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Fas thu U 43 the Waters o/Noah unto me: For As I have sworn that the Waters of Noah jfjould no more go over the Earth ; so have I sworn that I would not be Wroth with thee, nor rebuke thee. V'

; nQh. thou Afflicted, faffed wish TewPeft, and not comforted, behold* 1 will lay thy Stones with fair Colours, and lay thy Foundations with Sapphires.

And I will make thy Windows of Agates, and thy Gates of Carbuncles, and all thy Borders of pleasant. Stones." '. And all thy Children shall be taught of the LORD, 'and great shall be the Peace of thy Children. "In Righteousness (halt thou be established':. Thou shalt be far from Oppression, for thou /hast not fear; and from *Terr our, for it fljaltnot come "near thee.

In fine, the Promise is, That the Meek, and they that sear the Lord, the Obedient and Humble, they that Pray earnestly, and Communicate often, having their Hearts purged from carnal Lusts, arid filled with universal Charity, shallpurchase the Holy Ghost to be their Guide and Comforter, to abide with them. for ever.

If our Hearts be' calm and straight, cheerful and glad in the Lord, if we. lean not to our own Will, and our own Wisdom; if we suffer patiently for'the Testimony' of a good Conscience, arid a'^ood Cause; if.wej bridle oirr Tongues from filthy Language and corrupt Communication; if we frequent the House of God, and associate Ourselves with the Servants of God; if we abide in our lawful Calling, and rush not into unnecessary Dangers; if we hearken to the Voice of God speaking to •us in our Consciences, and in the Scriptures. 5 In the special' Passages of Providence^and general Sentiments of Mankind in fad Trials 'and Difappointments', these are the most proper Means, whereby we may obtain theComforter to be our Guide, and likewise come to the Assurance thereof, which is a Comfort above all Comforts. "•• . :Now

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t Now what remains, but to guard against Sin, and against Folly, against all Intemperance and immoderate Passions; against all Anxiety and worldly Mindedness. which may grieve the good Spirit of God, or quench his Gifts and Graces in us. . ,

Let us welcome and treat this blessed Spirit with aU holy Reverence and tender Care, who will make his Abode with us, according to his Entertainment .,'c

Behold Istand at the Door and knock, is any Man bear my Voice, and of en the Door, I will come in to him, and sup with him, and he with me.

Lift up your Heads, 0 ye Gates, even .lift them up, ye everlasting Doors} and the KJng of Glorystoall tome in. 7' The Air doth not more naturally yield to our Attraction in Respiration, when it insinuates it self into the Spaces of the Body that are receptive of it, than the Divine Spirit communicates his Aids and Consolation to the Desires and Wants of all holy, and humble Souls* Prope a te Dens est, tecum est, intrn est, ( fays one more like a Christian than a moral .Philosopher ) it A dico, Lucili, facer intra nos spirits fedet, malorum, bSti&wjique nostrorum Obfervator, & Custos, hie prout a nobis traclatus est, it a nos ipfe traclat, That we should seek the Lord, if happily we might seel after him, and find him, tho' he be not far from every one of us, for in him we live, move, and have our Being: O my God, '/ am continually with thee j. Thou shalt guide me with thy Counsel, And afterwards receive me to thy Glory.

Whom have I in the Heavens but thee? and there.if Hone upon Earth that I desire besides thee: My Flejb and my Heart failethr but God is the Strtngth of my Hearts And my Portion for ever. 'Amen. • •

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Js the Hart panteth after the Water Brooks, so panteth oar Souls after thee, 0 God; our Souls pant After thee, the living God: Ftr.yvitkthee-utbe Fountain ofL^e, ana^dihyXight

shall seeTJgit. II ~ M 1 v 11 ^

0 send out thy Light and thj Truth, let them lead us, and bring

eomfortlefs, who love thee^ and. ieef iby Commandments,, but. thoti will fray unto thy Father, that he would give unto them the Comforter', therefore it was expedient that thou .{bouldst go away from us, in Respect, bf thy bodily presence, and. ascend up into Heaven^, that thou mights send the Comforter unto us, to teach us allThingst and to reveal unto us all Truths that are ^necejfary for our Salvation. ,\ . \' ^.•;! .v.\"..«'

We beseech tfjy Majesty, to perform that grafious Promise unto, us, andprifart our Hearts with holy Dispositions, and fervent^ Desires for that.blessed Guest, that in all our Doubts and Difficult ies9 in all our Solitudes and Sufferings he may be our continualGuide and Comforter, a Sanctuary to defend us from the Tem stations of the Devil, and a very present Help inTroukle.'' * -; '0 Lord, inspire thy Holy Catholick Church, and every Christian', ttith the Spirit of Love^ and the Spirit of Truth; that they may milt in the *u" --J L-'-- '- . •

Spirit, 'ei Gentleness svhom.

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For there are Three thus bear Record in Heaven^ the
'. Father, the Word, aud the Hofy Ghost: And theft
'Three are Ontt, 1 John fy.7-T) . . '* «->....?'* •

HAT Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the living God, is a Doctrine of Faith, and depends on Divine Testimony, which we have in this Text;,, even Testimony, upon; Testimony, tfeift tiy„j ^ In the Mouth oT two or three Witnesses every Troth, and '\J,"r especially this great Truth may be confirmed beyond "vall Exception; If we receive the Witness of Men, the fitness of God is greater, for this is the Witness of God

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