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Página 394 - Reasons for establishing the colony of Georgia, with regard to the trade of Great Britain, the increase of our people, and the employment and support it will afford to great numbers of our own poor, as well as foreign persecuted Protestants.
Página 568 - Memoirs of the Principal Transactions of the Last War between the English and French in North America, from...
Página 582 - A Brief View of the Conduct of PENNSYLVANIA, for the Year 1755; so far as it affected the General Service of the BRITISH COLONIES, particularly the Expedition under the late General Braddock. With an Account of the shocking inhumanities, committed by Incursions of the Indians upon the Province in October and November...
Página 457 - In the last war we did, in my opinion, most inhumanly, and upon pretences that in the eye of an honest man are not worth a farthing, root out this poor innocent deserving people, whom our utter inability to govern, or to reconcile, gave us no sort of right to extirpate.
Página 616 - COMPLEAT HISTORY of the Late War; or Annual Register of its Rise, Progress, and Events in Europe, Asia, Africa, and America.
Página 397 - The General Account of all Monies and Effects received and expended by the Trustees for establishing the Colony of Georgia in America.
Página 564 - Lenape, and associated with them in some of the most notable passages of their history, dwelt the Shawanoes, the Chaouanons of the French, a tribe of bold, roving. and adventurous spirit. Their eccentric wanderings, their sudden appearances and disappearances, perplex the antiquary, and defy research ; but from various scattered notices, we may gather that at an early period they occupied the valley of the Ohio ; that, becoming embroiled with the Five Nations, they shared the defeat of the Andastes,...
Página 416 - I must also inform you that it is his Majesty's pleasure that you remain in security under the inspection and direction of the troops that I have the honour to command.
Página 439 - Fortified towns are hard nuts to crack ; and your teeth have not been accustomed to it. Taking strong places is a particular trade, which you have taken up without serving an apprenticeship to it. Armies and veterans need skilful engineers to direct them in their attack. Have you any? But some seem to think forts are as easy taken as snuff.
Página 357 - And the sight of the faire medowes is a pleasure not able to be expressed with tongue : full of Hernes, Curlues, Bitters, Mallards, Egrepths, Wood-cocks, and all other kinds of small birds...

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