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Just published and for sale at Potter's Bookstore, Poughkeepsie, (N.Y.)

and at all the principal Bookstores in the United States, AN EASY GRAMMAR OF GEOGRAPHY, Accompanied with an Atlas of seven Maps.

By JACOB WILLETS. The Geography and Atlas, sell at the very moderate price of Seven Dollars and Fifty Cents the Dozen, and retail at Seventy-five Cents.

RECOMMENDATIONS OF THE WORK. The Rev. John Reed, A. M. Rector of Christ's Church, in the village of Poughkeepsie, has favored us with his opinion as follows

6 I have examined Mr. Willets' « Easy GRAMMAR OF GEOGRAPHY," together with the Maps accompanying it, and think it decidedly the best compendium of Geography for common schools yet presented to the public.'

The Rev. CORNELIUS C. CUYLER, A. M. Pastor of the Reformed Dutch Church, in Poughkeepsie, has politely furnished us with the following recommendation :-

Poughkeepsie, 2d June, 1814. Dear Sir,

I have given your edition of Mr. Willets' “EASY GRAMMAR OF GEOGRAPHY, for the use of Schouls,” together with the small Atlas accompanying it us Cizreful a perusal as time and other avocations would gerinit, and feel a pleasure in informing you, that it

20:"S to be well calculated to facilitate to the ycul Siudent, the acquisition of Geographical knowleagem should therefore feel pleased to see it introduceti our schools. One of its principal excellencies is, it will necessarily oblige the student to exercise ricettaculties besides his memory



DAVID BROOKS, Esquire, well known to the publicas having filled for many years the office of first judge of Dutchess County, anå who has at different times been a member of the legislature of this state and of the United States, has obligingly favored us with his opinion, as follows :

Mr. Potter-I have examined a small Tract, entitled "An Easy Grammar of Geography, for the use of Schools," &c. with an Atlas of seven Maps, compiled by Jacob WilJets, and published by you; and am fully of opinion that it will be a very useful elementary book for beginners in geography. The Maps, although upon a small scale, appear very accurate, and the lines distinctly marked. They afford a more correct idea of the relative situation of places, than those on a more extended scale; and being bound separate from the book, will be more durable and easy of inspection. I have no hesitation in recommending this book as a very useful Compend ; and the moderate price at which it is afforded, puts it in the power of every scholar to procure it.

Wishing an extensive circulation to this useful little treatise, I remain, sir,your most obedient servant

D. BROOKS. Poughkeepsie, June 1st, 1814.

Mr. Daniel H. Barnes, A. M. Principal of Dutchess County

Academy, whose reputation as a public Teacher of Youth, stands as high as that of any man in the state, has politely communicated to us his opinion, in the following note

Poughkeepsie, 2d June, 1814. Mr. POTTER,

I have received a copy of your “ EASY GRAM MAR OFGEOGRAPHY," and in answer to the request therewith communicated, I am happy to inform you, that the book, as to its plan and arrangement, meets my entire approbation. The method of placing the exercises immediately after each principal division of the globe, and making them to include all the important facts previously laid down, appears to me to be admirably calcu. lated to facilitate the rapid and correct progress of the students. The propriety of closing with astronomy is obvious.

are neatly executed, and being bound separately from the book, will be highly useful

The maps

and convenient. I do not hesitate to say, that in my estimation, this compendium of geography, is preferable, as a first book, to any which I have seen. I shall adopt it immediately in my department, and recommend it to the associated masters in this institution.

Yours respectfully,


is now

Mr. ABIEL G. THOMPSON, who has been known in Dutchess county

for many years, as a teacher of the first standing, and who one of the Instructors in Dutchess county Academy, has favored us with his opinion as follows

Mr. Potter--I have examined Mr. Willets' “ EASY GRAMMAR OF GEOGRAPHY." It is in my opinion, a work better calculated for the use of schools than any book of the kind with which I am acquainted. It contains all that is necessary to be committed to memory in the study of Geography, and a great variety of questions, which the pupil may answer by examining the Maps.

The Atlas which accompanies the book, contains a number of Maps, sufficient to give a general idea of geography, and is a very useful appendage to the work.

Yours &c.


Mr. HENRY. T. Cooke, one of the Instructors in Dutchess County Academy, has obligingly furnished us with the following note

Poughkeepsie, June 2d, 1814. MR. Potter,

Having examined “ AN EASY GRAMMAR OF GEOGRAPHY,” with the accompanying Atlas, published by you, and consider ing it a work of merit, I cheerfully recommend it to the use of schools, as well calculated to facilitate the progress of younger students in the important science of Geography. A system more concise, and that would at the same time answer all the purposes of the one now in use, has long been wanted—Your publication I think, will tend greatly to obviate the difficulties attending the present method of instruction.

Yours, &c.


Mr. E. W. A. BAILEY, one of the Instructors in Dutchess county Academy, has favored us with his remarks as follows

Poughkeepsie, June 2d 1814. Mr. Potter.

Having perused Mr. Willets” “ EASY GRAMMAR OF GEOGRAPAY," together with the Maps, I can sincerely recommend it as a

useful work, and better calculated to improve yourig beginners in the science of Geography, than any book of the kind, within the circle of my observation. The work appears to have been carefully compiled, nd judiciously arranged.

Yours &e.

E. W. A. BAILEY. Rev. Lewis LEONARD, Pastor of the Baptist Church in Poughkeep. sie has favored us with the following

Poughkeepsie June 6, 1814. Mr, Potter-I have been much pleased in perusing Mr. Willets “ Grammar of Geography for the use of Schools,” together with the Atlas accompanying it, and am happy to say, I think it admirably calculated to assist the young student in acquiring a correct knowledge of Geography. Should it be generally adopted, in our schools, I have no doubt but, that its merits would soon be visible to the public. Yours &c.


Rev. JOHN M'VICKAR Rector of St. James' Church at Hyde. Park, has favored us with the following note.

Hyde-Park, June 10, 1814. Mr. Potter--At your request I have examined Mr Willets' “ Easy Grammar of Geogruphy,” and think it the best, both in plan and execution, that I have yet seen.


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