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Thou haft ascended on High, thou hast led Captivity Captive .: Thou hast received Gifts for Men ; yea, for the Rebellious also, that the Lord God might dwell among them, Pfal. 68. 18. . •,.' . ,

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H I S Text is a Part of that excellent Psalm,
which the sweet Singer of Israel fang to his
Lord, and our Lord when he faw this Day;
and ihe Glory thereof; far David being a

Prophet, and knowing that God had sworn an Oath to. hirrw That of the Fruit of his Loins, according to the' Acts I'.lqyf he would raise up Christ to ft. upon his Throne : Lie 2. 30. feeing this before, (pake of the Ascension of Christ; and was in many Things a Type of him, and "^particularly.. of this Day's Triumph,' which he transserred to himself in a Figure, and in his own Person when he ascended 'up into Mount 'ZJon with the Ark of God, and led his Captivity Captive, and dispersed his Royal Gifts among * is Friends, after the Manner of victorious Monarchs; ke that or Deborah, in the Day ?that the Lord had £i 'delivered his People Israel from all their Enemies: Awake, Judges Deborah: awake, awake, utter a Song: arise Busk, 5. if. ""i#d lead thy Captivity Captive,^thou Son cf Abinoam. % ~ ^ . . But

C 7* 1.

But alluding more especially to the King osSaints, and to the King of Glory, who having conquered all the Powers of Darkness, and recovered so many rich Spoils '. • from the Enemy of Mankind, ascended this Day on High to open the Gates of Heaven to.all Believers. Thou hast ascended on High. See how. the Psalmist' 'speaks of Christ's Ascension, as if he had seen it with his . ..Eyes, and been ascending with him^ he was all on : Vying, and seemed to cry impatiently. after him, as Elijb.a did after Elijah, My Father, my Father\.the Qhariote of Israel, and the Horsemen. thereof. And again, Whom, * fel* have I in Heaven but thee? and there is none upon Earth' 7?" 25* that I desire besides thee. And again, 0 that I had Plal. Wings like a Dove ! for'then would Jflie away, and be at 55. 6. rest.

Thou hast ascended. This Text is cited by the Apostle, to show the Harmony of the Scriptures ®f the Old and Eph. jsjew Testaments; which, like "the Cherubs on the 4. «' Mercy-seat, look both one Way, pointing unto Jesus

Christ that he is the Son ofGod, and Saviour of Believers *
in all Ages, the Sum and Substance of the: Word "of
God, which he hath spoken by the Mouth of his Hoty:'."
Prophets since the World began, for the Testimo^of
Jesus is the Spirit of Prophecy,. and these early ^re*
dictionsof his Appearance in the World, and his Ascension.
into Heaven.

Thou hast ascended on High. He Was not translated as\
Enoch was, that he should not see Death, nor carried1
up in a fiery Chariot as Elijah was by the Ministry of
Angels 5 but ascended up into Heaven by the fime mighty.
Power in himself, by which he was declared to be the
Son of God by his Resurrection from the dead. And t:

saw in the Night a Vision, ( says Daniel) and beholds;.

Dm' 7'.one like the Son os Man, came with the Clouds of Heavens.

lh and came to the Ancient <f Days, and they brought 'hiM

«V nea*?3ii I 77 J

mar before him. And there wts given him Dominion and Glory, and a, fQngdom, that ail People, Nations, and Languages should serve him: His Dominion is an w^kf lasting Dominion, which shall not pass away, and his Kjng-" . dpm that whish stall not be destroyed. , And it was but just that our blessed Lord and Saviour fliould ascestd on High, to take Possession of these Crowns and Glories, which he had purchased with so much Blood and Agony, as he had formerly prayed, Ihave glorifies thee on Earth, I havefnifhed the Work that thongivest me to do; and now gUrife thou me with thine John own self, with the Glory which I had with thee before the 17. . World was. -'

, v He that was made a little lower than the Angels, by suffering of Death, is now crowned with Glory and

. Honour, exalted on the right Hand of Majesty, and triumphing over all his and our Enemies, as it is written, The Lord said unto my Lord, Sit thou at mj right Hand, Pwl. .until I make thine Enemies thy Footstool. . When the 11 °" *' Scripture faith that Christ is set down at the right Hand of Majesty on High, and at the right Hand of the

. (Throne of God: It is alluding to the Custom of great 'Princes* who Place their great. Favourites, and these Persons that are next them in Dignity, at the right Hand of their Thrones. As when King Solomon, to Honour his Mother, placed her on his right Hand; Upon thy right Hand did stand the Queen in GoldofOphir, to show us that unspeakable Glory, and sovereign Power which 4 Christ hath, as Man and our Mediator, next unto God, over the whole Creation, that all Men should honour the Son, even as they honour the Father; he that honoureth not the Son, honoureth not the Father that sent him: For as the Father hath Lise in himself, so hath he given to the Son to have Lise in himself, and hath

• given him Authority to execute Judgment also, because. he is t he Son of Man. !|W ^ . iv M . .This


This was the Reward of Christ's Suffering*, and

;Obedieace^ for takirig upcMi.hira the Form of a Æe.rvant?, jsy^iand humbling himself unto the Death, even±h#Death Ife .of tiie Cross.: . .God hath nW highly exalted him>V\ani$ given him a Name which is above every Name, above .#11 created Titles and Dignities, riot only in .this World, but also that which is to come',; wen! the Name of Jefus,/that at his blessed Name every Knee should bow, of Things in Heaven, and Things in Earth, and Things under' the Earth j and that "every Tongue should consess, that Jesiis Christ is Lord, to the! Glory.of ..God..• • V'«v.AA 1 C.v,v«..VJ «.h '. A: • , ' .

God is gone up with a Shout, the Lord with (he Sound of 4 ^Trumpet. Sing Praises to God, sing Praises•.: f\pjg Praises ." Pfal. to our King, sing Praises., > 7. ..

47* For God is Kjng of aH the Earth, fmg ye Praises with

'Vnderstanding. God reigneth ovei',.(fxe Heathen: God sitteth upon the Throne os his, Hvkinef?* i Worthy art thou!, .i .o: i 6 Lamb of God, that was slain for the Sins of the World, to receive Power, Riches and Wffdom, and Strength, .and Honour, and Glory, and Blessing: Therefore .every Creature: that is iri Heaven, and onvthe Earth, ^and such as are in the Sea, and.all that are in them ;were heard singing before the Throne, faying, Blessing, and Honour% and Glory, and Power be unto him that ^ sitteth on the Throne, and to the Lamb for ever and ever. J . .• Thus Christ was rewarded for his Obedience and . Sufserings: Ought not Christ'tohavesuffered these Things, and to have entred into his Glory? So likewise shall, gvery Christian who hath followed his Example, be rewarded with suitable Degrees of Glory. .t':. •'

Who fjall ascend into the Hill of God? and Who Jha$:£> Pfal. fiand in his Holy Place?' ... . .^i,it'

2d He that hath clean Hands, and a pure Heart, wbohM'tp&L

1 not lift up his Hands unto Vanity, norfsvorn deceitful^'



.•V-1' f -> -J

'He shall, iecelv* the Blessing from theLord, and Righteousness from the God of his Salvation. .:, When one of the Elders asked .St..$ohn who those tvejre that ftpod'before the Throne, and..before the Eattrrj csothed with \yhjtes Robes,.,.and Pajms in theirs Rev. Hands: 'He answered, .faying, 'These are they which.13. came roat, of great Tribulations, and have washed their Robes, and made them white in the Btood of the Lamb., Therefore* frr ifyey before, ihe Thrpne of. God,' and firve him Day and ]tfighf:w\fris,?Temple:: flnd he thtit ftfteth oh the Throne: shall dwell among them. .. . ■.i,'J

Wherefore feeing' we are, also compassed about with f0,^^ grettt a 'Cloud of Wit nesses, let us lay aside everyWeight,and; she Sin fUras doth so easily beset us,.' arid let us run with 'y .. Patience the R/tce that is set before us, looking unto Jesus ^ . the Author /and Finisher of our Faith who for the Joy" ihat ]wdf set before him, endured, the Cross, despising the. Shame, and is set down at. the right Hand of the Throne of God* \fer\ly, .fays «*ur blessedSaviour, speaking to..his Disetplisi, 'Tel who have' followed, niejn the Regeneration^ when the Son bf.Man shall fit in the Throne of his.Glory,, . 2 . . •" ^ ye also shall fit upon twelve Thrones, judging the twelve, j . Tfibes Israel..' And again. To him that overcomethm}^ Tgrftnt to fit down .withme in my Throne,' even at I'* also s..» /r Overcame,'f"et down with my: Father in hisThrove., . .\: Therefore, .fays the, 'Apostle, We faint not,' but though' 2. Cor.: our outward Man perish, jet the inward Man is renewed 4« J<5» Day by.Day. . \tj , ;. ;' . /17,18.

For our iight Affliction, which isbutif or a Moment,, workethfor us a far more exceeding' and eternal Weight of Glory \ While we took, not at, the Things which are seen,, but^ at the Things which are not seen: for the Thing's wmch ar.eseen, are Temporal,., but the Things, which are not rare Eternal.:.

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