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A D,\p no more to fay sor:$ie Observation. o£ our Festivals, but that they are Days to bring to Remembrance, as it is faid of some Psalm's, that they are Psalms. to bring to Remembrance: Or as it is faid of that Night in which the Children of Israel came out of Egypt, That it. was it Night much to. be observed unto-the Lord, this fame is enough to commend their Memorial to. all sober Christians; for is a temporal Deliverance deserved a Day to be solemnly set apart for an Anniverfary Thanksgiving, much more should the Day of our spiritual Deliverance be kept in everlasting Remembrance, which came to pass according to the Revolution of the Year upon this Day, as we are credibly informed by vary early and undeniable Tradition, ia the Writings of the Ancients, in the Histories of the Church, and the Homilies of the Fathers § upon this Subject, and gpoathis Day.

One Generation, 0 Lord, fh'all praise thy. Works, to. another; They shall abundantly utter she Memory of thy p^lflf' treat Goodness unfo a Peoph that foall be born, that thou


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done.this. There Is a great Difference betwixt our Festivals under the Gospel, and the superstitious observing of Days and Months, and Years"," and Times,xvhiclr the. Apostl<rxenfnres here in. these Galatians for turning, 'back to the weak" and beggerly Elements, the new Moons and fabbatical Feasts under the Law for Justification, all which were nothing of uheThselves but fa^nf- Allows and Forerunners of these :ha|>py .Solerrmities under the Gospel, which are Days of Prayei^andThank^iving, of Joy and Gladness of Heart, rejoicing in the Lord» and for the Lord. But when, &c.

. . In these Words we may read the great..Mystery of Man's Redemption, and from thence reap many, useful Instructions* if we consider, ...:,• . \ \ v" - v ^^I' -^^',^ .1

Firsti The Excellency of the Person whom God'sent into the "Warld for that great Work; not an Angel, Or any other but his own Son, for the Redemption of the Soul is precious,, being immortal, and of infinite Capacity to be happy or miserable for ever; Therefore nothing less tha> an infinite Fric&and an infinite. Power could redeem'%rs from' infinite Misery.'"?

Secondly, The fit Opportunity of his coming, now in the Fulness of^Time, to bear Witness to the Truth,! when all Flesh had corrupted their Ways, aq,d *that wicked'Generation of the Jews had, made the Commandments of God of none Effect, through their Traditions, teaching for Doctrines of; Faiths the,f Ordinances of Men.

Thirdly, The wonderful Union of the two Natures in Christ: . Jesus, that the eternal Son of God should be .born' of sa 'WOrhan^ and become like unto us in all things* Sin Excepted. Osj'' 1

Fourthly, If we consider the "glorious Desigrfc df'/Christy Incarnation, which was to redeem us from the cur&ofthe LawfF and to adopt us to be the Children of God,we cannoFfeut rejoice exceedingly, and acknowledge our selveVinfiriitely obfcged to requite so great Kindness with all the Expressions of Love aad Obedience. .. «,'M$*..

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\^^$iy begotten of the Father, full of Grace and Truth j


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even such Glory, as could not be communicated to any.other but to him who was by Nature the *Son of God ; fuch Glor^ ?" as no.Fieflicpuld behold otherwise than as it was in. Hekio. Christ, or in the Word made Fle(h, and clothed wish 19.. our "Nature, which vailed the 'Divine"dlotj, Eke .'J. the curious embroidered Vail.ovec theHoly of Holies in the Tabernacleas in the Beginning God created Man after his own Likeness and spiritual Excellencies, so now the Son of God take? upon him the Likeneft of Man.afld Corporal .Substance* that in this mutual Likeness;tlwte miepirfle mutual Love, ^Converse and Complacency; that we might convoy'our Adorations to God by Jesus Christ, who is the Brightness of his Father's Glory, and express.Image of his Pirfohi '.. AftImage

P&U '"a. 'from the Way, when his Wrath is ktndled but a tit'tle \ blessed are all they that pat their Trust in him. Therefore, iays the fame Evangelist, No Man hath feen.God-'dt ,aiy ..time, the only begotten Son, who is in she Boson* oftMFathetssfie Jhdh declared him; not by Word ortly, or declaration of Ms "Will, as the Prophets did of old, but by way of Factor real Representation: He that hath seen me, lays Christ). hath fern the?Father, and hath seen the Love of the Father; thatyfwe will not believe the Word'.of God,sdying, "He will iha'iie Tffl * :?•'}' Men to be saved; n©r the Oatli,of God, swearing, Ezek. That he taketh no Pleasure in the Death os'the.,W'icked\ 33. 11. nor the Nature of God, That he is Love, and dwefleth 1 Tim. in Love.: Yet we may believe our own Eyes, and fay 2. 4. with the beloved Difciple, That which teas from theve'I John .., ginning, which We have' hedrdi 'which We hltveJgen with 1.1, 2. our Eyes, which we have looked on, and our Hands have handled of the Word of Life, For the Life was manifested, and we have seen it, and stjew unto you that eternal Life which was with the Father, and was manifejled unto ust

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