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member of our Religious Society, be recorded as members, if both parents give their written consent thereto.

Our present system of acknowledged ministry, and the customs that have gruwn up under it, came under serious and searching review. No change is proposed in the order of our Society in this respect, but we would advise that all concerned Friends be encouraged, in their several callings, to increased faithfulness to manifested duty, and that Monthly Meetings closely regard the recommendations of our Discipline on this subject, and endeavor to carry cut the true spirit thereof, by the preservation of a living eldership, in care of the ministry offered in our public meetings.*

Since Twelfth month first, when thirty-five Friends were separated for that service, a portion of these have been engaged in visiting Meetings and conferring with Friends in various sections, as way seemed to open therefor. The places visited thus far are as follows: Wilmington, Delaware; Trenton, Woodbury, Upper Greenwich, Mollica Hill, Woodstown, Salem, Moorestown, Camden, Mount Holly, and Westfield, in New Jersey; and Norristown, Plymouth, Gwynedd, Horsham, Richland, and Stroudsburg, in Pennsylvania.

Most of these meetings have been well attended, and it is believed that they were satisfactory and encouraging opportunities. The Committee have invariably been received with great kindness, and their labors seem to have been appreciated.

The service, we trust, has been fruitful of good, by promoting a better understanding and a livelier interest in each

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* See Discipline, pages 62 and 63.

other's welfare, and we think it would be profitable to continue the work.

The sum of ninety dollars has been received from the Treasurer of the Yearly Meeting to meet expenses incident to the service of this Committee.

On behalf of the Committee.

ABIGAIL R. PAUL, } Clerks.

Fourth month 19th, 1884.

Sixth Day- Afternoon.

The following report from the Committee on the Treasurer's account was read, approved, and Thomas J. Husband, therein named, was united with and appointed Treasurer.

The names of Dillwyn Parrish and Joseph C. Turnpenny, as Correspondents of the Yearly Meeting, were also united with, and accordingly appointed.

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To the Yearly Meeting:

The Committee appointed to examine and settle the Treasurer's account report that they nearly all met, and upon comparing his vouchers with the account, found it correct, showing a balance in his hands of $4,02010.

The Committee recommend that the sum of $3,000 be raised the ensuing year, and propose the name of Thomas J. Husband for Treasurer. They also propose, as the Corre

spondents of the Yearly Meeting :-Dillwyn Parrish, No.
1017 Cherry Street, Philadelphia ; Joseph C. Turnpenny, 813
Spruce Street, Philadelphia.
On behalf of the Committee.


Philadelphia, 5th Month 14th, 1884.

The Joint Committee on Intoxicating Beverages made a report, which was read and accepted. They are continued and encouraged to bestow further attention to this concern as Divine wisdom may direct. (See page 24.)

The Committee appointed at a former sitting on the nomination of a suitable number of Friends for the care of the Indian Concern, reported that they had conferred with a like Committee of Women's Meeting, and proposed the names of fourteen Friends for that service, who, on consideration, were united with. Information was received from Women's Meeting that they also had united therewith. They are accordingly appointed to the service.

The Committee on Epistles produced an Essay which was read, approved, and a copy thereof directed to be signed by the Clerk and forwarded to each Yearly Meeting, with which we correspond.

The following minute, embracing some of the exercises of the Meeting, was read and directed to be published with the Extracts.


We have been favored during the sittings of our Yearly Meeting with a renewed evidence of the overshadowing presence of that Power that can alone cement our hearts in love to God and to the brethren.

We were early cited to that qualifying influence which would enable us to hold all our meetings in the power of God, and under the guidance of which, each occupying his gift, our business would be transacted in harmony and order to the honor and glory of the Great Head of the Church,

Living testimonies have been borne to the importance of great care in the education and training of our children, that their youthful minds might be preserved from the seductive influences and many snares calculated to mislead and ruin the unwary.

In the consideration of the state of Society, as brought to view in the answers to the Queries, we were encouraged to believe there is an increase of love and unity among us, although evidences of deficiencies exist, especially in regard to the attendance of our Mid-Week Meetings. We feel hopeful there is some improvement.

To be brought to understand the ground of true worship, and qualified to worship God aright, we must know Him in His majesty, in His omnipotence and goodness.

The answers to the Fourth Query introduced a lively exercise, and much encouragement was felt in view of the progress made on the subject of Temporance. Friends were earnestly entreated to be watchful and attentive to the pointings of

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Divine Truth, that in the light thereof we might be enabled to know that wisdom that is promised to all that seek, and which is so important in overcoming all evil.

A caution was extended that we guard against the use of all narcotic stimulants, and we were exhorted not to defile these bodies, and to remember the ancient declaration, “ Ye are the temple of God.”

We were encouraged to be faithful in our testimony against oaths, and cited to the injunction of our Divine Master, your yea,


and your nay, nay.” We were renewedly impressed with the importance of a free Gospel Ministry, that no words can bear this high title that are not spoken under the quickening influence of the Holy Spirit. God being the teacher of His people Himself, a revelation from Him which still remains to be the rock upon

which the Church is built, is the alone qualifying power. The feeling of brotherly love that has covered our assembly was encouraging, giving evidence we are seeking that condition which our Heavenly Father designs His children to reach, wherein we shall know that nothing can hurt or destroy in all God's Holy Mountain."

We have been encouraged during the several sittings of this our Annual Assembly, with the prevalence of the love of God amongst us, and with its cementing influence and power uniting us together in the bonds of brotherly feeling and sympathy with each other.

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