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2 Yet, though adorn’d in glorious state,

Thou wilt not there thy church forget;
Nor like a widow'd matron leave

Thy spouse disconsolate to grieve.
3 The channel, which so long convey'd

Refreshment from the fountain head,
From hence removed, with anxious eye

To thee, that Fountain Head, we fly. 4 Fulfil thine ancient promise, Lord,

And send a steward of thy word,
Whose single eye, and well-taught zeal,

Shall seek thy praise and Zion's weal. 5 Or, if this promise thou withhold,

From wolves disguised protect thy fold,
And from thine own refulgent grace

Maintain our suuls in life and peace. 6 Our trials from thine hand we view,

In number, weight, and measure true;
The needful strength wilt thou supply,

And work our benefit thereby.
7 For mercies past we bless the Lord,

For future wants we plead his word,
Ascribing all salvation's cost
To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost !


T. BENSLEY, Printer, Crane Court, Fleet Street, London.

A collection of hymns for the use o


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