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Also, Latin Transcripts, containing Digests of the Welsh Laws, principally of the Dimetian Code. Glossary, &c. Edited by Aneurin Owen, Esq. 1 Vol. folio (1841), 44s. Or, 2 Vols, royal 8vo., 36s.

Rotuli De Liberate Ac De Misis ET Pr^stitis, Regnante Johanne. Edited by Thomas Doffus Hardt, Esq. 1 Vol. royal 8vc- (1844). 6*.

The Great Rolls Of The Pipe, 2, 3, 4 Hen. II., 1155—1158. Edited by the Rev. Joseph Hunter. 1 Vol. royal 8vo. (1844). 4*. 6d.

The Great Roll Op The Pipe, 1 Ric. I., 1189—1190. Edited by the Rev. Joseph Hunter. 1 Vol. royal 8vo. (1844). 6s.

Documents Illustrative Of English History in the 13th and 14th centuries, from the Records of the Queen's Remembrancer in the Exchequer. Edited Henrt Cole, Esq. 1 Vol. fop. folio (1844). 45s. 6d.

Modus Tenendi Parliament Um. An Ancient Treatise on the Mode of holding the Parliament in England. Edited by Thomas Duffus Hardt, Esq. 1 Vol. 8vo. (1846). 2s. Qd.

Registrum Magni Sigilli Regum Scotorum in Archivis Publicis asservatum. 1306—1424. Edited by Thomas Thomson, Esq. Folio (1814). 10s. 6d.

The Acts Of The Parliaments Of Scotland. Folio (1814—1875).

Edited by Thomas Thomson and Cosmo Innes, Esqrs. Vol. 1,

42s. Vols. 5 and 6 (in three Parts), 21s. each Part; Vols. 4, 7, 8, 9,

10, and 11, 10s. 6d. each; Vol. 12 (Index), 63s. Or, complete, 12

Volumes in 13, 12/. 12s. The Acts Of The Lords Auditors Of Causes And Complaints (acta

Dominorum Auditorum). 1466—1494. Edited by Thomas Thomson,

Esq. Folio (1839). lQs. 6d, The Acts Of The Lords Of Council In Civil Causes (acta Dominorum

Concilii). 1478—1495. Edited by Thomas Thomson, Esq. Folio

(1839). 10s. 6d.

Issue Roll Of Thomas De Branxingham, Bishop of Exeter, Lord High

Treasurer of England, containing Payments out of His Majesty's

Revenue, 44 Edward III., 1370. Edited by Frederick Devon, Esq.

1 Vol. 4to. (1835), 35s. Or, royal 8vo., 25s. Issues Of The Exchequer, James I.; from the Pell Records. Edited by

Frederick Devon, Esq. 1 Vol. 4to. (1836), 30s. Or, royal 8vo., 21s. Issues Of The Exchequer, Henry III—Henry VI.; from the Pell

Records. Edited by Frederick Devon, Esq. 1 Vol. 4to. (1837),

40s. Or, royal 8vo., 30s. Handbook To The Public Records. By F. S. Thomas, Esq., Secretary

of the Public Record Office. 1 Vol. royal 8vo. (1853). 12s. Historical Notes Relative To The Histort Of England. Henry VIII.

—Anne (1509—1714). Book of Reference for ascertaining the Dates

of Events. By F. S, Thomas, Esq. 3 Vols. 8vo. (1856). 40s. State Papers, During The Reign Of Henrt The Eighth : with Indices

of Persons and Places. 11 Vols., 4to. (1830—1852), 10s. 6d. each. Vol. I.—Domestic Correspondence. Vols. XL & III.—Correspondence relating to Ireland. Vols. IV- & V.—Correspondence relating to Scotland. Vols. VI. to XI.—Correspondence between England and Foreign Courts.



Domesday Book, or the Great Survey Of England Of William The Conqueror, 1086; fae-simile of the Part relating to each county, separately (with a few exceptions of double counties). Photozincogvaphed, by Her Majesty's Command, at the Ordnance Survey Office, Southampton, Colonel Sir Henry James, R.E., F.R.S., &c, Director. 35 Parts, imperial quarto and demy quarto (1861-1863) boards. Price 8s. to 1/. 3*. each Part, according to size; or, bound in 2 Vols., 20Z. {The edition in two volumes is out of print J)

This important and unique survey of the greater portion of England* is the oldest and most valuable record in the national archives. It was commenced about the year 1084 and finished in 1086. Its compilation was determined upon at Gloucester by William the Conqueror, in council, in order that he might know what was due to him, in the way of tax, from his subjects, and that each at the same time might know what he had to pay.. It was compiled as much for their protection as for the benefit of the sovereign. The nobility and people had been grievously distressed at the time by the king bringing over large numbers of French and Bretons, and quartering them on his subjects, " each aecord"ing to the measure of Ms land," for the purpose of resisting the invasion of Cnut, King of Denmark, which was apprehended. The commissioners appointed to make the survey were to inquire the name of each place; who held it in the time of King Edward the Confessor; the present possessor; how many hides were in the manor ; how many ploughs were in demesne; how many homagers; how many villeins; how many cottars; how many serving men; how many free tenants ; how many tenants in soceage ; how much wood, meadow, and pasture; the number of mills and fish-ponds; what had been added or taken away from the place; what was the gross value in the time of Edward the Confessor; the present value; and how much each free man or soc-man had, and whether any advance could be made in the value. Thus could be ascertained who held the estate in the time of King Edward; who then held it; its value in the time of the late king; and its value as it stood at the formation of the survey. So minute was the survey, that the writer of the contemporary portion of the Saxon Chronicle records, with some asperity—" So very narrowly he caused it to be "traced out, that there was not a single hide, nor one virgate of land, nor even, "it is shame to tell, though it seemed to him no shame to do, an ox, nor a cow, "nor a swine was left, that was not set down."

Domesday Survey is in two parts or volumes. The first, in folio, contains the counties of Bedford, Berks, Bucks, Cambridge, Chester and Lancaster, Cornwall, Derby, Devon, Dorset, Gloucester, Hants, Hereford, Herts, Huntingdon, Kent, Leicester and Rutland, Lincoln, Middlesex, Northampton, Nottingham, Oxford, Salop, Somerset, Stafford, Surrey, Sussex, Warwick, Wilts, Worcester, and York. The second volume, in quarto, contains the counties of Essex, Norfolk, and Suffolk.

Domesday Book was printed verbatim et literatim during the last century, in consequence of an address of the House of Lords to King George III. in 1767. It was not, however, commenced until 1773, and was completed early in 1783. In 1860, Her Majesty's Government, with the concurrence of the Master of the Rolls, determined to apply the art of photozincography to the production of a fac-simile of Domesday Book, under the superintendence of Colonel Sir Henry James, R.E., Director of the Ordnance Survey, Southampton. The fac-simile was completed in 1863.

•For some reason left unexplained, many parts were left unsurveyed; Northumberland,Cmnberiand Westmoreland, and Durham, are not described in the survey; nor does Lancashire appear under its nroper name; but Furness, and the northern part of Lancashire, as well as the south of Westmoreland with apart of Cumberland.are included within the West Riding of Yorkshire. That part of Lancashire' Which lies between the Ribble and Mersey, and which at the time of the survey comprehended 688 manors, is joined to Cheshire.' Part of Rutland is described io the counties of Northampton and Lincoln


Fac-similes of National Manuscripts, from William The Conqueror to
Queen Anne, selected under the direction of the Master of the Rolls,
and Photozincographed, by Command of Her Majesty, by Colonel Sir
Henrt James, R.E., Director of the Ordnance Survey. Price, each 1
Part, with translations and notes, double foolscap folio, 16*.

Parti. (William the Conqueror to Henry VII.). 1865. (Out of print.)
Part II. (Henry VIII. and Edward VI.). 1866.
Part III. (Mary and Elizabeth). 1867.
Part IV. (James I. to Anne). 1868.

The first Part extends from William the Conqueror to Henry VII., and contains autographs of the kings of England, as well as of many other illustrious personages famous in history, and some interesting charters, letters patent, and state papers. The second Part, for the reigns of Henry VIII. and Edward VI., consists principally of holograph letters and autographs of kings, princes, statesmen, and other persons of great historical interest, who lived during those reigns. The third Part contains similar documents for the reigns of Mary and Elizabeth, including a signed Ml of Lady Jane Grey. The fourth Part concludes the series, and comprises a number of documents taken from the originals belonging to the Constable of the Tower of London; also several records illustrative of the Gunpowder Plot, and a woodcut containing portraits of Mary Queen of Scots and James VI., circulated by their adherents in England, 1580-3.

Fac-similes Of Anglo-saxon Manuscripts. Photozincographed by the Director-general of the Ordnance Survey, with translations by W. Basevi Sanders, Assistant Keeper of H.M. Records. Part I. Price 21 10s.

The Anglo-Saxon MSS. represented in this volume form the earlier portion of the collection of archives belonging to the Dean and Chapter of Canterbury, and consist of a series of 25 charters, deeds, and wills, commencing with a record of proceedings at the first Synodal Council of Clovesto in 742, and terminating with the first part of a tripartite cheirograph, whereby Thurstan conveyed to the Church of Canterbury land at Wimbish, in Essex, in 1049, the sixth year of the reign of Edward the Confessor.

Public Record Office,
October 1882.




On Sale by

Messes. LONGMANS & Co., And Messes. TRtJBNER & Co., London;
Messes. JAMES PARKER & Co., Oxford And London;
Messes. MACM1LLAN & Co., Cambeidge And London;
Messes. A. & C. BLACK, And Messes. DOUGLAS & FOULIS, Edinburgh;
And Messes. A. THOM & Co., Dublin.

Chronicles Of The Picts And Scots, And Other Early Memorials Of Scottish Histoey. Royal 8vo., half bojind (1867). Edited by William F. Skene, LL.D. Price 10*.

Ledger Of Andbew Halybueton, Conseevatoe Op The Privileges Of The Scotch Nation In The Netherlands (1492-1503); Together With The Books Of Customs And Valuation Of Merchandises In Scotland. Edited by Cosmo Innes. Royal 8vo., half bound (1867). Price 10s.

Documents Illustrative Of The Histoey Of Scotland Feom The Death Of King Alexandeb The Third To The Accession Of Robert . Bruce, from original and authentic copies in London, Paris, Brussels, Lille, and Ghent. In 2 Vols, royal 8vo., half bound (1870). Edited by Rev. Joseph Stevenson. Price 10s. each.

Accounts Of The Loed High Treasurer Of Scotland. Vol. l, A.D. 1473-1498. Edited by Thomas Dick Son. 1877. Price 10*.

Register Of The Privy Council Of Scotland. Edited and arranged by J. H. Burton, LL.D. Vol. 1, 1545-1569. Vol. 2,1569-1578. Vol. 3, A.D. 1578-1585. Vol. 4, A.D. 1585-1592. Edited by David Masson, LL.D. 1877-1880. Price 15«. each.

Rotuli Scaccarii Regum Scotorum. The Exchequer Rolls Of ScotLand. Vol. 1, A.D. 1264-1359. Vol. 2, A.D. 1359-1379. Edited by John Stuart, LL.D., and George Burnett, Lyon King of Arms. 1878-1880. Vol. 3, A.D. 1379-1406. Vol. 4, A.D. 1406-1436 (1880). Edited by George Burnett. Price 10*. each. Vols. 5 and 6 in the press.

Fac-similes Of The National MSS. Of Scotland. (Out of print.)

Parts I., IL, and III. Price 21*. each. Calendar Of Documents Relating To Scotland. Edited by Joseph Bain. Vol. 1. Price 15*.

[merged small][graphic]



On Sale by

Messrs. LONGMANS & Co., And Messes. TRUBNER & Co., London; Messes. JAMES PARKER & Co., Oxfobd And London; Messes. MACMILLAN & Co., Cambeidge And London; Messes. A. & C. BLACK, And Messrs. DOUGLAS & FOULIS, Edinburgh; And Messrs. A. THOM & Co., Dublin.

Calendar Of The Patent And Close Rolls Of Chancery In Ireland. Henry VIII., Edward VI., Mary, And Elizabeth. Edited by James Morrin. Royal 8vo. (1861-3). Vols. 1, 2, and 3. Price 11 s. each.

Ancient Laws And Institutes Of Ireland.

Senchus Mor. (1865-1880.) Vols. 1, 2, 3, and 4. Price 10s. each.
Vol. 5 in the press.

Fac-similes of National Manuscripts of Ireland. Edited by John T. Gilbert, F.S.A., M.R.I.A. Parts I., II., III., IV. Price 42s. each. Part 1 is out of ■print. Part IV. is in the press.

This work is intended to form a comprehensive Palseographic Series for Ireland. It will furnish characteristic specimens of the documents which have come down from each of the classes which, in past ages, formed principal elements in the population of Ireland, or exercised an influence in her affairs. With these reproductions will be combined fac-similes of writings connected with eminent personages or transactions of importance in the annals of the eountry to the end of the reign of Queen Anne.

The specimens are reproduced as nearly as possible in accordance with the originals, in dimensions, colouring, and general appearance. Characteristic examples of styles of writing and caligraphic ornamentation are, so far as practicable, associated with subjects of historic and linguistic interest. Descriptions of the various manuscripts are given by the Editor in the Introduction. The contents of the specimens are fully elucidated and printed in the original languages, opposite to the Fac-similes—line for line—without contractions—thus facilitating reference and aiding effectively those interested in palatographs studies.

Part I. contains upwards of seventy coloured specimens, commencing with the earliest Irish MSS. extant.

Part II. extends from the Twelfth Century to A.D. 1299, and contains ninety specimens in colours.

Part III., from A.D. 1300 to end of reign of Henry VIII., contains upwards

one hundred specimens.

In Part IV.—now in the Press—the Work will be carried down to the eighteenth century.

(TAi's worhis sold also by Letts, Son, Co. Limited, 33, King William Street; E. Stanford, Charing Cross; J. "Wyld, Charing Cross; B. Quaritch, 15 Piccadilly; W. $f A.K. Johnston, Edinburgh; and Hodges, Figgis Co., Dublin.)

Account Of Fac-similes Of National Manuscripts Of'ireland. Parts
I. and II. together. Price 2s. 6d, Part IT. Price Is. 6d. Part III.
Price Is.

Stationery Office,
March 1882.

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