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In conclusion, the Committee desire to call the attention of our members to the importance of great care in forming answers to our Fourth Query. Can we say we are clear of the manufacture, sale and use of all intoxicating beverages so long as wines, etc., are sold by our members, whether for culinary or other purposes; so long as our members engage in the preparation of malt for brewing, or so long as any property owned or controlled by a member of our meeting is rented to be used as a liquor store or saloon; or if any of our members are in the habit of using any intoxicating liquors as a beverage; or the granting of tavern licenses, or the signing of applications for the same ?

All of these things exist in our membership, and in preparing the answers to the Fourth Query they should be included; for the cause of truth can be advanced only by an honest presentation of the facts with regard to the matters queried after.

We must urge upon our members the importance of consistent personal example, endeavoring to lay aside our preconceived opinions with reference to the need of alcoholic stimulants, and, looking facts firmly in the face, be willing to make a personal sacrifice for the overthrow of a gigantic evil.

In accordance with the instructions of our last Yearly Meeting, orders have been drawn on the Treasurer to the amount of $102.79. By direction and on behalf of the Committee.



Philadelphia, Fourth month 26th, 1884.

A Testimony of Green Street Monthly Meeting to Ann A.


When those have passed from our midst who, by obedience to the revelations of the Holy Spirit in their hearts, have witnessed preservation from the temptations of life, and have been enabled to show forth the “fruits of the Spirit” in their daily lives, and to receive an assurance of a crown everlasting, we believe there is an advantage in holding up such as examples to those who remain, that they may be encouraged to trust in the same Power, and mind the same light which illuminated the pathway of these and gave to them the victory. Under this feeling we are concerned to bear our testimony to the beautiful and exemplary life of our dear friend Ann A. Townsend.

She was the daughter of Isaac and Hannah Townsend, and was born at Port Elizabeth, New Jersey, the 16th of Third month 1809. The careful nurture of affectionate concerned parents, in her early years, was blessed to her sensitive mind and aided in the development of a lovely, energetic, yet docile spirit. In the maturity of womanhood she was made willing to yield all her powers to the guidance of Him to whom alone was due the dedication of her heart and of the talents entrusted to her.

Gifted with superior mental abilities, she was favored to exercise these with humility, and to hold them subservient to the higher spiritual gifts. Thus, with capabilities for usefulness in the militant church, she became a bright example of

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steadfastness and consistency, giving evidence that the shepherd of Israel was her guide and support.

She was married to Edward Townsend in the year 1833, when they came to this city to live, and where, with the exception of two brief residences in the country, they remained during her life, and were members of this meeting most of the time.

Feeling that a dispensation of the gospel ministry was committed to her, as she yielded obedience to the requirements of her heavenly Father, the exercise of this precious gift was enlarged, and in the year 1850 was duly acknowledged by this Monthly Meeting.

Her ministry bore evidence that it was not with “enticing words of man's wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit,' and there was a care to keep closely to the requisition presented, and to close in the life. Very frequently was the attention of her hearers called to the importance of having faith in God, she having felt the efficacy thereof in her daily life. Many who have heard her tender counsel and exhortations, will long remember the solemnity attending the occasions, wherein she fully realized and inculcated the simplicity of true worship.

In the view that it may be helpful to some, and also to show her simple obedience to what she believed to be the revealings of her Divine Master, the following incident is narrated. At one time when very much of an invalid, she stated in a Monthly Meeting held shortly before Baltimore Yearly Meeting, that she felt an obligation resting with her to attend that meeting, and left it for the consideration of

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Friends. Unity and encouragement were expressed therewith in the Women's Meeting, but men Friends being otherwise engaged, it was left until a messenger announced they were prepared for a visit from her, when she informed the meeting that she now felt entirely released from the service, and that the offering had been accepted without the sacrifice; adding, while to some this might seem vacillating and not properly considered, she was willing to appear" as a fool for Christ's sake." She afterwards remarked she left the meeting with great peace of mind.

For the encouragement of some who may have the care of the young, we refer to an exercise in one of our Monthly Meetings, in which she desired to impress that class with the importance of striving to train their children in the “ nurture and admonition of the Lord,” remarking in reference to her efforts for her own, then young in life: “I know not whether the result of this care will be such as I crave, but for myself, I desire to be in the condition to receive the language, ‘let her alone, she bath done what she could.With the unity of her Monthly Meeting she visited many others outside of the limits of her own at different times, in which her labors were acceptable.

She was much interested in the guarded education of Friends' children, and desiring they should have suitable literature she prepared a book entitled Biblical History, written in a style to interest them in the Scriptures, which is used in many of our First-day schools.

Gentleness, sympathy and love, characterized our dear friend in all the relations of life, and she met her trials and

vicissitudes with an unwavering trust in the goodness of an overruling Providence, who upholds his dependent children through all conflicts, and from the depth of her confiding spirit she was enabled to give strength and comfort to others.

Her health was never very robust, and the latter part of her life she was much of an invalid, which very often prevented her from attending meetings; this she felt to be much of a privation, but when able loved to meet with her friends when assembled on such occasions.

A short and painful illness terminated her earthly pilgrimage, on the 22d of Second month 1882, in the seventy-third year of her age. But death could have for her no terrors, and to her purified spirit the language of the Psalmist was applicable,“ Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil; for thou art with me; Thy rod and Thy staff they comfort me.”

Read in and approved by Green Street Monthly Meeting of Friends held Fourth month 17th, 1884, and signed on behalf thereof by SAMUEL GILLINGHAM,


Read in and approved by Philadelphia Quarterly Meeting of Friends held Fifth month 6th, 1884, and signed on behalf thereof by THOMAS J. HUSBAND,


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