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^' The P R A Y E R? ^

. . J~\ Eternal, Almighty and most glorious God, the Creator., of '-f Vj/" Heaven and Earth, the Fountain of all Grace and Goodness, we praise and adore shy excellent Majesty for all the Expressions of thy hove unto the World; Thou art KJnd to all thy Creatures, in giving them Life and Food, and all Things convenient for 'them; But in a special Manner thou fettefi thy Love upon Man, whom thou made/I a lit tie.lower than the Angels; and hast crowned . him with Glory and Honour. Thou created/I us Holy and Upright in the Beginning, with Minds capable to Kjiow, Love and Serve, and Enjoy thee for. ever and ever \ And after we had transgressed thy Holy Commandments, and in a great Measure defaced thy Image in our Souls, and so exposed our selves to Death and eternal Condemnation, yet rather than so noble a Creature as Man should . .peris}} for ever, it pleased thy Majesty to send him into the Worlds who is the Brightness of thy Glory, and the express Image of thy Person, .even thy^deir Son Jesus Christ, that whosoever believetb .in him should not perish, but have ever lasting Life. We have beard with our Ears, 0 God, and our Fathers have told us, what „great Things thou hast done for us, how in the Fulness of Time *\ thou hast sent forth thy Son made of a Woman, made under the ,, Law, to redeem them that were under the.Law, that, we might "\ receivethe Adoption of Sons.""" , • -.„;

0 the Depth of the Riches both of the JVifdom and knowledge of God, how unsearchable are thy judgments, and thy Ways past finding out. What is Man, 0 Lord, that thou art mindful of him? or the Son of Man, "that thou [houldestvisit him aster this Manner? . \ . . 0 wonderful Condescension, stupendiom Love, and Mercy of .' all Mercies, that the eternal Son of God should stoop so low become the Son of Man3 and take nj>on him the Form of A Serva^^ .... ju.ij*.i . y .* '.

many Indignities, and at Ust" Death. it siffifcr vrli\ td Singers: Great indeed, k the My fief) of GedHinefs, y*m invested i.a $he Flefts, jusijtid.'i* ^the Spirit by .many /trades, Wonders and'^j^ns. p.omjde^ven'y seen ofdkgtJs, preaches* Mto the Gentilest believed'tfi^'M'fke Worlds 4nd 'mw.rtteived"#p .li/ito Glory. :v^»v C. ;:\ t 'o..'.t r.;v!.J. \i

We believe, 0 Lord Jtfmi. that thou art the Christ, the Son of the Living God, we Praise and Worship thee, 0 I the only, beloved, and the only begotten of the Father, t\ of Angels, and the Glory of Heaven:, What could move i O sweet Savioifr, to vail that eternal Beauty, the Beauty and Glory of the Godhocd, and to appear in tf^e.likeness of f'rrfiut'FJefb, •verily this could be no other bat Love; Love to w. Men, and . love to our Salvation, that we might live and. be happy for ever. , Therefore thou conversed thirty and three Tears with Sinners upon Earth; revealing to them the Will of thy Holy Fattier, and leading them 'by thy Holy Example in the Way to everlasting . Happiness. All thy Actions were for our Instruction to encourage our Faith, to reform our Manners, and to teach us perfect Ver tan and perfect Obedience, which appeared throughout' thy whole Life and Conversation upon Earth, which was a mo (I excellent Pattern of the greatest Freedom, Affability and Courtefe, of the great, Candor and Ingenuity, of the most marvellous Gentleness Meekness, of the deepest Humility, of the greatest Contempt cf the .World, of the greatest Concentation andt Self.denial, cfths greatest Obedience, Charity and Patience, and.all other Graces, that we may walk in thy Foots eps, and live as thou Hived*,.. and give our selves wholly to thee, who loved us, and gave thy self to us and for us. What shall we f*fto those Things, If thou, V Lord, he for us, who can be against us? Thou who spared not thy own . . .'Son, .bils ^elivered him up for us all,,. wilt thou not with him \jffe**»* Jm all Things that are good and. convenient for its. This is the.. Lord's doing, and it is marvellous in oar Eyes, thsfek fore ag.ifoi' e??d again} 'Blessed be the Lord God of Israel, ana ^

• . E i .'" ^ ; . : 1st > let all Flesh praise thy Holy Name ; for thou hast % redeemed thy People, thou hast raised up an Horn os SaK^ for us in the House of thy Servant David, as thou%astJpo*^ by the Mouth of all thy holy Prophets since the World begar, . that we should be saved from all our Enemies, and from the Han.a { of all them that. hate us, to perform the Mercy promised to our.J Father Abraham, (who is the Father of them that believe, and 1 walk in his Faith ) faying, In thy Seed shall .all the Nations j of the Earth be blessed; and that we being delivered out of the Hands of our Enemies, might serve thee without Fear of. them, in Holiness and Righteousness before thy Majesty ill the Days of I our Life, through Jesus Christ our Lord and only Saviour^ Amen and Amen. . '.'>.

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When *$esus had cried with a loud Voice, he said, Father, into thy Hands I commend my Spirit: And having said thm, he gave us the Ghost, Luke 25. 46. -V. ,

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H I S is "the Day that the Son of God was listed up upon the Cross, that the Sons of Men might be lifted up into Glory ; this is the Day that the true Paschal Lamb was offered, and Christ our Passover was facrificed for our Sins. This is the Day that Christ humbled himself for our fakes,and became.Obedient unto Death,even:|bc Death of the Cross. However" our blessed Saviour suffered all the while he was upon Earth,. being »6"ften../een to weep, but -r'to laugh, so that Chrifimass Day and Goodr Fridatf.wtVG in


a manner, but the Morning and the Evening of his Passion: Hence he was called a Man, of Sorrows, yet Ife. 5j. this Day he soured out his Soul unto Death, and was made perfecJ through Sufferings. This Day he was clothed all over with a Vesture dipt in Blood, and trode the Wine Press of the Fierceness and W|ath of Almighty God. Thereforejet . us with broken Hearts and weeping Eyes look up unto Jesus, who this Day had Tribal o^cruel Mockingsand Scourgings, was buffeted and spitted on, and after he had 'enduredsuch Contraiiction of Sinners, and for Sinners, was led forth to ?4ount try, and there in the midst of his Enemies, in the Presence

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pf his Friends, and before the Sun, was nailed all Naked unto the Cross, that the Shame of our Nakedness might Jit appear. Here let us consider, First, What he said, and nejdjjWhat he

suffered, If so be that we suffer with him, that rye may be also' glorified with him: And when Jesus had cried with d loud Voicey he said ' He whose Words were ahvise .Seasonable, Eare and Serious, who never spoke but to the Glorification of God, and the Edifying of his Hearers, now he opens his Mouth from this imeafie Chair of the Cross, preaches and prays. The Words of.a dying Friend are very observable, and shall we not lay to Heart the Words of our dying Saviour, who as a Man, and as a true Man,. sensible ot Sufferings, and subject: to all the harmless Passions pf humane Nature from the Greatness of his Pains, and the Greatness of his Love to us, Cried out with a loud Voice , and spoke seven times upon the Cross; by. which seven Words the seven Gifts of the Spirit are sealed to all Believers, and the seven Golden Candlestieks are fanctified, and the Book with the seven Seals is opened, and the seven last Plagues are diverted, let iis hearkl^^^vl^it our Saviour faid upon the Cross, For he will (peak. Peace to hifjpeople, and to hii Saints.

And whens}S0kA'friedwith a loud Voieey.h\s Merits' cried, and this bloody Sacrifice cried; now every Word, and every Wound cried aloud to Heaven, not for Vengeance, but for Mercy,' faying, Father forgive them, for they know not what they do; this was the first Word which he faid upon the Cross, a moil effectual servent Prayer, which he offered up with Blood and Tears in Behalf of those which were crucifying him, if God peradventure would give them Repentance unto Lise. Then saidjefh, He who would.hardly open his Mouth in .his own Cause, but when he was importuned, or adjured by his false Judges, see how he speaks and pleads for his very Enemies. Now he made Intercession for the Transgressors, and was heard for his Piety, in that the Centurion, and many others of these very Pers6ns,and their PosteTity^were converted, for whom he prayed. Then said Jefa, Father, forgive them, for they hnorv


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