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fielsfor us, and we in like manner: for himy if we beheld . .'n this excellent Person exposed ;to. Cruel Tof merits, to Pisi t . . • grace and Death it self for our fakes, how would we be concerned and moved, and now that the Son of God should express' his Love to us in Blood and Wounds^ that; he should strip himself of all his Glory, and be made a Spectacle and a Gazing Stock to Men and Angels ly that Shameful, Cruel and Accursed Death of the Cross, •'.. and all this for the Love of us vile and wretched Sinners, how can we think upon it without anExtasie, and all the Rom. Expressions of Love and Joy and Gratitude; For scarcely. 7,8. ly for A Righteous Man will one die: yet per adventure, for a good Man some would even dare to die. But God fommendeth his Love towards us, in that while, we were yet Sinners, Christ died for as. The Master for the Servants Tohn rt^e Phyfici30r th'e'Fatient,the Judge: for the;Criminal^ •* s ;and the Shepherd for his Flock: Asitis'written, lam * the good Shepherd: the good Shepherd giveth. his Life for y, the Sheep. '.\

Thus our blessed Saviour suffered for my Sins arid/ot" . thy Sins, O Christian; out Hypocrisie was'«. .the,. Kiss that betrayed him; our Idolatry, Superstition and Luke* warnmefs; in Religion the Knee that mocked him ; our Pride and Covetousness, the Thorns that wounded him; ^i)r obscene Speeches and Blasphemous Oaths, the Spear ithat goarcdliimsl; .ouFlntemperance,the Spittle that defiled him.; our inordinate Passions, the Vinegar that distastedhim;and our wallowing irttUncleannefs made him to wallow in his' Blood: So that our Sins were the Cause (however the Jews and others. were the Instruments ) that crucified the Lord of G lory. r .; . O:how Careful then .fiiQuld we be to guard against • Sin which cost the Son of God so much, Blood and Suffering, which was the most proper and' effectual Way. by this Exemplary Punishment for our Sins, in the mo^fe:.'*:


s . \ .'"X rit'i.^ vnlmr.irh Crt 4Ssi?r .} ?! zr. ..J Exc'eUentPersorivthajeeirerr^,' to demonstrate God's Infinite Displeasure ^aiflft.5ln, to vindicate his Sacred Justice aud Honour from the Insolency of wicked"'M«n, and to prevent the Violation of his Holy Laws any more, which is the proper En§ oPI^nifriment,' that all the People should hear and fear,1 and. db\ no more Presumpi-; wbvtty.. Therefore faid he to. the. devctfe: Women that jollowed him to his Cross weeping' and lamenting, Daughters ofJerusalem voee^' notfor me, hut weep for your stivQt'dnAfotfbur'Children^ for if they do thefi Things:in a 'ib'' green Tree, what shall be done in the dry?' That is* if I suffer such things. for' the Sins' of others,; what may irnpenitertt Sinners expect to Tusser for their own Sins. If the Father hath so afflicted his njost innocent' and: obedient Son, "what2may .the 'wicked and perverse. Servant .expect. :..Tftercfore CrJrist7^>^/# all, that 2 Cor they, which should not. henceforth H*vt.'unto themselves, 5' 15* k#t .unto him that died for them, and rose again.:':\

In the last Places let.tis consider the Benefits of ... Christ's Passion, whieh:'are gr&t and many Blessings , of this Life,.. and Blessings of'the'; next:" ;;fot;"as'vthe' :'*" Greatness.ot Christ's" Sufferings, so-the .Dignity of his.' Person (being the well-beloved and only begotten Son of God, thePri'nce Of Glory/ and Heir of all Things) .fUttenhanse their . Value, and raise. their. Worthy, to reconcile us: to cGod,: and to obtain eternal Redemption for Us': For. if the Blood of Bulls and of Goats, and the Ashes of an Heiser sprinkling the unclean, fanctifieth to the • purifying of the Fie Hi and outward Pollutions ilnder the Ceremonial Law, how much more shall the Blood of Christ, who through the eternal Spirit offered himself without Spot to.God,, purge your Conscience from dead Works, to serve the living God'.

Here all our Debts are cancelled, and that Hand* writing of Ordinances that was against us is now blotted and nailed to his Cross*. Here

Here is that Fountains streaming forth Blood and Water that was opened to the House of David) arid .to" all Believers, for Sin and Uncleahness,. , .:.

•Here is that Tree of Lise, whose Frait is for Food, and the Leaves thereof for the healing of the Nations.

Here is that brasen Serpent which Moses lifted up in the Wilderness,; whereon "whosoever looketh with the Eye of Faith, shall be cured of his Wounds wherewith he hath been stung by that fiery Serpent the Devil, as it is written, Look unto me and be ye saved, all she ends. Ifa. 45* of the Earth ; for 1 am the Lord, evpn thy Lord, and besides 22. me there is no Saviour. '» . . s ' \ <v • - *..; - •

. Here is that Ladder whereon Jacob faw Angels ascending and descending, uniting^ Heaven to Earth, and God to Man.

. See, O my Soul, how l>e bows his /Sacred Head to :. invite thee, and spreads his Arms to embrace thee, and opens his Side to hide thee in his Heart from the Wrath to come: Crying as it were at his Death, as he did in his Lise,, and faying, Come unto me all ye that labour and Matth. are heavy laden, and 1 will give you Reft.: Take my Toke Ii. 28, upon you, and learn of me, for I am]Meekand Lowly} and 29, 30. ye shall sindf^est unto your Souls: For my Yoke is ease, and my Burden is light.

Here likewise on the Cross'We have an excellent Copy to transcribe when we behold these Vertues which shined tKough Christ's Sufserings, like so many scattered Rays of Light under a Cloud: Such as profound Humility and Meekness,'Patience and Resignation of Spirit, intire Obedience and univerfal Charity./ Let Phil. 2. this M,ind be in you, which was Mfo in Chris: Who being 5, 6, 7, in the Form of God, thought it not Robbery to be equal with 8. God: Bat made himself of Reputation, and took upon him the Fprm of a Servant, .andjjvas made in the Likeness of Men: And being found 8T*Fa(bion as a Man, he.

* humbled

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humbled himself and became obedient unto Death, e'ven

the Death of the Cross. And again, Christ also suffered I Pet.

for us, leaving us an Example that ye should follow his 2. 21, Steps: Who did no Sin, neither was Guile found in his 22. Mouth. And again, Hereby perce&e we. the Love of God, because he laid down his Life for us\ and we ought it lay i.Johi down our Lives for our Brethren, and to love one another',. 3. 16. *s Christ loved us. ,

In fine, our blessed Saviour died and'descended into

,Hell and the.State of the dead for our fakes, that he
might fanctifie the Grave for our Rest, and'shut the
Gates of the Bottdmlefs Pit, and triumph over all the
Powers of Darkness, that henceforth we should not be

. afraid to follow the Captain of our Salvation through
all the Shades of Death and Darkness, whither he hath;
passed before us, and will not leave us behind him.:
Therefore we may boldly fey with the Pfalmist, I will
not fear though I walk through the Valley of the Shadow of
Death; for thou art with me, thy Rod and thy Staff they

"comfort me. ..• '• "(

". Now,' our blessed Saviour and Redeemer through' Death hath taken away the Sting of Death, which is Sin, and hath destroyed him that had the Power of Death, that is the Devil; and delivered them, who through Fear of Death, were all. their Lise subject to Bondage y as he faid to St. John, Fear not, I am the first and the lastr Tarn he that liveth and was dead, and behold I am alive for evermore, Amen, and have the Kjys of Hell and of Death.

What remains then, but in all our Solitudes and Sufferings, to look up unto Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our Faith, who for the Joy that was set before, him,' endured the Cross, de (fifing the Shame, and is set down at the right Hand of the Throne of God. For consider ftktm that endured such Contradictions of Sinners against . kidfelf lest ye be weary and faint in your Minds. f


£ 44 3

, Xhis. Day wlien we remember our "Lord's Sufferings,

: . we srfoutd 'not,think it, strange .J coflcSqf^Hg^ra^ifew . * Tssial which is tq try us, as if (6'me"strange' T:Hmg had happened unto us, which had not happened unto him; but we ought to rejoice, in a* much. M we* are'Partaker's

1 Pet. ofChriffs Sufferings; that when hi* Glory fifaflbe fet/edle4f 4»« that rvjs may jpglad al/owish.e$.eee.4i$^b£j\' •*}..'£■ ..c. . The Disciple is hot above "hfs 'Mastifer/ "iklrlt'fiel'§ef*

Vant.above his Lord: Therefore-faid he, If any'will come after me, let him deny himself 'x. and\fah,ap\ his Cross 'dafly, '*nil follow me.., Are .wediverted of Our -Fronds? TJestitute of . all 'Worldly. Cpmferfs, in 'Hunger sind "Thirst, "reproached and persecuted unto Death,' so was he ; and the more we are like to liirri,. who suffered all Luke his Lise, and went from his Cross to his Crown: For 24. 26. as the Scriptures were fulfilled; in his Sufferings, .as it John is written, Ought not Christ .to have suffered these things, 19. i%..and to h 'ave entred into his Glory. .. So.they are'fulfilled Acts likewise in our Sufferings, faying, Through many Tri19. 22 ' .halations we must enter into the Kjngddm 'of Heaven. And'

2 Tim. again,. AH that will' live, godly .in, Christ', shall suffer

..This Day hath been the' Subject'' of good Mcns "Meditations in all Ages, they spoke of his Passion oft, times in their own Persons, and were touched with the 'seeling oChis Sufferings, as if^hey.ha/cj' .been crucified . ,ipgethe/:' Yea this Day 'the very"'dumj*ipfeature, .'without Lise and Sense, seemed tg^|fe,afflicted':in his 'Afflictions; the Sun was clothed 'Vith Darkness"and ^Slackness, as. it was, foretold r by. the Prophet Amos% Amos .' faying, .// fiall come to pass in't'hat. Day faith'the .Lord, 8. 9. ...that I will cause the Sun. to. go down at Noon, and'I. dill ydarken;ihe. Earth in the clear .Day.' Behold ho w the Vail ''of the. Temple was rent i^twain from the Lgu to the "r. Bottom, and the Earth did quake,. aud the Kecks rent,

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