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id the Word.wot God'.: As- the Word/which we frame in our Mind is the Image and Interpreter of our ]Vlinds> (like ailooking ©lass representing, our sel ves to our selves and to others) so is Christ?the Brightness..orrflawlng forth/ of his 'Father's G16 ry5 and' express 'Image "of his Person, and we behold his Glory, the. Glory as of the onjy begotten of the Father, full of Grace and Truth. And again, All Things that I have' heard' of mj Father^ I have made John 'known untoyotf. *' No Jvfa/i hath.seen God at any Tints, the 1^. je jcnlj begotten Son,which is in she Bosom of the Father± he' bath declared him. This si fay ) is his Name, th& Word of God which liveth and abideth for ever, he is' the true a,nd faithful Witness. who bears Record of

%• . M- m'; . him-:

himself that he is the very fame Person now in Heavenj who conversed a while here on Earth. This he attested to St. Stephen, and,to St. Paul, and to others when he was exalted on the right Hand of Majesty* and mani^ sested his Glory ; as a Person's own Testimony that he is alive, is the surest Evidence, or a King's sitting on his Throne with his Crown on his Head, and his Scepter in •his Hand, is Witness sufficient of his royal Dignity.

The Holy Ghost likewise confirmed, this Truth by many signal Instances and Appearances at his Baptism, and on the Day of Pentecost; For there are Three that bear Record in Heaven: And to these Witnesses in the Text, to prove that our blessed Saviour is the Son of God, see* how he appeals in the Days of his Fleili on Earth, / am one ( faid Tie ) that bear Witness of my self, and the Father that sent me bears Witness of me. And again, When the Comforter is come whom I will fend unto you from the Father, even the Spirit of Truth which froceedeth from the Father, he shall festive of me. And now St. John having with these Divine Testimonies cleared the Divinity of our blessed Lord, he subjoins in the next Place the Unity of these Three that bear Record ;in Heaven, And these Three are One; according to that of our blessed Saviour, l and my Father are One, even one God blessed for ever, of whom, and to' whom, and through whom are all Things, to whom, be Glory for ever. Amen. •.

Nor is it conceivable how it should be otherwise, when the Divine Natoreis infinite, and what is infinite must needs be one, and all j.n all in the Father, and in die Son, and in the Holy Ghost.

There can be no such Unity and Oneness in created Beings, in Men or Angels, because their Natures are finite and fallen from their Original; and therefore they are separated and divided, which causedour blessed

Saviour . • t t*i 1

Saviour pray for his Disciples^ and foralf that .bejiieve in his Name, that they might be made persect: in one, Tihdt they all may be one, as thou Father art in we, and I in thee, that they also may be one in us. /. ..' \ This indeed was a Mystery among the Gentiles, yea and among the Jem also, to whom this Doctrine was •; taught but in Parables and dark Sayings', . lest they who: were prohe to Idolatry, and surrounded with idolatrous. Nations'might have mistaken1 it forf'a Doctrine ofl' Vblythefim, or a Plurality of Gods: But now this Mystery which hath been hidden from Ages, and from Generations, is revealed to us by Jesus Christ, for the Obedience of our Faith and Worship.

There is nothing more plain and eafie to be understood, when we speak in the Language of the Scriptures, and ^ ^ fay, There is one God and Father of all, n>k* above atlj^-~'.'\ and through alt, land in us all j for in him we, live, and. move, and have our Being .< For this Cause, fays St. Paul, I bow my Kjiee before the Father os our Lord festu .Christ* ,>/• '-" [ ?'; V

. O Father Almighty, and Father everlastings Hallowed

thy Name for ever and ever. Anting Ji. , And, again when we %j That our Lord Tesos, who! inrthe Fulness of Time was made of the Seed hi David. . according ,to the Flesh, is from all Eternity, the only begotten Son of God, ./Light of Light, and Lise of Life .y..tL for as the Father hath'Iiise iri himfdf, so hath he 'giveh0 tT tcf the Saaf toj.have' Life in himself;. • Wtibse goings forth ^jica|, have been fromvfpld\ from everUfting: As when he faid I 2. tQ the Jews, Verily, verily 1 fay unto you, before Abraham John iv& I .int. Jesus:: Christ ii tlie fame to Day, Yesterday,g. xg. and for ever. ^ 'tsx-.D ls . :'°';. v; "j.

"sHe is the Son.of God;7not. in Respect of Creation, £ts . ^etl.and' Arigels are fSi#Vojbe Sorisi ofGddi and his jfeD# ✓ Off-spring, because,by him all Things were created:^

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