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his dying Groans thensliook the Earth, bufcnow hehathl . promised, .faying, Yet once more I shake po? the Earths .v but also Heaven* and the Heart of Man: So the Cetu \ turion was shaken, and the People that came together to this Sight, when they beheld the Things that were . done, they smote upon their Breasts, and feared greatly, faying, Truly this was the Son of God. .;

The Meditation of this. Day; "is enough to melt 3 i Heart of Stone, apd to dissolve Tears and Devotion,; ', to mourn for our own, and for the Sins of others, and c . to afflict our Souls with Fasting and Humiliation, as it is written, / will four us on the Hpufe of David, and upon y « the Inhabitants of Jerufalem' the Spirit of Grace and of e" Supplications, and they shall look upon him whom they have I2* 4?' pierced, and they shall mourn for him, as one mourneth for his only Son, and shall be in Bitterness for him, as one that is in Bitterness for his first-bom. 'I determined (fays n the Apostle ) not to know any thing among you, but Christy 1 ^or'

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and him crucified: All other Knowledge is vain and puffeth up, only this Knowledge is edifying and comfortable: Therefore fays the fame Apostle again, J count all things but Loss, for the Excellency of the JQnoW' v%s ledge of Christ Jesus my Lord, for whom I have suffered the Loss of Aii things, and do count them but Dung, that ?v7* \ I may win Christ, and be found in him, not having miner. own Righteousness, which is of the Law, but that which is through the faith of Christ, the Righteousness which is of.' . God through faith: That I may know him Experimentally, .X , and the Power of his Resurrection, and the fellowship of \.«..\. his Sufferings, oeing made comformable unto his Death. And again, I am crucisted with Christ: Nevertheless, / Gal.: ., live, yet nos I, but Christ livethJn me: And the Life 2. 20.. which, now Uve in the flesh,.1 live by the faith of. . ;\ '. ,e So%'of God, who loved me, and gave himself for

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*. Therefore the Sacrifices under the Law, aod the Sj.craments^ under the Gospel'were appointed to be Types and Memorials1 of this bloody Sacrifice upon the.Gross, to comfort us against the Fears.of.Death, to.strengthen us against'the Temptations of the Devil, and to take off our Affections from theVanities of this Lise, that we may Glory in nothing, fave in the Cross of. our Lord'Jesus Christ, whereby the World is crucified unto us^. and we unto the World. ,;; "Vs'

Now unto him who loved us, and' washed us in his own Blood, and hath made us Kings and Priests unto God, and his Father, to him be Glory and Dominion for ever, Amen.

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O. Eternal God, and eternal Goodness, infinite Love, and infinite 'Justice, what /ball we say, what /hall we answer before, thy holy and dreadful Majesty. 0 how our Hearts burn within usr and even boil with contrary PaJJions of Love and Fear,. of Joy and 'Grief, when we behold at once thy Goodness and thy Severity in that bloody Sacrifice upon the Cross, that to save penitent Sinners, and with all, to conciliate Authority and Respect to thy Holy Laws, thou spared not thy dear Sony and thy only begotten Son Jesus Christ, but delivered him up to the Death for us all. Scarcely for A righteous Man will one die, but, 0 Lord, thou hast commended thy Love unto us, that while we were yet Sinners, Christ died for us; the Just for the Vnjust, the. Master for the Servant,, and the Son of God J or the Sgns of Men.. What greater Love than this

for a Ma&Jt lay down his Life for bii Friends, And thou looked, upon us as such, even when we. were thine Enemies.' Thou fought unto us, before we fought unto thee^ 0 how ardently should we love thee nSw, and] be afraid to offend thy Majesty any more, when thou bast reconciled us unto thy self hy the Death of thy dear Son. « •' ,'. ... 6 •> W.^v; '\ r-t •;!•,•..'.;» (Vv.i^*v, Ku*

0 Lord Jesus. Christ, blessed be thy Name for ever, albeit thou wert Lord of Heaven and.Baft h., and Heir of all Things, yet for vur fakes, and for ourÆxavnjrfe was pleased ttt make thy self of no Reputation, and to live a Life of Poverty and Hardship upon Earth, thou had/I not where to lay tJ&Head, and many Times not to supply the Necessities of Life, but. what thy Servants did minister of their Substance ; thou wast born Wader another's Roof, and buried in fanother''s Gardens ".We rea'd'.often of thy weeding,' but; never of thy laughing; Thou was a Man of Sorrows, and. acquainted with Grief, from thy Ndtivity to thy Crucifixion ; so great Favour and Grace .hadst thou for the Children of Men, that although thou'wast Rich, yet for our fakes thou became Poor, ,fh'at we through thy Poverty . might become Rich. ) O fmet. Saviour'.of the World, who by thy sowersul Passion didst rent the Rocks and shake the Earth ^fasten our Hearts with Compassion for thy Sufferings, and welt them into godly Sorrow, that we may mourn Day and Night for our Sins, which crucified thee, the Lord {flQiory. Surely tftou was wounded for our Transgressions, and b*uifed far our Iniquities; all we like Sheep have gone astray, W i>ay$i$&ki&*tvery 'one to his own Way, and the Lord hath laid on thy blessed Body the Iniquities of us all.' \ .Verily many.Waters could notquenchthy Love, nor all the Floods of Afflictions which thy cruel Enemies poured.upon thee, Quench it; 'neither the Tears of the blessed Virgin thy Motlkr, nor the Grief of thy Disciples, nor the Greatness of thy own 'Sufferings, xould move thee to come down fro?n the' Cross, until for our fakes thou 'ads spent all th) Blood, and'wn thy Life and finished the ork of our Redemption. . .V. '..-f\ y.




• • .' '' ... .. . - v ". / v . • 1 ■ "t),sweet Jejus, what shall we return to thy blessed Majesty for that unspeakable Love to us, which thou witnessed with so mucfy. Blood and Sufferings, whereby we have Remission of Sins, Redemption from Hell, and are admitted into thy heavenly KJngdom,

0 Jhade abroad thy Love into our Hearts, that at least we may love thee , again who first loved ttt, an"d gave thy self for us an Offering and A Sacrifice unto God for a sweet smelling Savour*

We adore thee, 0 sweet Jesus, and prostrate our selves before thatglorious Head which was crowned with Thorns* We adore thee,. 0 sweet Jesus, and prostrate our fellies before that meek and lovely Countenance which. was ffit upon by filthy Wretches. We adore thee% 0 sweet Jesus, and prostrate our selves before these bloody Wounds which were made by thy cruel Enemies..:.'We adore theer 0 sweet Saviour, and prostrate our selves before that blessed Body, which was so cruelly scourged all over, and torn with the Spear and Nails. 0 sweet Saviour of the Worlds who was scourged for our fakes, have Mercy on us, miser able Wretches, wash us in thy precious Blood, heal us with thy Stripes, hide Us in thy Woundst and receive us into thy holy Arms, which were stretched out upon the' Cross , to receive and embrace all penitent Sinner u'

By that bloody Sweat and Agony thou suffered in the Gardens when thou hadfi none to comfort thee but an Angel from Heaven, have Mercy upon us, miserable Sinners; and somfort us in our last Passage out of this World* .

By that unjust Sentence of thy cruel Enemies. which condemned thee to die when thou flood before them, like an innocent Lamb in the midst of ravenous Wolves, have Mercy upon us miserable Sinners and absolve us in our last Minutes, and in the Day of Judgments when mshift stand before thy righteom Tribunal* k ..,.[.;."

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By all these cruel Mockings and Scourging! which thou endured of the Soldiers, when they clothed thee with a Purple Rob, and put a Reed in thy Hand, bowing the Kjiee in Deri {ton, and fajiftg, Hail King of the Jews, we beseech thee to have Mercy on us, miser abh Sinners, and to save us from everlasting Punishment and Contempt^ff"

By that earnest Prayer which thou madeft upon the CrossforWhy cruel Enemies, saying, Father, forgive them, for they know riot w hat they do, have Mercy upon us, miserable Sinners, and fill our Hearts with unfeigned and universal Charity to forgive all our Enemies; to bless them that curse us, to dm good to them that hate us, and to fray for them that despitefully use us and persecute us, $y that gracious Answer thou gavest unto the penitent Thief, saying, , This Day thou shalt be with me in Paradise, have Mercy upon us, miserable Sinners, and grant us^.ffeedy Repentance^ and a Place with thy self in the Kjngdom of Heaven. • , By that tender Recommendation of thy blessed Mother to the Care And Attendance of the beloved Disciple after thy Death, saying, Woman, behold thy Son, and then saying to thy Disciple, Behold thy Mother, have Mercy On us, miserable Sinners, and comfort us in all our Solitudes and Sufferings with thy most gracious Presence,. And the Protection of thy holy Jngels. '. . By that fad Complaint thou madeft unto thy heavenly father, under thy grievous Sufferings, faying, My God, my God, why hast thou forfaken me, have Mefcy upon us^ miserable Sinners .. Increase our faith in Affliction, and lay no more4on us thanjwe are. able to bear^Jtut. reith the Temptation grant us a happy Deliverjince. v'"

By that unquenchable Thirst which thou suffered upon the Cross,, when all thy Veins were emptied, and thy Blood exhausted, faying, I Thirst, have Mercy on us, miserable Sinners,, and save us from these scorching Flames in Hell, where the Worm never dies, nor the Fire quenched.

By that Perfect Sacrifice and Accomplishment of all Things, which thou madeft upon the Cross for our Redemption, when thou faidst, It is Finished, have Mercy on us, miserable Sinners, and


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