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'C 105 J

Resurrection, Receive ye the Holy Ghost. Whose soever John Sins ye remits they Are remitted unto them; and whose 20. 2\ soever Sins ye retain, they are retained^; . r

In fine, here was a Fulness of Consolation to support them under all Sufferings f Some while before the Dis. fciples were troubled, and Sorrow had filled their Hearts .•. when their Master had told, them that he was to leave '\ . them and go to the Father j but now they rejoice with Joy unspeakable and full of Glory, for his spiritual Presence. He had withdrawn his blessed Body for a Avirile, and now sends his Holy Spirit to comfort them, 2 Cor and to abide with them for ever. 0/ '•;. 5»

The more empty we are of all outward' worldly Enjoyments, the more fit and capable we are to be filled and replenished with the Divine Comforts and Graces y. for as the: Sufferings of Christ abound in us, j. so also our Consolation aboiindeth by Christ. , 1

Why art thou cast down, 0 tyy Soul, and why art thou, difytietei within me? Hype.1 ha in God. For thus faith the LORD, tor a small Moment have J soy sake n thee, but with great Mercy will I gather thee. In a little Wrath- I hid my Face from thee for a Moment, but with everlasting Kjndness will I have Mercy on thee, faith the LORD thy

Redeemer.. f ..v ,

Blessed be God, and the Father of our Lord Jefci Chris, who hath blessed us with all spiritual BleJJings m heaves ^Pn.

Places in Christ..

Now from the whole of our Text and. Discourse we may learn many, useful Instructions concerning the .Nature and Excellency of Divine Revelation, the £ „ Necessity and Advantage of having the Holy Ghost to. ,: * be our Guide and Comforter: And then by what Means we can best purchase this blessed Guide and Comforter to abide with us for ever.

As to the Fir ft, concerning the Nature and Excellency

. * . of

C to6 ]

of Divine Revelation, which transcends • all Sense and carnal Reasonings of Men, as far as the bright shining Sun doth the twinkling of other Stars,, ora lamp at

The natural Man, fays the Apostle, receiveth not the i Cor. Things of the Spirit of Gody for they are Foolishness untm »' 14* him; neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned. .vifi^s.

Sense gives us only the first Appearance of Things present, and material Reason leads us higher to intellectual Reflections, and ascertains us of the Truth of Things as they are in themselves, and depend upon their first: Cause, the Creator and Governour of all the World, in whom we live, and move, and have our Being, when we behold the Works of Creation and Providence, Pfal. as it is written, The Heavens declare the Glory of God, 19.1,2. and the Firmament (hewetb his*......

Day unto Day uttereth Speech? and Night unto Night fheweth knowledge.

For the invisible Things of him from the Creation of the Rjom. World are clearly seen, being understood by the Things that I. 20. are, even his eternal Power and Godhead.

But Revelation raises us above Nature, and the Things of Nature, to see the Author and Preserver of our Being without any Vail or Covering: This shows the Cause of our Misery, how Sin entred into the World, and Death by Sin, that Remedy was most proper for our Recovery, to expiate the Guilt, and deliver us from the Dominion, as well as the Punishment of Sin, which ^ . is now made manisest by the appearing of our Saviour 2 Tim. Jesus Christ, who hath abolished Death, and hath 4. ao. brought Lise and Immortality to Light through the •Gospel. • .

This is the true Light that fhineth in the Darkness,and enlightens every Man that cometh into the World.


..... C 107 3

Bat we .all with open Face beholding as in a Glass the 2 Cor. Glory of the Lord, are changed into the fame Image, 18. from Glory to Glory, even as by the Spirit of the Lord. When the Soul (like as a Glass representing pur natural Face) is enlightned with the. Spirit and Glory of the Lord, and all the Powers thereof enlarged and filled \ with all the Fulness of God, and his G ifts suitable to our Condition and Capacities, whereof Moses was a Type and a Figure, when the Lord spake unto him Face to Face, as a Man fpeaketh to his Friend, the Skin £xocj of his Face did shine with the. Brightness of tjiat Glory. For God who commanded the Light to shine out of Darkness, * ( which Was upon the great Depth, when the Spirit of God moved upon the Face of the Waters) hath shined in our Hearts, to give the. Light of the I^jiowledge of the Gtory of God, .in the Face of Jesus Christ. for we. were 2 Cor. sometimes Darkness;, bat now are we Light in the Lord.'4. 6. therefore let m walk as the Children of Lightf • Now the several Ways whereby God manisests himself to tis, will appear by a plain Comparison betwixt our Bodies (which tlie Scriptures call' the Temple of the Holy Ghost) and Solomon's Temple, wherete was first the Outer Court for the People, next the Inner C&irr for the Priests and Levites, and'then the Holy of Holies, for the High Priests: So here in this mystical Temple, there is first the Outer Court of the Senses, wherein God; manisests himself in bodily Shapes and Appearances, as .". • he did ^ these Preludes of the Incarnation to the •.;:' i" Patriarchs before the Law, and afterwards more clearly in the Incarnation it self, when the Son of God took. upon him the Form of a Servant, and conversed with us daily and familiarly in our own Nature. God who at1 sundry Times, and in divers Manners, spake in Time past Heb. r. unto thtxFatbers by the Prophetst last Days 1, 2.


[ 108 1

spoken unto us by his Son. That which war from the I John Beginnings which we have heard, which we have seen with Us. our Eyes, which we have looked upon, and our Hands have handled of the Word of Life.

Next, here is the Imagination and Phantasie which we compare to the Inner Court, wherein God manisests himself by Dreams and Visions, as he did to the Prophets under the Law. Last of all, here is the Holy of*Holies, the Mind of Man, his Soul, and spiritual Substance, wherein God erects his Throne, shines forth in his Glory, and is worshipped in Spirit and in Truth; its . here we see, and converse witn the Father of Mercies, the Fountain of Light, and the Persection of Beauty: For the Lord hath chosen the Heart, he hath defired it for his Habitation. This is his Rest for ever, here will . he dwell, for he hath desired it; its here we entertain the Knowledge of'our dearest Lord by Faith and Love ; its here the Spirit of Lise and the Spirit of Gloryrests, and fills us with Joy unspeakable and Fu'ness of Glory; its here we receive the hidden Manna, the Consolations of God, and these Mysteries which humane Reason and Philosophy could never reveal unto us.

This is that experimental Knowledge which the Saints have of God by inward Senfation: ,As„w.e see, and hear, and know outward Things by our Senses, so we'have . Rom. a spiritual Senfation of God and his Kingdom, which 14. 17. *s not Meat and Drink, but Righteousrseis, and Peace, and Joy in the Holy Ghost, which is sweetes to the Soul, Pfal. 4.tnan Honey aud the Honey.comb; as it is written, Thou yt has put Gladness in my Hearty more than in.the Timb when their Corn and their Wine increased. .

Alluding to these Senses, we have these Sayings and Experiments of the Saints, namely of seeing and tastina^ C 109 J

. V^taste and see that the LORD is good, blessed is theMan Pfaf. that trujleth in him. 34. %.

How sweet are thj Words to my Tafle, yea sweeter than 1 j 9. Honey to my Mouth. 103.

.I have heard os thee by the hearing os the Ear, ( faith Job 42 Job) but now mint Eye feet h the.e; . \ 4.

. Generation, see ye the Word os the LOR D*.( fakh Jer. 2. the weeping Prophet) £*w I been a' Wilderness unto %u Israel, a Land of' Darkness. / .

Again, of feeling and smelling; Let him kiss metvi{h Cant. the kisses of his Mouth, for thy Love 4s better tfianWine. 1. 2.

Bccdufe of the Savour of thy good Ointments, thy Name ds as Ointment soured forth ; therefore do the Virgins, love thee. r

Likewise of Hearing, Make me to hear J,oy and Glad* xefs, that the Bones which thou hajl broken.may.rejoice.

None can understand these hidden and unspeakable Pleasures but they that seel them; Non capt intelligentict (fays a devout Author) nisi, quantum exf er lent i a attingit. .. . . ',. .'• i

A Stranger intermeddleth not with their Joy, only the Experience of illuminated Persons is the most sure and comfortable Knowledge.

He that hath an Ear, let him hear what the Spirit faith unto the Churches. To Mm that overcome th will I give to Rev. 2. eat of the hidden Manna, and will give him a white Stone, *7« and in the Stone a new Name written, which no Man knoweth saving he that receiveth it.

When thou^saidsl, Seek ye my Face, my Heart said unto thee, LORD, thy Face will I seek.

As the Way to the Holy Of Holies was through the Porch and Outer Court, so the Way that leads to this Acts ,i. inward Light and experimental Knowledge of the Saints, Luke is sometimes through the Senses, by the ordinary Means 24. of Providence, , as the, preaching of the Gospel, the

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