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To State officers........

30 copies. To the State library...... ........... 1 copy.

There shall be printed three hundred journals of each house, and distributed as follows: To the senate.......

... 80 copies. To the assembly....

.... 188 copies. To the State officers...

30 copies. To the State library.........

2 copies. There shall be printed to bind, four hundred and ninetysix journals of each house, and the same number of messages and documents, and distributed as follows: For the senate..

........ 38 copies. For the assembly........

... 140 copies. For senate library........................... 16 copies. For assembly library......... ............. 50 copies. For the counties and public officers........... 123 copies. For literary and scientific exchanges, to be made

by the regents of the university, including
one copy for each State and Territory, and
one copy for each of the regents who are

not otherwise provided for............... 124 copies. For State library .....

............. 5 copies. There shall also be printed and bound for the State library five copies of the Session Laws, and also of the journal of each house, and fifty-five copies of the same for the regents of the university, for the purpose of literary exchanges.

The clerk of each house shall forth with, after the jour. nal thereof of each day is approved, deliver a legible copy thereof to the printer for the two houses, who shall have the same printed and delivered to the sergeant-at-arms of each house within forty-eight hours thereafter.

RULE 18. There shall be a standing committee, consisting of three members of the senate and five members of the

assembly, to be called the joint committee on the State library and cabinet of natural history.

RULE 13. The supply bill and the annual appropriation bill shall be reported by the fifteenth day of March, and printed immediately thereafter, and made the special order for the twenty-fifth day of March, or some day prior thereto, immediately after the reading of the journal.

RULE 20. No bill introduced after the fifteenth day of March in either house shall have its final reading in either house until all bills previously introduced in either, and sent from one house to the other house for concurrence and ready for third reading, shall be disposed of, unless by unanimous consent, except the supply bill and the annual appropriation bill; and the clerk of each house shall note on such engrossed bill the day on which it was introduced, and the day on which it was received from the other house, and shall announce such facts when the same is proposed to be read a third time.

RULE 21. When a bill originated in the senate or assem. bly shall have been lost in either house, neither the same, nor any other bill on the same subject, and containing simi lar provisions, shall be subsequently introduced into the senate or assembly during the same session, unless by unanimous consent.

RULE 22. The postmaster of each house shall weigh and stamp all documents sent by mail or express, and enter in a book to be kept by him for that purpose, the amount of postage or express charge thereon, and report to the clerk of the respective houses the aggregate thereof weekly; and the assistant postmaster of each house shall enter in a book to be kept by him for that purpose an accurate account of all documents, with the postage or express charges paid thereon, transmitted from the post-office of their respective houses by mail or express, and report the aggregate thereof weekly to the respective clerks of the senate and assembly; and the clerks of the senate and assembly shall, from time to time, furnish to the post. master of each house respectively, the stamps requisite for carrying into execution this rule, and an account thereof shall be kept by them in books to be by them provided for that purpose; and the books kept by the postmaster and assistant postmaster, above specified, shall be at all times open to the inspection of the clerks and members of each house respectively.





COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF AND STAFF. Commander-in-Chief . .......... LUCIUS ROBINSON. Adjutant-General.....

Maj.-Gen.FRANKLIN TOWNSEND. Inspector-General.....

Brig.-Gen. John B. WOODWARD,

(Brevet-Major-General.) Commissary-Genera


Brig.-Gen. DANIEL D WYLIE. Engineer-in-Chief.....

Brig.-Gen. JAMES B. PEARSALL. Judge- Advocate-General .... Brig.-Gen. CHARLES HUGHES. Surgeon-General........... Brig.-Gen. AUSTIN FLINT, Jr. Quartermaster-General..... Brig.-Gen.CLARENCE CAMPBELL. Paymaster-General ....

Brig.-Gen. HERMANN UHL. Commissary-General of Subsist. Brig.-Gen. CHARLES TRACY.


Col. CLIFFORD A. H. BARTLETT. Aides-de-Camp. ........


Military Secretary.............. Col. ARCHIBALD N. DE VOE

DIVISIONS. First Division District.-Major-General ALEXANDER SHALER commanding - Comprises the city and county of New York and the county of Richmond.

Second Division District. — Major-General THOMAS S. DAKIN commanding - Comprises the counties of Kings, Queens and Suffolk.

Third Division District.-Major-General JOSEPH B. CARR commanding -- Comprises the counties of Albany, Rensselaer, Washington, Saratoga, Schenectady, Schoharie, Fulton, Hamilton, Montgomery, Herkimer and Warren.

Fourth Division District. — Major-General TILLEY R. PRATT commanding -- Comprises the counties of Essex, Clinton, Franklin and St. Lawrence

Fifth Division District. - Major-General JAMES W. HUSTED commanding - Comprises the counties of Westchester, Putnam, Rockland, Orange, Sullivan, Ulster, Greene, Dutchess, Delaware and Columbia.

Sixth Division District. – Major-General DANIEL P. WOOD commanding - Comprises the counties of Cayuga, Cortland, Otsego, Oneida, Onondaga, Oswego, Seneca, Chenango, Madison, Jefferson and Lewis.

Seventh Division District. — Major-General HENRY BRINKER commanding - Comprises the counties of Cheming, Schuyler, Steuben*, Yates, Ontario, Wayne, Monroe, Livingston, Tompkins, Tioga and Broome.

Eighth Division District -- Major-General RUFUS L. HOWARD commanding - Comprises the counties of Allegany, Cattaraugus, Chautauqua, Wyoming, Erie, Genesee, Orleans, Niagara and town of Hornellsville, Steuben county.

*Except town of Hornellsville, Steuben county.

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