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Now our Lord Jesus Christ himself, and Gda^eveii b*r Father, who hath loved us, and everlasting Consolation,

Comfort your Hearts, and Establish you ih every good Word and "Work, Amen, and Amen.

"'. . . '' • •• • ;• r, • . .. . .

i i ■ ■ ii ■ . ————■——.

The P R A Y E R. j

. «v • , v 'V.,. .

i '»' "''V' •

WE Worship theei 0 LordJesus Christ, thou art the. Kjng of Glory, and the Kjng of Saints. Thou hast ascended us intoHeaven, and art set down on thet Right Hand of God, far above all Principality and Power, and Might, and Dominion, and every Name that is named, not only in this World, but in that also which is to come, because thou humblest thy self for our fakes, and became ohedient unto Death, even the Death of the Cross, for our Sins, therefore thou art now highly Exalted, and a Name given thee, above all Names, that at thy blessed Name, O jefus, every Kjiee fljould bow, of Things in Heaven, and of Things on Earth, and Things under the Earth, that every Tongue Jhould confess that thou art Godt to the Glory of thy Father. .' » .

Thou art K.ING of flings, and LORD of Lords. . 7 hy Throne 0 God is for ever and ever; a Scepter of Righteousness is the Scepter of thy Kjngdom. .

Thou lovefi Righteousness, and hatest Iniquity, therefore God, even thy God hath Anointed thee with the Oy^ of Gladne.fs above all thy FeSojvs..

Let the People Praise thee, 0 Lord, let all the People Praise thee,yea let all the Angels of God Praise and Worship ,. .... £ 9* 3 ...


Vnio thee w> lift up our Eyes, 0 thou that dwellefi in the Heavens'', %6old' as J he Eyes jpf Servants look unto the' Hand as their Rasters, and as the Eyes of a Maiden un-' io the.Hind (f^'^H^ftfÆ^st.odr Eyes and our Expect a-' '. tions *re towards theet O. Lord, our Lord, and our God, until thou\hdve Mercs upon us..'

Look down from itoe 'j&ehvens, and behold front the Habit at'ion of thy Holiness, arid of thy Glory. . Have. Mfrcy Upon its, bear our Prayers, and pity our Miseries:• , ', \ 'V

Wt'AHStWn&eri')jr"this Worlds and Sojourners, as air our' FathersS&ere- before us , here we "haye .no abiding City. ,' cr Habitation,'but we look for one not made with Hands9' eternilinthvHedvens.V., i' .." ^^XX'.,[

. tin: thy Fathers House are, many Mansions, thou art gone' to prepare a Place Jot us, 'and haft promised to come again,'' and receive us unto thy self, that where thou art, we may' he also, and behold thy Glory, and'partake of thy Happi~ "\ vefs. J

In thy Presence is Fulness of Joy, and at thy Right Hand are Pleasures for evermore. ,.:

We beseech thy Majesty to remember us now, jvhen those art come into thy Kjngdom, and clothed with all Power and' Authority."'

;• Thou art touched with the feeling of our lnfrmities, and thou can save us to the uttermost, when we. come to God by fhee,feing thou ever lives to make Intercession for us: Our Heart and our Flesh faileth ; but 0 Lord Jesus, thou art the Strength of our Heart, and our Portion for. ev&r.

Guide us with thy Counsel, and with thy good Spirity Tootle we live, and afterwards receive us to thy Glory.

We have need of Patience, and of thy continual Help and Direction, for. we are compassed about with many s\%H&rmi$ies and manyEnemies,; .•.

We have many Temptations before us, which we must continually Wrestle against, an4 overcome: Thou hast comm dnded us to take up our Cross Daily, and to follow thy Majesty, through the strait Gate of Humility, %lf.denial, and Obedience ; if so be that we Suffer with ihe^thtt we may be also Glorified together, as thou hast promised, faying to him that overcometh, (all Temptations) will I grant to sit with me in my Throne, even as I also. ever* came, and am set with my Father, in his Throm, 'Blessed are they that do thy Commandments, this they, may have Right to the Tree of Life, and enter in through' the Gates, into the City of the New Jerusalem, aboveyand^ now 0 Lordjefus, what wait we for f Our tfestrisArt all before thee, bring us unto thy self, and to thy Heavenly RJngdom, in thy good Time, by alt that thou hast done, and suffered for us. Amen *nd Amen, Q*t.$*ttor ifec—

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.ij^l^^e^ appeared unto them cloven Tongues, like a* of : Fire, and it fat upon each.4if them.te "-' 'tl'' Hsr" And they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and began to speak with other Tongues, as the Spirit gtvje them

\ 'Utterance, Acts 2. 1, 2, \r £' 's' J.v..

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U«R blessed Saviour the Lord Jesus Christ was no sooner entred into his heavenly Kingdom, and possessed of all these Glories! which were the Reward of his Sufferings and.Obedience, than minding his own Promise, and the Diseiples longing .Expectations* that he might (how himself to beihe Son $t>f God, .and our Advocate with the Father, he made • . ygood.his Word, and feni.the«Comfbrter upon this.piy^' ,/%to. abide with the Apostks, and all BeUevers to the ^End \ ^the World. '.l. »:v;V.

80 comfortable is the Christian Religion, and sir worthy of all Acceptation, not only because of these 1 ivenly Doctrines, which illuminate our Minds, and

O 'teach

.... mm, ^

L£ 94J 3

teach us the Way to eternal Happiness; but likewise s because oTthe* Certainty of thefe Things which: ate recorded by the Forefathers of" our Faith: Here for Example in the Text, the descending of the Holy Ghost on this Day was an evident and infallible Proof of "^Christ's ascending into Heaven, which he had promised, Joh.16.' faying, ltvill fend the Comforter unto you, and when he 7, 8, 9, is come, he will convince the World of Sin, and Infidelity, 10. . because they believed"not in Christ, after so many Proofs. of Divinity*

Of Righteousness r because he. is gone unto his Father, as he faid, and is no more to be seen in the

. Form of a Sef.vant.' - - *

Of judgment, because the Prince of this World, {Satan, who reigneth in the Children of Disobedience) '\ & judged^ and his Kingdom brought down by the powerful preaching of the Gospel. - .N\ K. . ^ And what our blessed Lord had promised, he faithfully ? - performs, and, this Day publishes, not privately in a Corner, but publickly and miraculously in many Languages, and before many Witnesses/ devout Men out of every Nation under Heaven. * For ever, O Lord, thy Wocd is fettled in Heaven, thy 'Faithfulness is unto all Generations..

. j Heavea and Earth shall pass away, but one Word

of all thy good Promises which thou hast promised shall not fail, till all be fulfilled. *

This Day was fulfilled that which was spoken by. the Prophet Joel, faying, And it Jball come to pass in the last Joel 2. Days, faith the LORD, I wills pour out of my Spirit upon . 2 8, 29. all Flejb, and your Sons and your Daughters jball Propbefie, and your old Men shall dream Dreams, and your young Men jball fee Visions: And on my Servants, and on my Han&Jki^ maids I will pour out in these Days of my Spirits And. they jball prophesie.' !•,;•"'... I vL:7i'i$J»»

w.. * .. •• o . /* læp

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