right of way

interchange weekly; Rev. Mr. Comstock elect-
through the public lands for this road, 1420; bill

ed on the part of the House, 1122.
ordered to be engrossed, 14:24.

Coal; a petition from Massachusetts, praying for a duly
Bank of United States; a bill providing for the punish.

on foreign coal, 1049,
ment of reissuing its notes, 1897.

Coffee, General John, a Representative from Georgia;
a resolution proposing to prohibit the receipt

his death announced by his colleague, Mr.
of the notes of the late bank for debts due the

Haynes, and the usual mourning ordered, 1046.
Government, until they shall cease to be re Colonization Society; a petition from Kentucky, asking
issued by its officers, &c., 1944.

pecuniary aid from Congress for this society,
a memorial from the president and directors

1585; subject laid on the table.
thereof, 1947.

petition from Colonization Society, 1755.

Committees, appointed, 1046.

Fortifications; a bill making appropriations for certain
Committee of investigation; complaint from members of

fortifications for 1837, 1130, 1920, 1958, 2095,
the committee, of a certain publication in the

2145; a committee of conference appointed be-
official journal, 1573.

tween the two Houses, 2148; the committee can-
Commerce and navigation; a report from the Secretary

not agree; the House refuses to recede from
of the Treasury on the subject, ordered to be

their disagreement.
printed, 2156.

Freedom of elections; notice of Mr. Bell of his intention
Contempts of the House a resolution proposed, to define

to introduce a bill to secure the freedom of
the offence; rejected, 1755.

elections, 1453, 1516.
Crary, Isaac E., appeared as the Representative from French spoliations prior to 1800; a motion to print a list
Michigan; took his seat, 1504.

of the claimants, 2141 ; agreed to.
Creek reservations; a bill to authorize sales of these Geological reconnoissance; a resolution proposing the
reservations, 2155.

printing of an extra number of a report on this
Crimes in the District of Columbia, stated in a message

subject, by Mr. Featherstonhaugi, 1163; re-
from the President United States, 1412; re-

ferred to Library Committee.
serred to the Judiciary Committee.

General Post Office; a message from the President, en-
Cumberland road; a resolution from the State of Illinois,

closing a document from the Postmaster Gen-
in relation to this road, 1132.

eral, 1128; referred.
a bill for its continuance, 2072; passed, 2076.

Harbor bill, 1991, 2059, 2146; passed.
Currency bill; a bill designating the funds receivable Herod, William from Illinois, appeared and took his seat,
for the revenue, 2085; passed, 2090.

in the place of the late Mr. Kinnard, 1451.
Dana, N. & L.; a bill to refund certain duties paid on Indian Affairs; a bill to regulate the disposition of the
salt, 1388; bill rejected, 1420.

proceeds of lands ceded by Indian tribes, 1130;
a motion to reconsider the above vole of re.

jection; bill laid on the table, 1512.

a bill making appropriations for the suppression of
Dawson, William C., a new member from Georgia,

Indian hostilities, 1130; passed.
elected to supply the place of General Coffee, a bill making appropriations for the current ex-
deceased, took his seat, 1156.

penses of the Indian department, 1130; passed.
Decatur, Susan; a resolution granting her a pension, resolution proposing to instruct the Committee on
1571; passed.

Indian Affairs to inquire into the expediency of
Deposite banks; a resolution calling on the Secretary of

appropriating money to hold treaties and pur-
the Treasury to communicate the dividends and

chase lands from the Sac, Fox, Sioux, and
surpluses remaining in the several deposite

Winnebago Indians, 1148; agreed to, 1150.
banks, for the years 1833, '34, '35, and '36, hostilities; à bill for additional appropriations,
1177, 1212; agreed to, 1226.

2075; passed.
Dickson, David, late a Representative from Mississippi; | Indian appropriation bill for the year 1837, 1515, 1525;
his death announced by his colleague, Mr. Clai.

passed, 1554.
borne, and a resolution passed for wearing Investigation reports and resolutions in relation to the de-
crape for one month, in testimony of respect for

posite banks, 2076; ordered to be printed, 2093.
his memory, 1045.

Jones, John Paul; resolution requesting the President to
Distribution surplus; a resolution directing the Commit.

prosecute with effect the claim of the United
tee of Ways and Means to report a bill to amend

States against Denmark, for the value of prizes
the 13th section of the act of last session to regu-

made by Jones in 1779, 1754; referred to the
late the deposites of public money, by releasing

Committee on Foreign Affairs.
the several States from any obligation to return Journals, on keeping of; a resolution offered on the sub-
the same, 1051; ordered to lie on the table.

ject, 1398.
Distribution question; a motion on the subject, 1926, Judicial system; a bill supplemental to an act to amend
1958; bill passed, 1991.

the same, 2147.
Durelt, Louis, a bill for the relief of the heirs of, 1216. Kern and George; their memorial, as clerks, for a settle-
Duties, amount of; a resolution calling on Secretary of

ment, 1567, 1572; laid on the table, 1573.
tbe Treasury for the amount of duty collected Kilbourn, David, a bill for the relief of, 1571; passed,
on salt, &c., 1162; agreed to.

discriminating; a bill repealing them on Dutch Kinnard, George L., late a member from Indiana; his
and Belgian vessels, 2093; passed.

death announced by his colleague, Mr. Davis,
Elsineur, a petition relative to the quarantine at, 1427.

and the usual mourning ordered, 1047.
Executive administration; so much of the President's Knox, Andrew; a bill for his relief, 1555; read a third
message as relates to the executive departments

time and passed, 1556.
referred to select committee, 1057.

Land bounty; a resolution instructing the Committee on
departments; a resolution proposing the appoint-

Public Lands to inquire into the expediency of
ment of a committee to inquire into the con-

providing by law a bounty for disbanded of-
duct of the different departments, 1170, 1399,

ficers, 1175; laid on the table.
1572; agreed to.

Lands, public; a resolution directing the Committee on
report from the above committee ordered to be

Public Lands to inquire into the expediency of
printed, 2143.

prohibiting by law the purchase of land at auc-
Exploring expedition; resolution calling on the President

tion, with a view to forfeit them, and then ob-
for information of its progress, 1570; agreed to.

tain them at Government price, 1204; agreed
Fire companies in the District of Columbia; a bill to or-

to, 1205.
ganize them, passed, 2092.

a resolution for appointing a select committee to
Foreign grain; Committee on Agriculture were instruct-

inquire into the expediency of granting to the
ed to inquire into the expediency of abolishing

several States their just portion of the public
the duties on it, 1050.

Jands, 1242.
Foreign consuls; resolution directing the Committee on a bill to prohibit the sales of public lands except
Foreign Affairs to inquire into the expediency

to actual settlers in limited quantities, 2091; laid
of abolishing the office of agent of claims at

on the table.
Paris and London, 1172.

on, 2094.

Letcher, R. P., and T. P. Moore, a bill for the relief of, Presidential election; votes for the President and Vice
read the third time and passed, 1296.

President counted, 1656.
Light-boats; resolution on the expediency of placing Property lost in military service; several bills of this na-
them on sundry places, 1358; agreed to.

ture were taken up and considered, 1109; pass-
Light-bouses, a bill making appropriations for light-

ed, 1122.
houses, &c., 2149; passed.

Protective duties, (see Coal.)
Louisiana land office; a bill to establish it, 1516; passed. | Protection to commerce; a memorial from the merchants
Madison papers; a message from, the President of the

of Boston, 1398; referred.
United States, calling the attention of Congress Receipts and expenditures of the United States; a mo-
to their purchase and publication, 1047; refer-

tion to print 5,000 copies of the document re-
red to the Library Committee.

ferred to; motion rejected, 1162.
Marine hospitals, a bill to authorize the purchase of Reprinting documents; a resolution proposing to reprint
suitable sites for, 1909; passed.

sundry documents in relation to the reorganiza-
Members, list of, 1042.

tion of the Treasury Department, 1294; agreed
Mexico; a report and resolutions in relation to affairs be-

to in part, 1295.
tween that country and the United States, Right of petition; a resolution declaring slaves do not

possess the right, 1708; agreed to, 1733.
Michigan; message from the President, on its readiness to Rules; an alteration proposed, 1044.
be admitted into the Union, 1164.

Seamen; resolution proposing to instruct the Committee
a bill for admitting Michigan into the Union, 1312,

on Commerce to inquire into the expediency of
1414, 1434, 1479; passed.

repealing all laws protecting seamen, 1165;
Mileage and pay of members, a resolution respecting,

modified and agreed to, 1170.
1416, 1451; ordered to lie on the table, 1453; Silk; a report on the expediency of promoting the man-
further discussed, 1501.

ufacture of this article, 1943.
Mini; a bill to amend the act establishing a mint, and reg. Speaker; vote of thanks by the House, 2148; his address
ulating the coins of the United States, 1144;

to the House, 2157.
passed, 1424.

Standing committees appointed, 1048.
Military tactics; two resolutions-one in relation to im. Steamboat navigation; a committee appointed to examine
proved firearms, and the other relating to new

into its condition, 1113.
systems of exercise for the militia, 1311.

Surplus revenue; a memorial from citizens of North Car-
Missouri (Washington county) Turnpike Company; a

olina on the subject, 1122.
bill to authorize said road, 1500; passed.

a bill to reduce the revenue to the wants of Goy.
National currency; a memorial from citizens of Pennsyl-

ernment, 1347.
vania, for an amendment of the constitution on Suspension of rules; & motion for this purpose; debate

this subject, 1178; referred, 1204.
Navy; a bill making appropriations for the naval service Tariff; resolution proposed to instruct the Committee on
for 1837, 1130, 1563, 1759, 1883, 2098; passed.

Agriculture to inquire into the expediency of
a bill to enlist boys into the navy, 1510; passed,

abolishing the duty on foreign grain, &c., 1150;

laid on the table, 1161, 1504.
New York post office; a resolution proposing that the Tennessee land bill; a bill to amend the act to authorize
Post Office Committee inquire into the necessi-

the State of Tennessee to issue grants in cer-
ty of the erection of a fire-proof building, 1172;

tain cases, 1122.
agreed to.

Texas; a message from the President, in relation to that
Order, points of, 1156, 1312, 1314, 1316, 1317, 1318,

country, 1137; an extra number of it ordered
1319, 1320, 1340, 1345, 1349, 1350, 1351,

to be printed.
1352, 1383, 1398, 1411, 1425, 1426, 1427, petition praying for a recognition of its independ-
1430, 1431, 1432, 1433, 1434, 1479, 150

ence, 1754.
1504, 1509, 1514, 1515, 1516, 1556, 1585, resolution of a recognition of its independence,
1586, 1587, 1588, 1594, 1631, 1666, 1667,

1668, 1669, 1670, 1672, 1708, 1739, 1740, appropriation for a diplomatic agent, 2060; con-
1745, 1761, 1765, 1766, 1767, 1768, 1783,

curred in, 2066.
1785, 1797, 1815, 1816, 1817, 1827, 1829, Translators to the House; a resolution from the Commit-
1832, 1833, 1834, 1835, 1838, 1839, 1840,

tee on Private Claims, 1434; rejected.
1843, 1866, 1867, 1869, 1871, 1878, 1880, Virginia bounty lands; a proposition for allowing an ad-
1881, 1882, 1915, 1967, 1984, 2058, 2078,

ditional quantity, 2066; agreed to.'
2079, 2080, 2089, 2094, 2096, 2098.

Wain, Robert, a bill for the relief of, 1573.
Pay and mileage; a bill to establish a more uniform rule

West Point Academy; a committee proposed to investi-
of computation, 1413; passed, 1414.

gate its affairs, 1119.
Pensioners, a bill making appropriations for the pay a bill to provide for its support, 2072; passed.

ment of revolutionary and other pensioners, 1130. Western hospitals; resolution appointing a committee on
Pension system; a resolution instructing the Commitee

establishing commercial hospitals on the West-
on Revolutionary Pensions to inquire into the

ern waters, 1120.
expediency of amending the 3d section of the act Western Indians; a bill for the protection of emigrant
granting half pay to widows and orphans, 1173.

and other Indians, 1516.
Post Office building, a resolution respecting the insu. White, Colonel Anthony W., a bill for the relief of the
rance of, 1415; agreed to.

representatives of, 1109.
bills; a proposition to take them up on a certain Whitman, John; a report on his claim, 1306.
day, 1943; negatived.

Whitney, R. M., resolution stating his refusal to attend
President's annual message received, (see Appendix.)

the committee of investigation, and requesting
do. referred to the appropriate committees, 1053.

such order to be taken thereon as the dignity
do. message in relation to Texas, 1137.

of the House requires, 1686; agreed to, 1707 ;
Presidential election; a message from the Senate, con-

R. M. W. appears, under the arrest of the Ser.
curring in the mode for counting out the voles,

geant-at-arms, 1735, 1760.
&c., 1582.

Winston, Colonel John, a bill for the relief of the rep-

resentatives of, 1205.
Yeas and nays, on a resolution instructing the Committee

of Ways and Means to report a bill to amend
the 13th section of the act of last session, to
regulate the deposites of public money, by re.
leasing the States from a repayment of the

same, 1052.
abolition, 1156.
resolution in relation to granting land bounties to

disbanded officers, 1177.
memorial touching national currency, 1203.
distribution of public lands, 1268.
bill for relief of R. P. Letcher and T. P. Moore,

bill to reduce the revenue to the wants of the

Government, 1983.

Yeas and nays, on the resolution for the appointment of a

committee to look into the management of the

executive administration, 1410.
the admission of Michigan, 1479, 1500.
the Representative of Michigan taking his seat,

proposition to censure Mr. Adams, 1671, 1683,

right of petition, 1733.
case of R. M. Whitney, 1764, 1766, 1767, 1786,

1787, 1789, 1790, 1793, 1817, 1851, 1869,

1878, 1879.
distribution question, 1963, 1987, 1988, 1990.
the currency bill, 2089, 2090.
the bill prohibiting the sale of public land except

to actual settlers, 2091.
fortification bill, 2096, 2145.



Adams, Mr., Massachusetts, on the President's message, | Anthony, Mr., Pa., on case of R. M. Whitney, 1750, 1790.
1068, 1071, 1079, 1080.

distribution question, 1963.
on protective duties, 1113, 1114.

judicial system, 2148.
the mint bill, 1144, 1146, 1171.

Ashley, Mr., Missouri, on the Cumberland road, 1147.
memorials for the abolition of slavery, from Penn Indian treaties, 1149.

sylvania, 1156, 1157, 1314, 1316, 1317, 1318, public lands, 1250.
1319, 1320, 1397, 1411, 1424, 1425, 1426, Indian appropriation bill, 1516.
1429, 1431, 1432, 1433, 1513, 1514, 1586, right of petition, 1709.
1587, 1594.

Beaumont, Mr., Pennsylvania, on a resolution proposing
protection of seamen, 1166.

a definition of the offence of a contempt of the
reprinting documents, 1294.

House, 1755.
inquired if any member was charged with a peti- Bell, Mr., Tennessee, on the President's message, 1054.
tion from the authors of Great Britain to Con-

bill to regulate the proceeds of lands ceded by
gress; he had been applied to on the subject,

Indians, 1130.
but would wait a week or two, to see if no more Indian treaties, 1148.
direct application will be made, 1313.

printing report on geological reconnoissance, 1164.
surplus revenue, 1351, 1385.

surplus revenue, 1351, 1384, 1385.
imprisonment for debt, 1386.

public lands, 1387.
keeping the journals, 1398.

mileage of members, 1452.
mileage of members, 1417.

freedom of elections, 1455.
bill for relief of Andrew Knox, 1555.

enlisting boys into the navy, 1510.
navy appropriation bill, 1565.

case of R. M. Whitney, 1748, 1771, 1772, 1773,
a proposed resolution of censure of him, 1610,

1774, 1775, 1780, 1781, 1782, 1807, 1808,
1665, 1671, 1672, 1673.

1810, 1811, 1814, 1817, 1824, 1849, 1855,
the case of R. M. Whitney, 1706, 1707.

1856, 1857, 1870, 1873, 1876.
right of petition, 1722.

army appropriation bill, 1909, 1917, 1956.
report on the expediency of promoting the cul the distribution question, 1926, 1958, 1984.
ture and manufacture of silk, 1933.

fortification bill, 2095, 2145, 2149, 2150.
an appropriation for a diplomatic agent to Texas, Indian appropriation bill, 2097.
2060, 2121.

sale of Creek reservations, 2155.
fortification bill, 2151.

Bond, Mr., Ohio, on the case of R. M. Whitney, 1799.
Allan, Mr., Kentucky, on the public lands, 1242, 1310, West Point Academy 2075.

naval appropriation bill, 2099.
recognition of Texas, 1881.

Cumberland road bill, 2076.
distribution question, 1963.

Boon, Mr., Indiana, on the President's message, 1072.
appropriation for diplomatic agent to Texas, 2063. protective duties, 1118.
Alford, Mr., Georgia, on Indian appropriation bill, 1560. printing an extra number of President's message
abolition, 1588.

in relation to Texas, 1144.
proposed vote of censure on Mr. Adams, 1617.

executive departments, 1170.
the case of R. M. Whitney, 1815.

public lands, 1205.
army appropriation bill, 1919.

abolition, 1319.
Anthony, Mr., Pennsylvania, on abolition, 1157.

pay and mileage of members, 1502.
the tariff, 1158.

bill for relief of Andrew Knox, 1556.
Atchafalaya railroad, 1423.

on the memorial of Kern and George, 1569.
pay and mileage of members, 1504.

case of R. M. Whitney, 1697, 1749, 1873, 1877.
censure of Mr. Adams, 1668, 1669.

distribution question, 1967.
right of petition, 1715.

investigation reports, 2085.

Bouldin, Mr., Virginia, on the President's message, 1074. Chambers, Mr., Pennsylvania, on protective duties, 1116.
abolition, 1589.

memorial touching national currency, 1196.
right of petition, 1716.

bill for relief of Andrew Knox, 1555.
case of R. M. Whitney, 1740.

Chapin, Mr., New York, on the case of R. M. Whitney,
distribution question, 1937.

currency bill, 2086.

harbor bill, 1992.
harbor bill, 2146.

West Point Academy, 2076.
Boyd, Mr., Kentucky, on the Indian appropriation bill, Claiborne, Mr., Mississippi, on public lands, 1246.

mileage of members, 1417, 1451, 1502.
Briggs, Mr., Massachusetts, on the President's message, case of R. M. Whitney, 1689, 1761, 1768, 1829.

army appropriation bill, 1757.
printing an extra number of the President's mes fortification bill, 1958.
sage in relation to Texas, 1140.

barbor bill, 2010.
public lands, 1246.

Connor, Mr., North Carolina, on Post Office building,
surplus revenue, 1385.

1415, 1416.
censure of Mr. Adams, 1672.

proposition for taking up bills relative to the Post
case of R. M. Whitney, 1688, 1760, 1762, 1834.

Office on a certain day, 1943.
general appropriation bill, 2099.

general appropriation bill, 2059.
Brown, Mr., New York, on the pay and mileage of Corwin, Mr., Ohio, on surplus revenue, 1353.
members, 1504.

Craig, Mr., Virginia, on printing an extra number of
Bunch, Mr., Tennessee, on the fortification bill, 1958.

President's message relating to Texas, 1143.
Bynum, Mr., North Carolina, on abolition, 1327, 1396. granting land bounty to disbanded officers, 1176.

a proposed vote of censure on Mr. Adams, 1627. surplus revenue, 1351, 1385.
the censure of Mr. Adams, 1667.

pay and mileage of members, 1503.
right of petition, 1716.

the case of R. M. Whitney, 1793.
general appropriation bill, 2027.

Crane, Mr., Ohio, on the harbor bill, 2010, 2059.
Calhoon, Mr., Kentucky, on surplus revenue, 1382. Crary, Mr., Michigan, on presidential election, 1584.
the pay and mileage of members, 1503.

the distribution question, 1933.
Colonization Society, 1585.

Cusbing, Mr., Massachusetts, on protection of seamen,
censure of Mr. Adams, 1639.

case of R. M. Whitney, 1737, 1747, 1748, 1766, on the quarantine at Elsineur, 1427.
1770, 1779, 1806, 1807, 1823, 1854.

Indian appropriation bill, 1516, 1525.
naval appropriation bill, 1907.

abolition, 1585, 1586.
fortification bill, 2154.

censure of Mr. Adams, 1641.
Cambreleng, Mr., New York, on the President's mes. appropriation for a diplomatic agent to Texas,
sage, 1071.

2060, 2100.
protective duties, 1114, 1117.

Cushman, Mr., N. Hampshire, on surplus revenue, 1375.
several appropriation bills reported, 1130.

investigation reports, 2079.
mint bill, 1144, 1171.

Davis, Mr., Indiana, on protective duties, 1117.
amount of duty on salt, &c., 1162, 1163.

on Indian treaties, 1149, 1150.
protection of seamen, 1165, 1166, 1169.

abolition, 1157, 1586.
executive departments, 1170.

public lands, 1243.
surplus revenue, 1347, 1351, 1352, 1383, 1384. Dawson, Mr., Georgia, on the Indian appropriation bill,
pay and mileage, 1413, 1503.

Indian appropriation bill, 1514, 1515, 1550, 1556, abolition, 1601.

the case of R. M. Whitney, 1795, 1821, 1822.
army appropriation bill, 1554, 1555, 1756, 1908,

naval appropriation bill, 1886.
1917, 1919.

barbor bill, 2005.
naval appropriation bill, 1563, 1565, 1759, 1883, Denny, Mr., Pennsylvania, on the President's message,
1884, 1894, 1895, 1897, 1905, 1908, 2098.

the memorial of Kern and George, 1568, 1572, protective duties, 1117.

memorial touching national currency, 1195.
presidential election, 1584.

army appropriation bill, 1956, 1957.
abolition, 1600, 1601.

the distribution question, 1981.
case of R. M. Whitney, 1744, 1823, 1824, 1829. harbor bill, 2006.
affairs with Mexico, 1915, 1916.

Dromgoole, Mr., Virginia, on amending the constitution,
fortification bill, 1920, 1926, 2150, 2151.

distribution question, 1927, 1942, 1984.

a proposed vote of censure on Mr. Adams, 1612.
general appropriation bill, 2027, 2057, 2058, the case of R. M. Whitney, 1819.
2059, 2099, 2100.

Dunlap, Mr., Tennessee, on the distribution surplus,
appropriation for a diplomatic agent to Texas,


Tennessee land bill, 1122.
currency bill, 2086, 2089.

executive departments, 1170, 1236, 1241.
Carr, Mr., Indiana, on the bill for the relief of Andrew

public lands, 1205.
Knox, 1556.

army appropriation bill, 1758, 1917, 1954.
Carter, Mr., Tennessee, on President's message, 1056.

navy appropriation bill, 1894, 1995, 1896, 1897.
the army appropriation bill, 1757.

bill for erecting marine bospitals, 1911.
barbor bill, 2005.

fortification bill, 1920.
Casey, Mr., Illinois, on the harbor bill, 2005, 2010.

West Point Academy, 2075.
Chambers, Mr., Kentucky, on abolition, 1317, 1318, 1319. barbor bill, 2147.
bill for relief of Andrew Knox, 1555.

light-house bill, 2149.
navy appropriation bill, 1565.

Elmore, Mr., South Carolina, on a proposed role of
right of petition, 1708.

censure of Mr. Adams, 1612, 1666, 1667, 1669,
case of R. M. Whitney, 1766, 1773.

1670, 1671.

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