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Summary Answer to Second Annual Query. We have thirty-nine schools reported, superintended by committees appointed either in the Monthly or Preparative Meeting, employing one hundred teachers, seventy-five of whom are in membership with us; the pupils of thirty-six of these schools attend Mid-week Meetings with their teachers. Reports, so far as received, indicate that these schools are attended by 2,636 pupils, 670 of whom are in membership with us, and 322 where one parent is a member.

Answer to Third Annual Query. They are:

A report from the Joint Committee on Indian Affairs was read, and their labors approved. (See page 23.)

They are released as suggested in the report.

On further consideration of the subject a committee was appointed to consider of and report to a future sitting of this Meeting the names of a suitable number of Friends to take charge of this concern as way may open. They were authorized to unite with a like committee of women Friends.

The Minutes of the Representative Committee, or Meeting for Sufferings, were produced and read, and their labors are approved. (See page 19.)

By reports received from all our constituent branches, it appears that the following-named Friends have been appointed members of the Representative Committee, or Meeting for Sufferings, for the present year:






WESTERN, C. Turnpenny, Susanna M. Parrish,
John Saunders,

Louisa J. Roberts,
Daniel Foulke,

Mary K. Richardson,
Isaac C. Parry,

Harriet E. Kirk,
Barclay Knight,

Macre P. Eyre,
Samuel Hart,

Susan Comfort,
Clement Biddle,

Lucy Smyth,
J. Hibberd Bartram, Martha Dodgson,
Jesse Webster,

Carolein Hayes,
Benjamin Martin, Mary W. Slocum,
Ellwood Michener, Mary H. Barnard,
John Mitchell,

Sarah Ann Conard,
Robert B. Dixon,

Ann J. Mifflin,
S. Howell Mifflin,

Hannah W. Willson,
Charles N. Shreve,

Jane D. Satterthwait,
Benjamin Thorne

Phebe W. Woclman,
John Cooper,

Rebecca Jane Cowperthwait,
Josiah Rogers,

Emmor Roberts,
Mark R. Dare,

Sarah J. Acton,
Wiliiam Wade Griscom, Elizabeth B. Atkinson,
John Kester,

Joseph Powell,
Perry John,

Margaret S. Powell.






From the reports received it appears that correspondents have either been appointed or continued in their appointment in all the subordinate meetings. Their names and address are directed to be published in the Extracts. (See page 33.)

Sixteenth of the Month and Sirth of the Week.

A memorial concerning our deceased Friend, Ann A. Townsend, prepared by Green Street Monthly Meeting, approved by Philadelphia Quarterly Meeting, and introduced by the Representative Committee, was read, approved, and directed to be recorded and published with the Extracts.*

The following report from the Joint Committee appointed at our last Yearly Meeting on the deficiencies apparent amongst us was read and accepted. After some consideration thereof, it was concluded to publish it, with the Extracts, for the use of our members, and refer the Report for further consideration at our next Yearly Meeting.

The Committee are continued and encouraged to extend further enquiry into the causes of the deficiencies apparent amongst us and to labor therein as the wisdom of Divine truth may open the way, and to report to our next Yearly Meeting.

To Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of Friends :

The Committee appointed at last Yearly Meeting to take into consideration the deficiencies apparent amongst us, to inquire into the causes thereof, and to extend labor as way may open in the Truth ; report,

That they have held All-Day Meetings in Philadelphia about once a month, with an average attendance of sixty-eight. Whilst the character of the investigation into the causes of weakness has been thorough, and a variety of views earnestly expressed, the feeling throughout has been harmonious and sympathetic, with no desire for anything but the best welfare of Society. It is believed that this free interchange of sentiment, and the spirit of love and forbearance manifested, will strengthen the hands of those who have witnessed it, and through them encourage others, in the several neighborhoods where they reside, to renewed diligence in the observance of religious obligations.

* For Memorial see page 29.

We believe if our Religious Society is to continue as an organized body, it will be necessary to have revived among us that dedication and deep religious concern to spread the Truth that animated the early Friends. It will not do to expect to fulfill our mission by a reliance on birthright membership alone, however good in itself. And for the perpetuation of the Society individual inquiry may well be made, how is it with us who are now on the stage of action and prominently identified with the interests of the Society ? Are we deeply impressed with the importance of our position, and sufficiently concerned to bear witness to the Truth as it may be made known to us, looking to the Head of the Church for aid and direction ? Whilst we admit the great value of individual faithfulness, we also feel that there is a service due from the Meeting in its organized capacity to its individual families and members.

Parents are supposed to be concerned for their children, and to give them counsel on religious subjects, but find at times that they need outward assistance.

Without relieving parents of their responsibilities, or overseers from a diligent performance of their duties, we believe much good would result from the appointment by Monthly Meetings, of standing committees, to report annually, composed of persons who are alive to the importance of their appointment, to visit in the spirit of love their members from

time to time; to correspond with those who are absent, and encourage all to the performance of their religious duties. And who shall be expected to look after the children as they are growing up to maturity and manifest an interest in their welfare, thus endeavoring to aid parents in bringing their children to feel an increased interest in our Religious Society and its important testimonies.

We would desire the attention of all parents called to the importance of a loving home control over their children, and the education of them in a knowledge of our fundamental principles and its resulting testimonies. And in order to assist the parents in the proper discharge of their religious obligations and interest, and instruct the children in the exercise of their gifts, it is suggested that First-day Schools throughout the Society, be encouraged, and that Monthly and Preparative Meetings join in the care and management of these, and also of any classes that may be held at the close of meetings, or other suitable opportunities, for Friends who feel it right, to express their thoughts or views on religious subjects, or read from such writings as may be of interest and tend to the spread of our principles. The Committee find a call coming up from many inquiring minds to have selections from approved writings of Friends, respecting our important testimonies, in convenient form for distribution among seeking minds.

Various propositions in reference to birthright membership have claimed our attention, and it was generally united upon to recommend the Yearly Meeting to provide that children born after the adoption of this rule, with one parent only a

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