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75. Spiritual Poverty. [Tune, Pilgrim. 1 BLESSED are the poor in spirit,

Who their native vileness see;
They are taught all sin's demerit,
Gladly own salvation free,

And from Sinai To the wounds of Jesus flee. 2 Stripp'd of all their fancied meekness,

To approach the dread I AM ;
They are led to see all fitness
Cent’ring in the worthy Lanıb;

And adoring,
Sing his Godhead, blood and name.
3 Self-renouncing, grace admiring,

Made unto salvation wise,
Matchless love their bosoms firing,
O how sweet their songs arise!

None but Jesus!
From his blood their hopes arise.
4 Clad with righteousness imputed,

Now they cast their rags away ;
'Tis to ev'ry siņner suited,
Let his wants be what they may;

Jesus, dying,
Bore the curse and sin away.
5 At his throne their sins confessing,

Now in shame they veil their face;'
Weeping, loving, praising, blessing,
On his head the crown they place ;

Shouting glory
To the God of sov'reign grace!



76. Christ the Sinner's Refuge. 1 No help in self I find,

And yet have sought it well; The native treasure of my mind

Is sin, and death, and hell. 2 To Christ for help I fly,

The Friend of sinners lost,
A refuge sweet, and sure, and nigh,

And there is all my trust. 3 All other refuge fails,

And leaves my heart distrest;
But this eternally prevails,

To give a sinner rest.
4 Lord, grant me free access

Unto thy pierceil side;
For there i seek my dwelling place,

And there my guilt would hide:

€. M.

Be of good Courage.
1 And does thy heart for Jesus pine,

And make its pensive moan?
He understands a sigh divine,

And marks a secret groan.
2 These pinings prove that Christ is near,

To testify his grace ;
Call on him with unceasing pray'r,

And he will shew his face.

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3 Though much dismay'd, take courage still,

And knock at mercy's door ;
A loving Saviour surely will

Relieve his praying poor.
4 He knows how weak and faint thou art,

And must appear at length;.
A look from him will cheer thine heart,

And bring renewed strength.

C. H.

i Come let us join our cheerful songs,

With angels round the throne ;
Ten thousand thousands are their tongues,

But all their joys are one!
2 Worthy the Lamb that died, they cry,

To be exalted thus ;
Worthy the Lamb our hearts reply,

For he was slain for us! 3 Jesus is worthy to receive

Honour and power divine ;
And blessings more than we can give

Be, Lord, for ever thine!

8. 6.


| All ye that weary are of sin,
And feel your nature all unclean,

And labour under guilt,
Who find within no dawn of hope,
To Christ your weary eyes lift up,

His blood for you was spilt !

2. Come, sinners, come, by sin distrest, For Jesus Christ will give you rest,

And act the Saviour's part: He came to save the lost and poor, And such are welcome to his door,

And welcome to his heart.


Safety in Christ.

1 Lord, how many are my foes ;

Many they that me oppose;
Thou my strong protector be,

All my safety is in thee.
2 Satan and my wicked heart

Often use their treach'rous art,
Fain would make my soul to flee,

But my safety is in thee. 3 Thou hast said, and thou art true,

As I live, ye shall live too;


roek wilt ever be,
All my safety is in thee.
4 I'm a pilgrim here below,

Guide me all the desert thro',
Let me, as I journey, see

All my safety is in thee.
5 Then, when landed on that shore

Where my mind was fixid before,
In sweet raptures I shall see
All my safety was in thee,


The Prayer of Necessity.


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Could the creatures help or ease us,

Seldom should we think of pray'r;
Few if any come to Jesus,

Till reduc'd to self-despair ;
Long we either slight or doubt him;

But, when all the means we try
Prove we cannot do without hiin,

Then at last to Him we cry.

2 Fear thou not, distress'd believer,

Venture on his mighty name,
He is able to deliver,

And his love is still the same;
Can his pity, or his power,

Suffer thee to pray in vain ?
Wait but his appointed hour,

And thy suit thou shalt obtain.


Love. [Tune, Mediator. i Love is the Spirit's fruit,

Shed in the heart abroad,
And love can only suit

The children born of God;
The Father sends the heav'nly guest
To purify the children's breast.

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