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This will better appear, if we consider these ttvo ^Things, First, It w4s necessary there fliould be a Mediator betwixt God and Man, and that because of the immense Glory and infinite Purity of the Divine Majesty, which 'could not admit of any Address, nor arcept of a n^ Service from a sinful and guilty Creature, tilffirft it should be hallowed, and presented .., by orie that was Pure and Holy; For such an High Heb. 7. Priest became nt, .'who is Holy, Harmless, Vndestledt 26. separate from Sinners, and made higher than the Heavens. And Secondly, As it was necessary that there should be "a Mediator betwixt God and Man, because of the great Distance betwixt the one and the other, to break down the Partition "Wall, and reconcile both together: So it was very convenient that Jesus Christ the Son of God should be this Mediator,, for. however the* wliole 'Trinity did immediately concur In this; . Mystery of the Incarnation, in framing and sanctifying. Jiis Body, which he had of the blessed Virgin, yet was the fame terminated on the Son only, and inseparably united to him:. The Holy Ghost shall come upon thee (faid the Angel to her) Luke 1. and tire Power of rthe Highest shall overshadow thee: . 3.$. Therefore also that Holy Thing which shall be born of thee, , shall be called the Son of God. For, First, ( as one well observes) Seing the blessed Trinity was pleased to have Satisfaction made fbr the Siris of Mankind, and by this Satisfaction to exhibite ah e^uisite Pattern of Justice and Equity to be made by exquisite Obedience": And next, Since Man's Sin did especially consist in Rebellion, the Satisfaction was according to the Ruse o£ justice.and Equity, to be made by most exquisite Obedi. erice: Now the most exquisite Obedience that can 'be, pe

. fbrmed^ is from a Son to ..his Father, or from a Servant to his i^ytiiStd. .' pleafej? the eternal Wisdom and Son of God, ^^S^'take Vnot the Nature of Man only, but the Form'of a. |^|fe|vant (for a wfcile) upon him, to make the most persect and ^isS'^iindant Satisfaction by the most exquisite Obedience ;' of both the State of a Son and' Condition of a Servant'

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was capable. Besides, who is fy fit to give us the Privilege to become the Sons of God by. Adoption, as he who is S&tfiof God by Nature, or .to; repair that Image of God * that..

Holiness and Righteousness in our Souls (which Sin i Tim. had so greatly defaced) as he who is the express Image 2. of his Person. Therefore the' Scriptures exprefly

declare, That M there is one God, so there is one Mediator betwixt God and Mant Christ Jesus/ Christ signifies.'

Anointed, Jesus, a Saviour. As of old, Prophets, iKjngs Priests and Kings were anointed, and by that material 19. 16. Unction consecrated to their Offices: So this Mediator Exod., betwixt God and Man, Christ Jesus was anointed* 30. 30. not with the external Effusion ofmaterial Oil, which' zKjngs was only a symbolical Rite, but with the real Infusion 9; 3. and Sanctification of the Holy Ghost in an extraordijohn 3. nary Manner and Measure: For so high an Imploy 24* and Undertaking, being separated from the Womb, Mat. 3. when the Power of the Highest did overshadow and rfr. fanctifie his Conception, and then more solemnly an£

visibly at his Baptism, when the Hea vens were opened unto him, and the Spirit of God descended like a Dove and came upon him. He was anointed as our Prophet, to reveal unto us the whole Counsel of God, in Order to our Salvation; not in Parables and dark Sayings, as they did of old, but plainly and familiarly, as a Man speaketh tohisFriencs^whereof.Mb/w

was a Type, when the Lord spake to him Face to Deut. Face, and when he faid to the Children of Israel, 18. 18. / will raise them up a Prophet from among their Brethren9t

like unto thee, and will put my Words in his Mouth, and he shall (peak unto them all that I shall command him.; And it shall come to pass, that whosoever will not hearken unto my Words which he shall (peak in my Name, I will require it of him.. Jf.6t. 1. Next, As our Priest, to expiate the guilt of our Sins,.

by that ^voluntary Sacrifice of his own Body upon the Cross, by virtue whereof he. appears continually in the Presence.

• of of God for us as our Advocate and Intercessor; and now as our King he is exalted on the Throne of Majesty,and all Power given him in Heaven and in Earth, that he may desend us against all pur Enemies, and dispense unto us the Divine Favour. 3£he, Scriptures, I fay,, declare unto us very often, That be is our Advocate with the Father, and by him we have Assess unto bis Grace and Favour: And therefore we usually pronounce the Blessing m the Name of our Lord Jesus, laying, The Grace of our Lord Jesus Chris, &c. to shew that it is by his Gr^ce and Intercession that we are made partakers of the Love of God the Father, and of the Fellowship of the Holy Ghost; lam the Way^ and the Truth, and the Life; no M*» cometh to the Father but by me: Wherefore in all things it behoovesh him made like unto bis Brethren, that being touched with the feeling of our Infirmities, he might be a merciful and faithful High Prieft in things pertaining to God, to make.Reconciliation for the Sins of the People. ,v . „•

. Thus, God in his infinite Wisdom, Justice and Goodness was pleased to redeem us after this manner, by the Incarnation of his eternal" Son, not only because the Remedy. was so suitable for the Disease; as may appear from what hath beeri faid already, but likewise herein were manisested the greatest Expressions of the Divine Love and Pity to Mankind: For in this was manifested the Love of God towards us, because that Gpd sent his only begotten Son into the World, that we might live through him. . , j

God manisested his Love greatly to us in our Creation, when he made us and all things by the Word oshis Power only , but now much more in our Redemption, when he spared not his own Son for our fakes, that he might oblige us with the strictest Bonds of Gratitude and Love. '. . (t. r.:

O my Soul, admire and adore the. Breadth and Length, the;' Depth and Hight of God's Love, which passeth all natural;. Understanding, that God should seek unto us before we seek,, unto him: This was preventing Mercy indeed, as written,

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I am found of them that fought me Hot: For what the Law could .#ot-do.m that .Jt:wJK iveak through the Flesh, Godsending his own Son in the likeness of sinful Flesh, and for Sin 'condemned Si/i its'"". the Flesh, that the Righteousness of the Law might be f u lfille d ita us, who walk not after the Flesh, but after the Spirit.' Who would not Love thee, O King of Saints, and do any thing for thy fake, -who hath done so much.for us Men; and for our Salvation. . •. "J "'. ,

Thus we have considered who is he that was incarnate,, namely Jesus Christ the Son of God, Who is over all God, blessed, for ever, Amen; Whom therefore we should B6lieve, Worship "> and Obey. For God so loved the World, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believes h'in him should not perish, but have everlasting Life; For God sent not his. Son into the Wvrld'^ to condemn the World, but that the World through him might be saved. And again, when he brihgeth in the jirfi begotten into the World, he faith, And te f alt the Angels of God worship: him. .

II. Next, let us, enquire when he was incartfate, it was in Time, and in the Fulness of Time, which was appointed by the Father, to free us from the Yoke of Mofatc/J Rites aft^t »f Sacrifices, which neither our Fathers nor We were able to bear. About the Return of the Year in the Reign of Augustus Cesar, a peaceable Prince, and a peaceable Time, near Four thoufand' Years after the Creation of the World, the Day-Spring from on High, the Prince of Peace was born, and by his Presence brought'Lite and Immortality to Light.; as when the Sun springs from the East with Rays of Light and Beauty about his Head, to visit these dark Regions of Mortality, so sprang the Sun of Righteousness from the Womb of the blessed Virgin, to give Light to them that sit in Darkness, and in the shadow of Death, and to guide our Feet in the Way of Peace: It is not without a Mystery, that the Son of God chose to .be manisested now in. this Fulness of Time, rather than in former Times, that Man falling of himself, and then finding noHeJp

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U hirsts, any $ope of Relief by all the Precepts of moral fliilofopliy* ©rt.the Wisdom of the World, hut the longer he . lay, tfee longer he. languished, that he might know,. That Salvation is only as the Lard,. and besides him there is no Salvation^ as it is wfittSo, 0 Ifrjtcl. thou,hast deft roy ed.thyself, but in me is thy

Huf. . :: "'"» i: ;'

Whom /?4Vfl J, 0 Lord, in Heaven but thee for my Saviour, and there is wne us on Earth whom I desire besides thee ; my Flefif . and my Heart fail et bat, 0 Lord, thou art the Strength of my Heart, and my Portion for ever.

• Therefore the Misfits would not come sooner till Peoples. Expectations should be fully ripe, nor tarry longer, lest: their Expectations should languish; but in the Fulness of Time he .,, was^pteased to come with the Fulness of Grace, and the"Fulness of.Consolation, to make Reconciliation for Iniquity, and to bring in everlasting Righteousness.

Now tht .Roman Arms were displayed in the Holy City, and the Scepter was departed from Judah: Now the Number of D.nmePs Weeks were accomplished, and the Baptist was come in the Spirit and Power of Ettas'. Now the Law was to yield to the Gospel, and now all the bloody Sacrifices and daily Oblations were to expire, and to give Place to that on the Cross.

Shortly in this Fulness of Time, all the Types under the Law were fulfilled, and all the Promises made to the Fathers we%. fulfilled, and all the Prophecies that were before the MelJLis^ foretelling his Birth and Appearance in the World were fulfilled, and now exactly performed in his Person: therefore not Qhjyf; his Forerunner the Baptist, and afterwards his own endeavoured by this Argument to convince the obstinate Jew's, \ that Christ: or the Meffi<ts was now come in this Fulness of Time, but likewise himselsin his first Appearance, in publiek, '. when he began to preach, did second his Exhortation with the , miraculous Exercise of his regal Power, and other Motives, "roper to convince them that he was the Mejjias, and his


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