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TABLE XXIII.- Statistics of educational benefactions for eighteen months ending June 30,

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University Female Institnte. Lewisburg, Pa.

William Bucknell, A. m... Philadelphia, Pa

Others.... Cumberland Female College. McMinn ville, Tenn. Citizens

McMinnville, Tenn St. Cecilia's Academy

Nashville, Tenn Mrs. Lncy Bedford Nashville, Tenn..

SJ. H. Luther Baylor Female College. Independence, Tex..

Miss E. C. Moore..

Independence, Tex. Waco Fomale College...... Waco, Tex....... Citizens

Waco, Tex.....

Vermont Methodist Semi.

nary and Female College." } Montpelier, Vt.....

Rev. A. G. Button (de Evanston, IN

ceased). Various others


Marion Female College .... Marion, Va

Mrs. Mary McMullen..... Marion, Va Richmond Female Institute Richmond, Va J. B. Hoyt...

Stamford, Conn Wisconsin Female College... Fox Lake, Wis. Milwaukee College ..

Milwaukee, Wis Ladies' Art and Science Milwaukee, Wis


John Lewellyn........ St. Helena, Cal St. Helona Aondomy...... St. Helena, Cal...... John Allyn

St. Helena, Cal

Several others Woodstock Academy. Woodstock, Conn...

Henry C. Bowen

Brooklyn, NY J. Henry Whito.

Woodstock, Conn Citizens .....

Garden Grove, iowa. St. John's Academy

Garden Grove, Iowa.

Trustees of academy.
D. Appleton & Co. and

various others. Hebron Academy.... Hebron, Mo......

Various persons

Ex-Gov. Abner Coburn Skowhegan, Me. Houlton Acadomy ..

Houlton, Me


Various persons

Š Ex-Gov. Abner Coburn Skowbegan, Ne.. Coburn Classical Institute... Waterville, Me

Mrs. Helen's. Cobura ... Skowhegan. Me. Phillips Academy

Andover, Mass E. V. and F. G. Morgan.. Aurora, NY
Cushing Academy

Ashburnham, Mass Various persons
Home School for Young Everett, Mass..... Mrs. Olive Merrick..... Holyoke, Mass

Dummer Academy... South Byfield, Mass. Sarah Hale Stickney...... Lowell, Mass.

Howard Collegiate Institute. West Bridgewater, B. B. Howard (deceased) .


Hon. Joseph H. Walker.. Worcester, Mass...

flon. Gardner Colby (de Newton, Mass Worcester Academy....... Worcester, Mass....

ceased.) Hon. J. Warren Merrill .. Cambridge, Mass Rev. Wm. Lamson, D.D. Gloucester, Mass


1884; from replies to inquiries by the United States Bureau of Education - Continued.

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For indebtedness, students' aid, and

library: $1,250 from Hon Reuben Hitchcock, Painesville, Ohio, and $105 from Congregational Church at

Paine-ville. ($13,000 for scholarships and prizos, and

$5,000 for itnprovements of buildings
and campus; purpose of $2.000 re-

ported for 1882-'88 not specitied.
Towards a new building.
Towards paying for new building.
S In buildings and money; purpuse not

For repairs and improvements on build.

iuge; $1,500 reported for 1889-'83 and $2,200 for 1883-84. (A bequest of thirty building lots,

valued at $6,000, from Rev. A. G. Button; $27,000 are for indebtedness and the remainder for endowment; $27,200 of the wholo amount are subject to annuities during life of donors; $6,000 belong to 1882-'83 and

$28,000 to 1883-'84.

For improvements.. $250 For library.

For repairs.
For a new wing to the college building

for art, library, and reading room.

To found the academy, on condition that the school be maintained four

years. 100 Books

valued at $100 and a fine globe. Chemicals worth $30 and a few books. Ground and building, valued at $5,000.

For apparatus. 300 For library.

For permanent endowment.
For endowment
$50,000 for a building and $15,000 for

endowment. 100 $100 for library.

For fitting up chemical laboratory.
Donations of books, minerals, and a

fine historical chart.
Purpose not specifled.
To be known as the Stickney fund, in
honor of the father of the douor;

income only to be used. For the founding of a school for girls

and young women. For repairs, furnishings, scholarship,

and permanent endowment; $11,200 are reported as for 1882-'83 and 'the remainder for 1883-'84.

TABLE XXIII.- Statistics of educational benefactions for eighteen months ending June 30,

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Boston, Mass
Boston, Mass.

Austin Academy....
Phillips Exeter Academy.
Kimball Union Academy.
McColom Institute....

Peddie Instituto....

Centre Straflord, X.H Daniel Austin (deceased)
Exeter, N. H..

slohn C. Phillips

Various persona
Meriden, N. H Estato of James Boyd
Mt. Vernon, N. I...

Fion. Thomas B. Peddie.

S. Van Wickle.
Hightstown, N.J A. F. Job

dir. Longstreet

Cazenovia, N. Y...

Mrs. S. Guernsey Griffin

Various persons
Flarana, N. Y.
Gambier, Ohio Columbus Delano
Hudson, Obio.

Payne l'ettebone
William Connell

Rev. L. L. Sprague
Kingston, Pa.

Wyoming annual confer.


Many persons
Wilkes-Barre, Pa ... H. Baker Hillman.

Antrim, N. H
Newark, NJ
New Brunswick, X.J.
Iligutstown, NJ
Holmdel, N.J.
Troy, X. Y

Cazenovia Seminary
Cook Academy
Kenyon Grammar School...
Western Reserve Academy

Mt. Vernon, Olio
Wyoming, Pa.
Scranton, Pa.
Kingston, Pa

Wyomlog Seminary.

Wilkos-Baite Academy.....

Wilkes-Barre, Pa.

Rogers High School

Nowport, R. I......
McTyeiro Collegiato Insti- Mackenzie, Tonn Citizens

Mackenzie and viciotute.

ity, Teun. Manchester College....... Manchester, Tenn Mrs. J. D. Wooton and

Mrs. J.G. Willis. Burr and Burton Seminary Manchester, Vt. Hon. Mark Skipper. Chicago, III Wayland University... Beaver Dam, Wis... Varions churches and in Milwaukee, Wis...

dividuals. Markham Academy Milwaukee, Wis John C. Spencer

Milwaukee, Wis Yankton College....

Yankton, Dak University of New Mox. ico.

Santa Fe, N. Mox...

Stephen W. Dorsey

Rev. Henry M. Ladd, D.D. Cleveland, Ohio INSTITUTIONS FOR SECONDARY



Andrews Instituto...

Andrews Institute, S President of instituto....

Freedmen's Aid Society
Trinity Normal School.. Athens, Ala

Various persons ... Lowery's Industrial Acad. Huntsville, Ala Various sources

emy. Rust Normal Instituto....... Huntsville, Ala Freedmen's Aid Society of

the M. E. Church. J. H. Cassedy

New York, N.Y. Talladega College... Talladega, Ala

Mrs. Nancy M. Stone and Jefferson, Ohio......

Miss Abbie Stone.
Southland College and Nor. Helena, Ark Phebe H. Metford (dec'a). New York

mal Institute
Melbourno Acadenzy... Melbourne, Ark A. F. Bepson..

Melbourne, Art Quitman Collego...

Quitman, Ark.. Many friends
Texarkana Gymnasium. Texarkana, Ark Freedmen's Aid Society of

the M. E. Church.
St. Joseph's Academy Sacramento, Cal Agricultural Society. Sacramento, Cal
Urban School
San Francisco, Cal Mrs. Sweetzer

Cordelia, Cal Wolfe Hall .......

Denver, Colo.... Mişs Catharine L. Wolfe.. New York, NY

1884; from replies to inquiries by the United States Bureau of Education - Continued.

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TABLE XXIII. - Statistics of educational benefactions for eighteen months ending June 30,



INSTRUCTION -Continued. Tillotson Academy

Trinidad, Colo Various persons
Mystic Valley English and Mystic Bridge, Conn. Several persons..

Classical Institute.
Wilmington Conference Dover, Del.... O. M. Wharton ...

Dover, Del..
Cooknan Institute.... Jacksonville, Fla Various persons
Bartow Classical Institute Adairsville, Ga Hon. Judson Clemments La Fayette, Ga
Cedartown Male and Female Cedartown, Ga. Citizens

Cedartown, Ga. Academy. Samuel Bailoy Male Insti. Griffin, Ga.. Samuel Bailey (deceased). Griffin, Ga

tute. Arterberry's Academy Monroe, Ga

Stephen Felkir

Monroe, Ga
Morganton Academy

Morganton, Ga. Teacher of school
Rutlodge High School Rutledge, Ga
Augusts District High Thomson, Ga Various citizens.

Thomson, Ga
Wallbourrille A oniemy... Walthourvills, Ga ..
German Erungelical Luther. Alldison, Ill.. Membors of institution

an School.
Jonninga Seminary and Au. Aurora, Iul.. Rev. R. D. Sheppard ...... Aurora, mi

rora Normal School. German-American Academy} Chicago, Ill...

German American School

Association. of Clucago.

Gustav Hinstorff. Chicago, IL
Richmond Normal School.... Richmond, Ind..... Various persons ....****
Coo Collogo....

Codar Rapids, Iowa.
Denmark Academy:

Denmark, Iowa
St. Mary's Catholic School Des Moines, Iowa... Church
Danish High School. Elkhorn, Iowa Danish Lutheran Church

of America. Epworth Seminary

Epworth, Iowa......
Lenox College.

Hopkinton, Iowa....Mrs. T. M. Sinclair.
Mrs. Helen Finley Dubuque, Iowa

Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Humboldt Academy and Nor. Lumboldt, Iowa, Citizens of county

mal School Friends' Academy .... Le Grand, Iowa..... Citizens

Le Grand, Iowa.... New Providence Academy... Now Providence, Several persons..... New Providence, Iowa.

Cedar Valley Seminary Osage, Iowa.
Pleasant l'läin Acndemy Pleasant Plain, Iowa
Freeumon's Acadeiny of Dunlap, Kans..

Femalo Academy

Bardstown, Ky Mrg. S. M. Lawson Newburgh, N.Y.... Dudloy Instituto

Frankfort, Ky Bishop T. M. Dudley.. Lonisville, Ky

(J. D. Rockefeller New York, N. F. State University...... Louisville, Ky

Baptist Home Mission So- New York, N. Y


Other sourcos..... Prestonburg Seminary.. Prestonburg, Ky.... Col. W. H. May

Prestonburg, Ky. Princeton Collograte Instituto Princetown, Ky. Various persons Madison Feinale Institute ... Richmond, Ky Baldwin Seminary.

Baldwin, La

John Baldwin St. Hyacinth's Convent Monroe, La

Young Catholio Friends Monroe, La

Gould Academy

Bethel, Mo.

Bethel, Ma
Greely Institute

Cumberland Centre, Alumni Association of the

institute. Westbrook Seminary and Fe Deering, Me...

male College.

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