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gain to their own Borders, I will Redeem them from the^Honi}.. Power of the Grave, I will Ransom them from Death. 14%

Jacob Mourned many Days for his Son Joseph, thinking he had been Dead, and torn with wild Beasts, when be was Living and Triumphing in Egypt: So many weep inordinately for tl^ir departed Friends, not remembring that Christ both died,rose and revived,to this. End, that he might be Lord, both of the Dead and. Living: For he took part both of our flesh and Blood, that Heb. 2. through Death he might destroy him that had the Power of *4> *$• Deaths that is, the Devil, and Deliver them, who, through fear of Death, were all their Life subject to Bondage. "h..Therefore I will not teafraid, though I walk through the Valley of the SlpHow of Dead), for Thou art -; with me, and wilt bring me up again from the Deeps ©f the Earth.

Rejoice O Earth, let the Sea roar, and the Fulness ,A thereof: For thy dead Men shall Live, together with my dead Body shall they arise* 1 •„..,, ,

Awake and Sing, ye that dwell in the Dust, for thy Dm i$ as the Dew, ofHerbs, and the Earth shall! ca/l out the Dead. Ifa.' 26.

In fine, This Doctiine of the Resurrection is very l9. Comfortable against the Fears^ of eternal Condemnation: Now, when our Ransom is Accepted, and our Surety set at Liberty, we may be fully perswaded that God will receive us, and all Penitent Sinners, into Grace and Favour, as he hath promised by the Mouth of his Holy Prophets, faying,^* Ranjomed of the Lord V. 35' shall return and come to 'Sion, with Songs and everlasting *0.. Joy upon their Heads \ they shall obtain Joy and Gladness, And Sorrow,, and Sighing (hall flee away. And again, the Spirit of.the Lord is upon me, fays the fame Prophet, If.61,1. (speaking in Christ's NameJ because he hath a.rnointed me to Preach glad ,§Tidings unto the Meek, he hat4i *• "V "'id up the Broken-hearted, jtnd Proclaim ; '. . . •.-.;!. ,".v..'r. • Liberty


Liberty to the Captives, and the opening of .the Prison to them that are bound, to Proclaim the acceptable Year of the Lord, and the Day of Vengeance of our God against the Wicked, but Redemption to them that mourn in Zion, to give unto them Beauty for Ashes, the Oil of Joy for Afourning, the Garment of Praise for the Spirit of Heaviness; that they may be called the Trees of Righteousness, the Plants of the Lord, that he might be glorified.; Therefore our Lord's first Salutation to his Disciples . after his. Resurrection, was a Salutation of Peace, faying, John' Peace ^e ?nto, you j and again after his Ascension unto 20. 14. Heaven, Fear not, I am the 'firfi and the last, I am he that liveth, and was dead, and behold I am alive sot .evermore, Amen \ and have the Kjys of Hell and Death. Rev. I. ^S Christ's Death was in Satisfaction for our Sins, *7. so'his Resurrection was for bur Justifications and not Rom. oniy fa. but likewise for our Glorification and complete 4* ' Happiness, both in Soul and Body, as it is written, Cdl When Qhri(l our Life, shall appear, then we shall appear

with him in Glory. And again, Whom he did foreknow^' *' 4* he did also predeslinate, to he conform to the Image of his' 'Son, that he might be the Firs-born among many Brethren: * . 1 . Moreover, whom he did predestinate, them he also called^ And whom he called, them he also justified, and whom he.jtifli

1 Cor. "ffeA,tbewhe also glorified. And again, Eye hath not seen,

2 „ * nor Earjheard, neither have entred into the Heart of Mant

|l the Things which God hath prepared for them that love him.
"However some Bodies here.may abound with Ex-
crescences, and others be defective in their Parts or . ^
due Proportion; now our Flesh may be clothed with
"Worms, and Clods of Dust, our Skin broken and
become lothsom, so that these present Bodies of ours
are vile Bodies, Bodies of Sin and Death, of Corruption
and Defilement, which expose us to many Evils and'
• .4. . Incon-


Inconveniencies, andin this Respect they are Occasions to usi and to make us ashamed rather than to be proud, oY, boast of them, therefore the Psalmist prays, Pfal. Bring my S);ii ou". of' Prison, this.1 may praise thy.Name. 142. 7 - But our Hope and Rejoicing is, that those Vessels of Clay which Sin hath marred, and made Vessels of Dis-' 'v. honour, how full of Sores and Deformities, shall be moulded and be made new again, and all these Blemishes . shall become Beauties at, the Resurrection of the Just,..' 'when the Times of Refreshment and Restitution of all Things shall come from his Presence, and we come in the Unity of the Faith, and of the Knowledge of the Son of God, into a persect Man, unto the Measure of the Stature of the Fulness of Christ V'as.if is writtenf^'. Though we have lien among the Pots, yet shall we he As the Wings os a Dove, covered with Silver, .and:,herFeathers l Z xvith yellow GoldFor the Lord jesus shall change our vile ";' • "Bodies, that they may be fashioned like unto his glorious , Body, in Respect of all these'glorious Ornaments, which TMv 5 the Apostle in thisChapter assigns to the Bodies of the Saints at the Refurrectionv namely, Incorruption, Glory, Power and Spirituality. First, This Corruptible, Jbxll fut on Incorruption, and this Mortal shall put on lmrnorr\ tal.ity, then shall our Bodies' be Impassible, and above, _ all Pain;, as when Shadrach, Mefhach, and Ahed-nego —.,' * walked fafely in the midst of the burning fiery Furnace, and the Flame had no Power over them. .'.V

Now we Hunger and Thirst,; and of Pain, and Diseases, we waste our selves ail our While with carking Cares, what we shall eat, and what we shalP • * drink, and what we shall put on; but in that blessed. State there shall be no need of Meat or Drink,'.of ^Clothing to hide our Nakedness, &r cover us from the Hf^jGioJd \ for we shall feed on' the Divine Love, and be ^lathedN ^fe^Robes of Light and. Ioiiocency, as it is „ "."•'•I,::V'i' written,


t 6B. ] ^

written, They shall hunger no more, neither thirst Any morel Rev. neither foall the San light on them, nor any beat: For 7. 16. the Lamb which is in the midst of the Throne, /hall feed them, and (hall lead them unto living Fountains of Waters; and God shall wipe away all Tears from their Eyes, And there shall be no more Deaths neither Sorrow nor Crying, neither shall then he any snore Fain.

In this Sense they are faid to be equal to the Angels, Luke as being the Children of God, and the Children of the 20. 26. Resurrection.

A second Ornament of ouj Bodies at the Resurrection is Glory, It is sown in Dishonour, it is raised in Glory: . „ They shall become exceedingTransparent and Beautiful , in their Complexion, they shall shine as the brightness of the Firmament. and as the Stars for ever and ever: Matth. Yea, fays our blessed Saviour, ^en shall the Righteous 4 %' 4?" st>ine fortb a's t^3e Sun, in the 'Kjngdom of their Father. There shall be no Blemish throughout the whole.Body, but a just Proportion, and Beauty in every Part, which neither the Drought by Day, nor the Frost by Night shall Stain: For there shall be no Night, nor Light of the Sun, for the Lord God shall be their Light, and they shall Reign with him for ever and ever, according to .that of the Prophet, The Sun J&aJl no more be thy Light by Day, neither for Brightness pall the Moon give Light unto thee; but the Lord shall be unto thee an everlasting Lights and thy God thy Glory: As when oar blessed Saviour was Transfigured upon Mount Tabor, his face did shine as the Sun, and his Raiment became exceeding White, so as no Fuller on Earth can'whit&v them.. 1 . A third Ornament of our Bodies at the Resurrection is Power; It is sown in Weakness, it is raised in Power* Then shall our Bodies be most agile and irresistible in their Motion, swift as a Thought of thrSNNaJ, arid a&,. • ,t t fy. 3

incapable of .Woundo,. or any .Violence as the Beams of the Sun, or a Flame' of Light..'

Here our Bodies are heavy and unweildy.Lumps of Clay, like young Eagles new hatched; but in the Morning of the Resurrection, like these young Eagles' upon Wing, . with what Agility shall they surmount these dark Regions of Mortality, pierce tire Firmament, and pass by Sun, Moon and Stars, until they arrive at that uncreated Light; which without a Vail, or a Cloud, shines above, in a Moment, fays the Apostle, In the twinkling of an Eye we shall be caught up to the Clouds together, to meet the Lord in the Air; and so shall be ever with him; as it is written, They that wait upon the Lord ffjM renew their Strength, they shall mount up with Wings as Isa Eagles, they shall run, and not be weary, and they shall walk 31. and not faint.

Last of al!, our Bodies at the Resurrection sha 11 become spiritual Bodies; It is sown a natural Body, it is raised' a. spiritual Body: Not that our Bodies 0iall be turned into Spirits, in Respect of their Substance, but that our glorified Bodies shall then be refined from all the Dregs of Matter; and fitted for spiritual Exercises, . and the Functions of our Souls, then shall the Body be' subject to the Soul, and both Soul arid Body subject unto God, that he may be All in All. Some Glances of this we have in Christ's blessed Body in the Days .of his Flesh upon Earth; as. when he walked upon the* Waters, and after his Resurrection,when he went into the House where the Disciples' were assembled, the Doors feeing shut, and afterwards in his Ascension, when he mounted above the Clouds, and rode upon the Wings of the Wind.'

This shall be the Condition of our Bodies at the Resurrection, even glorious Bodies, not having Spot ot^.;? ^rinkle^oi^^ such Thing, that they may be fitted T.

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