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At the Yearly Meeting of Friends, held in Philadelphia, by adjournments from the 12th day of Fifth month, to the 16th of the same inclusive, 1884.

Reports from all our constituent branches were produced, and one hundred and thirty Friends therein named have been appointed representatives to attend the service of this meeting, who, on being called, were present, except eight. For the absence of six of them sufficient reasons were assigned, but for the absence of the others no information was received.

Minutes of Friends in attendance from other Yearly Meetings were produced and read, as follows:

For John J. Cornell, a minister from Rochester Monthly Meeting, New York, held the 25th of last month.

For Thomas Foulke, a minister from the Monthly Meeting of Friends of New York, held the 3d of Fifth month, 1884.

For Isaac Hicks, a minister from Westbury Monthly Meeting, Long Island, held the 16th of last month.

Epistles were produced and read from our brethren of the Yearly Meetings of New York, Baltimore, Ohio, Indiana, Genesee, and Illinois. To respond to these acceptable evidences of fraternal feeling, as way may open, and report to a future sitting, à committee was appointed.

The Representatives are desired to confer together, and propose to our next sitting a Friend to serve the Meeting as Clerk, and one for Assistant Clerk, for the present year; also, the name of a Friend from each of the Quarterly Meetings, and Fishing Creek Half Year's Meeting, to aid the Committee appointed by Philadelphia Monthly Meeting, in preserving order in and about the Meeting-house during the sittings of the Yearly Meeting.

Second Day- Afternoon.

John Wildman, on behalf of the Representatives, made report that they had conferred together at the rise of the morning sitting, and were united in offering the name of Benjamin G. Foulke for Clerk, and Evan T. Swayne for Assistant Clerk, the present year. On separate consideration thereof, they were united with by the Meeting, and accordingly appointed.

They also proposed the names of a Committee to aid in preserving order in and about the Meeting-house during the sittings of the Yearly Meeting.

Women Friends produced a minute for Martha S. Townsend, a minister attending with them from Baltimore Monthly Meeting, held 8th inst.

To examine and settle the Treasurer's account, report the sum necessary to be raised the ensuing year, and to bring forward the name of a Friend to serve as Treasurer a Committee was appointed. They are also desired to bring forward the names of two Friends as Correspondents of the Yearly Meeting.

The subject of a minute of the exercises of the Meeting as they may occur, to be published and go down to our members in the Extracts, was introduced by the Clerks. On consideration thereof, the Committee on Epistles, appointed at the morning sitting, are desired to aid the Clerks in that service.

To assist the Clerks in preparing and publishing the Extracts, transcribing and forwarding the Epistles, a Committee was appointed.

A report from the Committee on Education and Schools was presented and read and their labors approved. They are continued, and encouraged to give further and increased attention to this concern, as way opens. (See page 21.)

Thirteenth of the Month and Third of the Week.

The First Query was read, with the answers thereto from the several subordinate meetings, and a summary thereof adopted.

The interesting subject embraced in this Query claimed the deliberate consideration of the meeting.

Third Day- Afternoon.

The Second and Third Queries were read, with the answers thereto, and summary answers were adopted.

The Meeting was engaged during this sitting in the consideration of the interesting subjects contained in these Queries.

Fourteenth of the Month and Fourth of the Week.

The Fourth and Fifth Queries were read, with the answers thereto, as contained in the reports, summary answers were adopted. The meeting was engaged during this sitting in the consideration of the subjects embraced in these Queries.

Fourth Day- Afternoon.

The Sixth, Seventh, Eighth, and Ninth Queries were read, with the replies thereto, from our subordinate meetings, and summary answers were adopted.

As the Meeting-houses of Friends in this city will be open for Divine Worship to-morrow morning, the meeting now adjourns until 3 o'clock to-morrow afternoon.

Fifth Day (Afternoon) Fifteenth of the Month.

The Ninth Query was read, with the replies thereto, and a summary adopted.

The summary answers to all the Queries, as adopted by the Meeting, are directed to be recorded.

The Three Annual Queries were read, with the answers thereto, and the following summaries, compiled from the reports, were adopted.

Answer to First Annual Query.-Philadelphia reports the First-day Evening Meetings at Race Street are now omitted during four instead of three months, commencing in Sixth

month. An Evening Meeting is now held at Girard Avenue at 74 o'clock on First-day throughout the year.

The time of holding Spruce Street Monthly Meeting has been changed from Sixth to Fifth-day morning before the last Sixth-day but one in the month.

In Radnor Monthly Meeting when a Preparative Meeting occurs the same week as the Quarterly Meeting it is held the preceding week.

Abington.—Abington Monthly Meeting reports that the time for holding its meeting has been changed to 10 o'clock the year round.

Concord.—The Week-day Meeting at Birmingham during the week of the Yearly Meeting has been discontinued.

Caln.—The Mid-week Meeting at Uwchlan is laid down, except Preparative Meeting, Fifth-day before the last Firstday.

Bradford and Uwchlan Monthly Meetings have consolidated under the name of Bradford and Uwchlan Monthly Meeting, held alternately at Caln and Uwchlan Third-day after the first Second-day, even months at Uwchlan.

Haddonfield.Newton Preparative and Mid-week Meetings have been changed from 101 o'clock A. M. to 3 o'clock P. M., and the Preparative Meeting of men and women Friends is held in joint session. The Mid-week Meetings at Haddonfield and Westfield have been discontinued during the week of Yearly Meeting

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