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. © this unspeakable Depth which we can never think upon, without Astonishment and Wonder; precious in God's Sight is the Death of his Saints, how much more the Death of his beloved Son! Ah is it nothing to you all ye that pass by, behold and see if there be any Sorrow like unto my Sorrow, which is done unto me, ^wherewith the Lord hath Afflicted me in the Day of his fierce Anger, V.*

However many good Men have been exercised with ... great Sufferings, and several kinds of cruel Deaths; some nave been Tortured, andothers had Trial of cruel MockWigs and Scourgings, yea, Moreover of Bends and Imprisonments, they were stoned, they were fawn asunder; were tempted, , were slain with the Sword, they xv An Ar ed about in Sheeps Skins and Goats Skins, heing Destitute, Afflitted and Tormented, yet these suffered only in a-, ,cr |rfivate Capacity, or for a great Example of Constancy; in. 2 Cor. f heir Prosession, and were mightily comforted with the. J. 4, 5* Consolations of God .• Therefore fays the Apostle, Blessed he God, even the Father of our Lord Jesus Christy the. Father of Mercies, and the God of ail Comfort, who cqmfortecj us it^ all our Tribulations, that we may be able to comfort them \vhich are in any Trouble, by the Comfort wherewith weour selves are comforted ofGedr For.aSfthe Sufferings of Christ abound in us, so ourCoa'folatibn also aboundeth by Christ,but ourblefsed Saviouif suffering as a pubhek Person ifO Our Stead, and for the Expiation of our Sins, was on that very Account, destitute jpl many Consolations and Spiritual Gaieties which sup-,, , jported the Saints in their Sufferings, and sometimes kept them fromr all, Sense of Fain; But it was not so with V>ur blessed Saviour who suffered in all the Powers ofhi$' 'Soul, and in all the Senses of his Body. • f :.:

; , Go forth O Daughter of Zson, behold King Jefur J. >|vith the Crown wberewith his Mother ( the Jewi/k


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Synagogue) had Crowned him in the Day of rus Sufferings, and in the Day that he was Enthroned upon the Gross. Go forth likewise, O my Soul, and behold thy Saviour stript of his Raiment, stretched all along uponr this Tree, and heaved up with fucih Violence, that his: blessed Body and Bones were all disjointed, no't having where to lay;his Hea*d but onthis thornyPillow of the' Cross,, is written, /soared out like Water, unit Pfalm dllmy hones are out of joint: my Heart is like Wax, it is £2. melted .in the midst of my Bowels. Behold thy. King" Crowned with Thorns, his Side pierced with a Spear, and his Hands and Feet bored through with Nails,.' hav-. ing &;;> Inscription written over his Head,. JESUS OF NAZARETH THE KING OF THE JEWS. Ecce" Behold the Man,0 my Soul, a Man of Sorrows and houxo. acquainted with Grief,suffering as a Guilty. Person before the World, and numbred among Transgressors, made a publick Spectacle, a Shame and Curse for our Sins,'- ai it is written, Cursed is every one that hangeth on A Tree. - ".*• -.' /

<• Behold his fad Countenance, bis pale Cheeks and dying Looks, behold his Vifage so marred more than any Man,and his Form more than the Son's of Men,that from the Foot even to the Head, from his Body to his Soul there is no Soundness \n him, but,"Wounds aud Bruises, aud unspeakable Sorrows. .

And isit possible if we consider these grievous Sufferings, and set his Gross contim*arfy before our Eyes, that we can be at any Time Vaifr orTriffling, Proud or Covetous, Cruel or Lustful, but that we should learn «f him to be serious and self defined, humble and patient, meek and charitable, and to Walk mournfully before the Lord all the Days ofbur Lise? '. ' • .• .

'< 6 that my Head were "Waters, and my Eyes aFoiist• tain ofTears,that I might weepDay and Night; fort" ." ' - L Bread* Breaifrofau^ Nostrils the Anointed of the. Lpi^whpnv they l^vc taken in their Pits, and hyjwickep Hands have crucified and flain; Thus the Meffias was cut oft, but not.for himself, ,or his own Guilt, for he did no Sin* neither <was Guil.e found. in his Mouth; but for oiin iakes tp.raalje .Reconciliation for our Iniquities.Therefore^ in ^|i^';next Blace, let us sadly Remember,, that pur Sins, were the iCause of all his Sufferings for the Violation, \. i*s JLaw, :andthe Contempt of his Authority was lo great, that to repair the fame, and to reduce Man tq ^.,^rn^if,Pbedience,. some exemplary Satisfaction was Ke"cfisi^j?Jw^cn'couidnot be well clone by all the bloody Sacrifices u'ndej." the Law, which were of little rr no Value /without this voluntary Sacrifice and shedding of Christ's,Blood upon, the Cross for our Sins, having Power , down his Life, and take it up again, Wherefore when he comets) intofhejYorld, he faith, Sacrifice and Offaring thou Wouldest not, but a, Body thou prepared me : "e0* Jn burnt Offerings and Sacrifices for Sin thou haft had no I0. .Pleasure:, Then'said I, Lo, I come ( in the,Volume of" tht'Bookit is written of me ') to do . thy will, 0 God. He . rva's wounded for our Transgressors, and bruised for our Iniquities: Allwe like, lostSheep have goneafiray, we have .'turned every one to his own Way, and the Lord hath laid on .him the Iniquities of us all. Our Iniquities rushed upon himlike the violent rujfhipgofrriany "Waters,.as it is writ'tgn, Deep .calleth unto D&p, at the noise of many Water- ", . Spouts, all thy Waves and thy Billows are gone over me; Mattnr


- And again, He gave his Life a Ransom for many lays 2°.ancl one Scripture, and for all fays another. A rid again, 2' , •

He gave himself for us an Offering and a Sacrifice to 2!'<T*F7

- Gr>d sot a sweet. smelling Savour, which . was both 2 ,. tn Attonement for our Sins,and a Type of our Mortification T'P ^'

j^'^iji^ ftficifying our Sins, and feeling all the Pains and Pangs v^•^ ^m ^irtb% until Christ beformfd in ust and we be ^.om'

G' Trans 6' 7*


E 3.8 j;

Transformed by the renewing of our Minds into all the Pas. sages of his Life and Death, Resurrection and Ascension \ snowing this, That our old Man is crucified with Christy that the Body of Sin might be destroyed, that henceforth we should not serve Sim, for he that is Dead is freedfrom Sin, and hath no more Trading with Sin jhan the Living hath with the Dead. And again, they that are Christ's have, crucified the Flesh with the Passions arid Lusts thereof, which the Apostle Testifies of himself, faying, I am trucified with Christ.

Thus our blessed Saviour as our Kinsman had Right to Redeem us, and as our Surety to Pay the Value of our Debts, as he hath faid, I have laid Help upon one that is mighty to fave, I have exalted one chosen out of the People, that he might fay again unto the Father in ou£" Behalf, as St. Paul wrote to Philemon concerning Onefirhus, If he hath wror.ged thee, or oweth thee ought, put thai on mine Account; For as the fame Apostle argues else-, where, If by one Man's Offence Death reigned by one, much more they that receive Abundance of Grace' and of the Gift of Right eousness shall Reign in Life by one Jesus Christ; Therefore as by the Offence of'one, judgment came upon, all Men to Condemnation, even so by the Righteousness of one, the free Gift came upon all Men unto Justification of Life, for as by one Man"'s Disobedience many weremadeSinners, the Obedience of one who was obedient unto Death, even the Death of the Cross, stiall many be made Righteous.' He that knew no Sin was made Sin for us, he was accuseds condemned' and. executed as a Sinner Nfor

US. . ;,:

Howe^r.Christ's De,ath,as it was unjustly.inflicted by his Cruel Enemies the Jews,, was so far from pleasing God that Wrath is come upon them to. the uttermost for the fame, as they justly deserved arid imprecated, faying, His Blood be on us. and on our.Children> there- v I ?9 . 3

sore they are Rooted out of their own Land from being a Nation, scattered Abroad all the World over, and made publick Monuments of the Divine Vengeance and Pfal. Justice, to perpetuate the Memory of Christ's Death, 59. H« whom their Fathers had stain and crucified. Yet when the Father beheld his well-beloved Son suffering so willingly to Redeem Mankind, and to Seal these Truths Cwhich He had Taught) with his Bloods he would not, he could not but grant him 'whatfoever he fliould ask in our Behalf as he faid, Thou art my Son, ask of me, andl p^j { the Heathenfor thine Inheritance, and the out er most,Parts of the Earth for thy Po]se/ston. '.

He is the Propitiation for our Sins, and not for ours only, but also for the Sins of the whole World, as the Light of. the Sun is sufficient to enlighten all the Men in the World, that will but open their Eyes and behold the fame; So are the Sufferings of Christ sufficient to


me, but I lay it down of my self; I have Power to lay it down, .and I have power to take it again. This Command' ment have I received of my 'Father* Now the Lord is Gracious to all penitent Sinners, and delivers them'srom going down to the Pit, because he hath found a Ransom for them, a Ransom that was freely offered by .Christ without our deserving, and as freely accepted of the Father, who of his abundant Grace was pleased to accept of another's Punishment in our Stead ; Therefore we are faid to be justified freely by his Grace.through the Redemption in Jesus Christ. . • O matchless Love whereat Saints and Angels stand amazed to see the Son of God suffer for the Sons of JVIen; Suppose our dearest Friend, one of unspotted JInnocency and Goodness, who had a passionate Kind

G 2 ness ,*

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