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the things done in the Body, according to what he hath done, whether it be good or bad. >' '.: ', Next, The Doctrine of the Resurrection is very Useful to support us under the Sufserings .of this Life; a ." Life of Cares and Fears, of Dangers and Temptations, which made the wiser Heathens to undervalue if, arid no wonder, when they observed nothing therein, .but , . "vanity, and vexation ot Spirit; therefore, fays the Apb. 'ft le, If in this life only^ we have Hope in Christ, we are as all Men most miserable ;That is,'Ifhere were allour Joys and Consolations, then there were Ground Itdly to. Complain, Lord, why hast thou made all Men in vain? and especially Christians, whose Prosession, as it ani; mated them with the greatest hopes of eternal Glory, and Rewards, The Difappointment whereof, had been more them, than Death, or the ^Shadows of Darkness; so it exposed them to many cruel Deaths^and „ Dangers, to the Reproaches and Persecutions of wick-. [;: ed Men; but now Christ is risen from the Dead, and

\ become the First-fruits of them that slept; this is that

Hope which makes us not ashamed in the evil Day; this is that Anchor of the Soul, both sure and steadfast, and which entereth into that within the vail, whither the Forerunner is for us entred, even Jesus, made, an HighPriest for ever after the Order of Melchizedek. .. • Why art thou cast down, O my Soul, why art thou disquieted within me; hope thou in God, for I shall yet praise him, who is the Health of my Countenance, and my GOD; 'Weeping may .endure for a Night, b,ut Joy cometh in the Morning. •4iff Behold how Job Triumphs in his Sufserings, to isee this happy Day, not only*of his Temporal Deliverance from his present Afflictions, but likewise of Christ'sReJob* ro. surrection, and his own.:

2 j. :0 that my Words were now mitten, fays he, 0 that they



were written tn It Book! that they were grTttfln witlran Iron Pen and Lead, in the Rock for ever : for I know that my Redeemer liveth, and that he shall fiand at the latter day upon the Earth* And though after my Skin, Worms destroy this Body, yet in my Elefh shall I fee God: whom Fshall fee for my self, and mine Eyes shall beholdtand not another; though ;, my Reins be consumed within me.

OLord jesus^ my Lord, and my God, whom having not seen, I love, and in whom, though now I see hot thy Majesty, yet believing / in my greatest Sufferings) 1. rejoice with Joy unspeakable, and full of Glory.

See likewise how the Lord comforts his People, in Ezekiel's Vision, with Hopes ot Delivery from their Baby Ionian ^Captivity, by that Typical Resurrection of dry. and dead Bones, which came together, Bone by Bone, and being covered with Sinews, Flesh and Skin, the' Spirit of Lise entred into them, and they stood. U,p an exceeding great Army; Therefore thus faith the Lord God, Behold, 0 my People, I will open your Graves, ^Z. 37* and cause you to tome out of your 'Graves, and ', bring you into the Land of^ Israel, and to that promised Land of Rest, even to the New Jerusalem above; with the fame Consideration the Apostle comforts him- >' self, and all Suffering Believers; for I reckon, fays he, ^ That the Sufferings of this present Time, are not wor- Rom.*. thy to be compared with the Glory that shall be ,res« vealed m us,for the earnest Expectation of the Creature,, waiteth for the Manisestation of the Sons of God Y iw. the Creature was made subject to Vanity, not willingly, but by reason of him that hath subjected the fame in Hope, .: because the Creature it self also shall be delivered srcm the Bondage of Corruption, into the glorious Libers* of the Children of God; for we know that the whole Creation groaneth and travaileth in Pain together un-, til nowf and not only they, but we our selves also," which have the First-fruits of the Spirit} even we our

. . K ••• .jA * selves . .

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, selves, groan within our selves, waitii^ for the Adoption, to wit, the Redemption of our Bodies; And again, Cor. For this Cause, fays he, we faint not; but though our outward Man perish, jet the inward Man ts. renewed Day by Day; for our light Affliction, which is but for a Moment, wqrketh.for us a far more exceeding and eterna.l Weiqht of Glory ', while we look not At the things which are seen; but at the Things which are not seen, for the Things which are seen, are Temporal; but the Things fhat are not seen j are Eternal.

"A Again, This Doctrine of the Resurrection serveth to comfort us against the Fears of Death, which the Apostle here,and the Scriptures else.where,compares toSleep,' partly by this gentle Expression, to soften our ghostly Apprehensions of the King of Terrors, but mostly to. comfort us with the Hopes of a joyful Resurrection,when shail be wakened with the, Trumpet of God, arid the Musick of Angels ; then shall the Seas, and;the Elements,' these Men.eaters, arid" other Monsters, that have de-. . voured the Bodies of the Saint's,give up their Dead-, and restore what they • had:. in keeping; for he shall send his Angels with a great Sound of a Trumpet, and they shall gather together the Elect from the four u£|' Winds, from the one end of Heaven to the other ; therr •2*' look up, and Lift u^your. Heads; for your. Redemp* tibn draweth nigh. . . 1

Then we shall Converse with Ma/w and Ettas, with the noble Army of Martyrs and Consessors,with all our Friends and Relations who died before us; or shall solJ,. _ low after us :. For G O D hath not appointed us to •1 Iiel* Wrath, but to obtain;, our Lord Jesus 1 °' Christ, Who died for us, that whether we wake, or sleep, we should live together with him. '. , J

-To fay a Resurrection of the Body, andriot of the fame Body, and the fame Members, would

.be be an improper* Speech, and imply a Contradiction, which was the Heresy ofHymtweus and Phiktus, whom, therefore St. P4«/did Excommunicate, for denying this Article, and turning it into an Allegory, or Figure, when she Apostle fays in this Chapter, That fiefh and Blood'shall 2.Tim. not inherit the KJngdom of G0 D; He explains.himself 2, ijj m the following Words of the fame Tterse, faying, neither doth Corruption inherit Incorraption, to shew that not the Substance, or Flesh and Blood simply, but the Cor-; ruptionand Mortality of Flesh and Blood are excluded • from the Kingdom of GOD.

Again, there are Celestial Bodies, and Bodies Ter- , rest rial, as he speaks concerning the Body at the Resurrection: But observe how he argues ; The Glory of the Celestial Body is one, and the Glory of the Terrestrial. another, but the Apostle does not fay, That the Substance' of the* Celestial Body is one, and the Substance of the . Terrestial is another; as of two Substances, but as of . one and the .lame Substance, under difserent Degrees of \ Glory.. , '-. '•'c k

The fame Body,and the fame Members snot these accidental Superfluities and Corruptions, which. Sin hath "made, hut the fame Substance/shall rise1 again, and fee refined to more excellent Employs, and nobler Offices than formerly, in this Lise, when many times they Mrete yielded Instruments of Unrighteousness, to Sin. TheTj» is a Natural Body, and there is a Spiritttll Body'; as we have born the Image of the Earthly, we shall also . .,«,• bear the Image of the Heavenly; there shall be no blushing at these Parts of the Body, which we think less Honourable, because of that Law in our Members, which now Wars against the Law of our Minds,and brings us into Captivity into the Law of Sin; for upon these,if we have yielded them Servants,not to Sin, and to Uneleanness, but unto Righteousness and Holiness, God ill bestow more abundant Honour, and our Un

K 2 comely

comely Parts, shall then have more abundant Comeliness, because the Flesh shall Lust no more against the Spirit; but as our first Parents, in the State of Innocen.. . cy, were both. Naked, and were not ashamed, so shall we be in the State of Glory, like the Angels in Heaven, whichneither Marry, nor are given in Marriage. , Wherefore, Let us us comfort one another with these fob 7. Considerations, and not be afraid of Death, or the I7f Grave, Where the weary be At reft, and the Prisoners Sleep' together, where the Servant is free from his Master, and the Poor hear not the Voice of Oppression; for so he '' giveth his beloved Sleep.

Christ, by his Resurrection, hath taken away the
Sting of Death, which is Sin; and therefore, Death is
not a Curse, but a Blessing, to the Godly; because, it.
doth not deliver them over to Punishment, but^Tran-
flates them to a more happyState,which made theleMar-
Heb. tyts, that were Tortured for the Faith, Not to accept of
JI» J 5. Deliverance, that they might obtain a better Resurretfionr
than either a Temporal Deliverance from their present
Sufferinjgs, or again to be raised from the Dead, to a
Mortal Lise, and after all to die again; T^|g^Bi^i,Je-
sus wept, not more in Compassion with MSfy and Mar-
tha, for the Death of their Brother Lazarus-, than in,
'Compliance with their Weakness, that he was to raise
.tum again from the Dead, to the Miseries of this Lise.;

Thus faith the Lord to every disconsolate Christian,
'as the Prophet once. Comforted Rachel, the Mother of
these Innocents that were slain in Bethlehem by Herod,
when she is personated as their common Parent, weep-
ing inordinately for them and would not be comforted.

Restrain thy Voice from Weeping, and thy Eyes
from Tears, for thy Work shall be rewarded, and they
shall come again from the Land of the Enemy, from the
Region of Death and Darkness, for there is Hope in thine
End, faith the Lord, that thy Children sliall come

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