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0 Father of Mercies, and Father of oar Jesus thrift, the Father of Spirits, and the Lover of Souls; behold from the Heavens thy Holy Habitation, and fits m as 4 Father pitiesh his Children: We are not worthy to b* called thy Servants, mush less. thy* Children*,. . A,£on^ fonoureth hi* Father,, and a Servant his Master/* but wo have dishonoured tby Majesty,,\JnU' trinfgrÆd^Æ\thy\ Commandments: But, 0 heavenly F*ather, who 4rf$&)lg*\ suffering, stow to. Anger, and of great fcjndrtefs, rememVef^ not againfi us our Iniquities, but kt tkf Bowels oft Compaffiowyarn upon , and. reseiz't us a^ain into Favour^ as the indulgent Father in the Parable did his prodigal Son, when he returned and confessed his Faults. , y

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0 Lord Jesus Christ, the eternal Son of God,: T*if». Qod, begotten of the Father before the Foundation.of lUb. World; true Man likewise, born of the blessed Virgin* A4ary in the Fulness of Time; true God, and true Ma»f both in one Person. We 'adore thy Majesty, in whom are hid all the Treasures of Wisdom and Goodness* . . , We acknowledge'thei to be the Mediator betwixt God and Man, the Saviour of the World, and our most merciful High Priest, appearing in the Presence of the Father for


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0 holy and blejfed Spirit of" Grace', the Spirit of the Father, and the Spirit of the Son, mho art the Guide and Comforter of thy People; we beseech thy Majesty to subdue our rebellious Lusts with thy powerful Grace, to fanEtife our Natures, and to guide us into allTruth: Without thy preventing Grace and continual Assistance, we are mt able of our selves to think a good Thought, or do thy Majesty any acceptable Service: But through thy Strength we will he able to do all Things txhich thou requires of us, and thou wilt not be wanting to any who is sincere and willing to serve thee: Help us therefore, 0 Lord, to resist all Temptations, *nd to keep all thy Commandments ; be thou our Guide and Comforter unto the Death, and for ever. Amen.':,

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Ghoflr: As it was in the Beginning, is now, and ever shall be, World without End. Amen.

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