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Tabernacles for our Souls and the Holy Ghost to dwelt in; andthenj if that wliich is so glorious, how glorious shall the Soul be, as it is written, The Kjngs Daughter is all glorious within: Now we live by Faith, and see darkly; but then Face .to Face :. Now 'we know in Part, but then we fball know even, as we are known: Now our Wills are stubborn, and our Afsections earthly; our Bowels of Compassion are straitned, .and.our Souls narrow and selfish, but then our Hearts shall be enlarged' and filled with all the Fulness of God^ even with the Fulness of his Lise, and with the Fulness of his Love: For then we shall rejoice in the Happiness of others, as in our own Happiness J because then we shall love others as we love our selves,' and that is with the Love of God, who is Love, and dwells in Love. . ... ]

As for me, fays the Pfalmist, / will behold thy Face in Pfat. 'Righteousness, IJh'all'besatisfied when I awake with thy Likeness 17. and Image,which is Love, eve'n that persect Love which casteth out all servile Fear, *nd is filled with all Joy and Glory, as when our blessed Saviour prayed so earnestly in our Behalf, faying, Father, I will that they John also whom thou haft given me mxy be with me where I am, 17. 24. that they may behold my Glory, which thou hast given me: far thou lovedji me before the Foundation of the World.;

O give Thanks unto the Lord, for he is Good, for 4;^. his Mercy endureth for ever: Let the redeemed of the Lord fay so, whom he will .redeem from the Hand o£ the Enemy, and will gather them out of the Seas, and t out of the Lands from the East, and from the West, from the North, and from the South.

Now what remains, but to long for that blessed State, for which the whole Creation groaneth, and tfcavaileth in Pain together until now; and . only they,.


feut our selves also, which have the First-fruits of the Spirit; even we dur selves groan within our selves, waiting for the Adoption, to wit, the Redemption of our Bodies, which flows from our Adoption, and is a Joy1 above all Joys.; therefore the beloved Disciple cries out in Admiration, as if he wanted Words to express the fame, Behqld .what manner ;of Love the Father hath .bestowed upon us, that we should be called the Sons of God1. Therefo/e the World kriorveth us not, because it knew him, not. Beloved, we are now the Sons of God, and it doth J not appear what we {kali be: but we know that when he shall appear, we shall be like him ; for we shall fee him as he is. For our Life is hid with Chrijl in God, and when Christ who is our Life shall appear, then shall we also appear with him in Glory. Then shall be brought to pass the saying that 'is written, Death is swallowed up in Victory; 0 Death, where is thy Sting? 0 Grave, where is thy Victory? The Sting of Death is Sin, and the Strength of Sin is the Law, ( which ^aggravates our Guilt as Trans

gressors) but Thanks be to God, who giveth us the Victory through our Lord Jesus Christ*

Therefore, my beloved Brethren, be ye stedfast, immove&ble, alwife abounding in the Work of the Lord, for asmuch as yo» know this your Labour is not in vain in the jLord.

Having therefore these Promises, (dearly beloved) let us cleanse our selves from all Filthinefs of the Flesh and Spirit, perfecting Holiness in the Fear of the Lord.

Now the God of Peace, which brought again our Lord Jesus from' the dead, that great Shepherd of the Sheepf fhrough the Blood of the everlasting Covenant,

.fylake you perfect in every good Work to do his Will, workyig in you that which is well pleasing in hts Sight, i througfj^festti Christ; to whom be Glory for ever and ever. - Amen.




Almighty God, the God of Abraham, Isaac ind) Jacob, with whom the Spirits of ju(l Men live and,' reign for ever; Thou killest, and make ft alive; Thou brings down to the Grave, and thou brings up again. We fratfe thy glorious Majesty, for all thy Mercies to Mankinds in Christ Jesus, the great Shepherd' and' Bishop of our Souls, whom thou haft drought again from the dead, and by his Refurrecfion has begotten us again into a lively .Hope, according to thy abundant Mercy, to an Inheritance incorruptible, and undt'f led, and that fadeth not a4vay, bttt. . is reserved in Heaven for Hs^

Though thou was angry with us, thine Anger is turne^ away, and thou haft comforted us: Therefore we Will'ndi be afraid though we walk thrvrugh 'the Valley of the Shadow of Death, and seep a.while'in the Grave with our Friends and Forefathers, who are de'parted 'Oiit of this sinful and miserable Wor Id; for thtru witt bring us. again from the .Depths of. the. Earth, as thou didst thy' dear Sun J'efui Christ, who died for our Offencesv and rose. again\ for out'.'

ftffaathn :.. Therefore we .will re joke. in' the Lordjour God, .our Soul jhaS be joyful in. thy. N.'amV'yWe will Trup' and not\ be afraid, for. thou,. D Lord: Jehovah art our Strength and our Songj thou also 071, become our Hope 'ax,4 oyr Salvation. . . 7• :. 4 /"s'.\V

Thy right Hand, .QLord, is. exalted, thy right Hdnd doth valiantly: Now the. Stone jvhi'ch the Bui.tders rejetfed is become the head Stone of the Corner^ .the Joy of thy Peopte.\ .Israel, and the Glory of all Christians." '." .'V


I 73 .J

Blessed be he that, Cometh in the Nar.^pftke Lord to save

¥.; . :■ ••••

Blessed be thy Name, 0 Lord Jesi^ out Lord, and our God, who. by thy powers"til" Resurrection', fiom the dead, tts on this Day, has made good thy Browsfe^ declared thy self to. be the Son. of Go4% a•.d;.$Mn .r of the World; Jhoit has: the Kjys of Death anif;&xd leais both Captive in Triumph and Disarmed ; '(EirQU got up early this Day, to. re fresco our Hoses, and, to,..redeem us out of the Hands of all our Enemies,, that we may seek thee early, and way serve thee every Da} in Holiness and Righteoufnes, without Fear of pur Enemies. .'c.

Thou arttheRefurreciion andlhe Life, hethatbelievet.h .in thee% though he were dead, yet fhaR he live \ whosoever helievuh on thee {ball neve* die, or taste of the'second Death.. ;•' . \'*r ..• •.. .'.

Tsho& haft blotted out the. Hixd.writing of Ordinances that was against m, which was contrary, to. us, taking it. out of the Way, and nailing it to the Cross\ .that kj Death thou, might destroy him that had the Power of Deaths ihajt is the Devil, who by Sin brought in Death info the World.

Hallelujah, Salvation, and Glory, And Honour, and . Bower 'unto the Lord our God, who hath delivered us, who. through Fear of Death, and the Bowers of Darkness, were

'all our Lifetime sub jell unto Bondage.

Now thou haft brought to pass that faying t hat is written, 9 Deathswhere is thy Sting? 0 Grave, where is thy

""Victory* The- Sting-"os DeaJh~Ts"STn,"'and"ihe' Strength of Sin is the Law;. which [hows and aggravates the Guilt of our Sin: But Thanks to tlry ' Majesty, 0 Lord God Almighty, whogiveth us the Victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.


Therefore, 0 eternal God, and Holy Spirit, who raised up the Body of our Lord jesus Christ from the Grave, we beseech thy Majesty to quicken m with thy heavenly Graces, that we may feel the Power of Christ's Death killing Sin im us, and raising us up into Newness of Life, that vie may present our Bodies a living Sacrifice, Holy and Acceptable unto God, which is our reasonable Service; that henceforth we may not he conformed to this evil World, but may be transformed by the renewing of our Minds, that we may understand, and approve what is that.good and acceptable and persefit Will of God, who commandeth every one of us who hath this Hope, to purify themselves, even as he is Pure.

Strengthen and establish our Hearts, that we may continue fiedfafl and immoveable in our most Holy Faith and Prosession, alwife abounding in the Work of the Lord, and Looking for that blessed Hope, and glorious Appearing of the. great God, and our Saviour Jesus Christ, who shall change our vile Bodies, that they may be fashioned like unto his glorious Body. Amen. Our Father which art if* Heaven, Sec.

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