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•to consecrate and purchase a Blessing upon theAster-
sruits, and ensuing Harvest:. :So Christ rose the Mor-,
row after the Jewish Sabbath, and of all Men that e-.
ver took Lise, and died, Christ was the First-fruits and
Sanctifier, as was foretold "by Moses and the Prophets,that
he should.Sufser, and that he should be the First-fruits,
that should rise from the dead,and should show light untp
the People, and to the Gentiles. .

Se alone was ofsered up an acceptable Sacrifice to God .the Father,who witnessed his Acceptation thereof, by raising him from the dead: They who rose before Christ, rose but as private Men, like some single Ears of Corn, gathered here and there, occasionally before the . due time of reaping the whole; but Christ, as a publicfc Person, and as a second Adam, representing all his. Members, was the First that ever rose in the Nature and Quality of the First-fruits, duly gat^tfld* AWer to die again, but to Sanctify and. Consecrate the whole Har* vest of the Dead, in his "Resurrection; for ifxhsFirst. •, . Fruits be holy, the Lump also is holy; and if the Root be holy, so are the Branches; there is a near Relation be.. twixt Christ and us, even such as is betwixt the Heacf, and the Members, the Vine and the B ranches; hence he is faid to be theFirst.begotten,and theFirst-born frorti r 7 the Bead: Now these are relative Expressions, and respect more Brethren, even us; therefore he is not shamed to call us Brethren, to assure us. that we shall,. • . :t follow him in thatNewBirthaladRegeneration,fr^dathj» . Womb of our common Mother;, the Earths ana shall inherit with him in the Heavens. .;•» • • ...": '' . T . This Inserrence is so clear and.certain, that the Apostle speaks of it as a Thing already done, faying, Gad , . hath raised m up together, and made us fit together in* jfea. •. "«venly "Plaees in Christ Je/w; that is, He hath raised us s *P virtually, and representatively, in our Head., who \.

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be accounted", worthy to obtain the next World, and the
Resurrection'from die.0eadi shall revive as the'Corny
and grow as she Vine. .

This one Article of our belief of the Resurrection os
our bodies from the Grave, is' the Tye of all'the rest;
arid the greatest' Eend'esarrrtent of Religion 5 which there-

. fore, God was pleased to make, not oraty credible, but easy arid' familiar, by daily ^experiments and Examples, of sinter, and Summer, Night and Day, the Fall ot the Leaf,.ths Spring. Toius hie Ord<i, revohhilis rerum

. rjte(fsfidi eftRejurretfionis moTtuoram, .Qperibitt emt, fre^ seripfit Oeus, dnteqait.n Lit er is: All this visible Creation, arid the reverting, of the things in Nature, are Shadows Rom. arid Types of our Resurrection, which God hath writ-10* ten in the Book of the Creatures, before he revealed the lame/in she Book of the Scriptures. .:>f his is. the* Word of Faith which we Preach, whoso* eyer sliall COrifefs with his Mouth the Lord Jesus, and $ialf believe Iri his Heart, that God hath raised him from the Dead, lie shall be faved, shall rise, and be glori.' Jkd together with Christ. \

Ælesfed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus . Christ* "who, according, to his abundant Mercy, hath r pct> Begotten us again into a lively Hope, by the Refurrecti- f* ,"

. bh of Jesus Christ from the Dead, to an Inheritance * i#cbrruptibfe, and uttdefiled, and that fadeth not away,. ... reserved in Heaven for us*

.' What remains then, but to reduce this Doctrine of v the'Resurrection to Practice, and improve it in well doing, and patient Suffering, to support us under the ^flardfliips of this Lise,and to comfort us imderthe Fears of Death, and those greater Fears of eternal Condemna'....tidh.' *

0K..' .> .First, This Doctrine of the Refurrecton isa great Ertfe^^puragement to Virtue, because God liath appointed a

f^^Sfv .:. • . - 'Day

Day, rn the which, he will judge the World in'Rjghte-. ousness, by tljat Man whom he hath Ordained, whereof he hath given Assurance .to all Men, in that he hath raised him from theDead ; Wherefore let us not degrade, our Bodies with ignoble an.d base Offices, but keep them pure, and clean, as Temples for the Holy Ghost to dwell in, and as Vessels appointed unto Honour. If our dead Bodies are to be washed and wrapt in clean Linnen, asDorcas \vas,not only for.Decency,but in hopes like- • wise of the Refurre£tion,for the Apostle argues,(alluding perhaps to this Custom) What shall they do which are washed for the Dead? .If the Dead rise not at all, Why are they then washed for the Dead? How much more should we keep our living Bodies holy and pure, from. Whoredom and Intemperance ?Meats for the Belly, and the Belly for Meats; but.God shall destroy bosh it and them. Now the Body is not for Fornication, but for the Lord,and.the.Lord sot" the.Body, and God hath both raised up the Lord, and will also raise us up by his own Power: Know ye not that your Bodies are the Members ot Christ ? shall I then take the Members of Christ, and make them the Members of an Harlot? God forbid: What, know'ye not that he which is joined to an Cor. Harlot is oneBody? for two (faith he) shall be one Flesh, 16. but he that is joined to the Lord, is one Spirit.

"Flee Fornication. Every Sin that a Marl doth is without the Body, but he that commiteth Fornication, Sin(neth against his own Body: What, know ye not that .the Body is the Temple of the Holy Ghost, whiesh .is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own, for ye are bought with a Price, therefore glorify God in your Body, and in your Spirit, which are God's. .. ./

Therefore fays the lame Apostle, J beseech you, Brethren by the Mercies of God, that ye present your. Bodies * — , li'

living Sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable Service, afn'd be not conformed to this World, (to \ the depraved Manners, and bad Examples of Wicked \ Men in the World ) but be ye transformed by the renew- * .. ing of your Minds, th\at ye may prove what is thai Good, \ and Jccbptable, atidperfect Will of:God\ And again, Know-, ing the time, that ishigh time tp awake out .of ) sleep, and carnal Security; for now'is our Salvation nearer than when we believed; the Night is far spent, the Day .is at hand, Let us therefore cast off the Works of darkness, and let .us put on the Armour of light', let us walk hwestlj, as. in the Day y not in. Rioting and Drunkenness, not in, Chambering and Wantonness, not in Strife and Envying; but put on the Lords efus Christ, and make no Provision for the Flejb, to fulstllhe Lusts thereof.

In that day, when the Lord of Hosts shall make up his Jewels, and.turn the Shadows of Death into the ^.aj Morning, Then shall,ye return, and discern between, the Righteous and the Wicked,, let men him that ferveih '* God. and him that ferveth him not; then all: the Evils of the World shall be amended, and e very Man Rewarded according unto his Works.

I saw the Dead (fays St.' John)) smalland great., stand before God; and the Books were opened,' and another Book was . opened,, which is the Book of Life, and the De&d were Judged out of those things which were written i% the. Books; according to their Works.,, and. the Sea gave, up the Dead, which were in it,, and Death, and Hell delivered the.Dead which were in them, and, they, were fudged every one according to his Work. V 'Therefore, my beloved Brethren, be ye steadfast, immoveable, always abounding .in•.the,.'Work:"ofjp0.! Lord, forasmuch as ye know, that your Labour is nor in vain in the Lord, for we must all appear before the Judgment.Seat of Christ, that every one may receive. \


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