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THE YEAR 1883-'84.






General statement of the work of the Office, with a list of its publications during the

Fear, p-vii; summary of institutions, instructors, and studente, viil-x; summary
of school age, population, enrolment, attendance, &c., -xill; logal school ages in
the several Statos and Territories, xiv, xV; summary of the teachers omployed in
the public schools and their average monthly salarios, xvi-xviii; summary of an-

nual incomo and expenditure for public schools, xir-xil; summary of per capita

expenditure for publio schools, xxiii-*xvi; generalization of statistics by years

and by topics, with remarks, xxv-XXX; school inspection, al-XIV; union of

districts and the township system, xxiv; course of study and classification in un.

graded schools, XXIV-XSXVi; neods of sparsely settled districts, XXXVII, Xxxviii;

the tenching forco in the public schools of the United States, XXIvlii-xl; rural
school-houses, xl-xli; summary of the educational condition of the Union, xli-IN;
education in the South, lii-lxii; Peabody fund, Ixill, lxiv; John F. Slator fund,

liv, lxv; summary of school statistics of cities, with remarks, lxvi-lxxxvii; in.

struction in primary and grammar grades in city schools, lxxxvii-scil; methods of

teaching reading and history, xcii, xcili; industrial schools, xcir-scri; the recess

question, xovi-xcviii; summary of normal school statistics, with remasks, xcix-

oxii; abstract of recent correspondenco about the salaries of normal school prin.

cipals, cxii, cxiii; pedagogios in universities and colleges, cxiii-cxvii; summary of

statistics of commercial and business colleges, with remarks, cxvii-cxix; summary

of statistics of Kindergärten, with remarks, csix-cxxiii; the Kindergarten and

the pablic school system, cxxiii, cixiv; Kindergarten meeting at Madison, cxxiv;

summary of statistics of institutions for secondary (including preparatory) in.
struction, with romarks, CXXV-CXXIV; summary of statistics of institutions for
the saporior instruction of women, with remarks, CXXXV-cxxxix; Harvard exam.

ination for women, cxxxix, cxl; associations devoted to the bigher education of

women, exl, cxli; coeducation, cxli-cxliii; higher education of women abroad, cxliii-

cxlvi; summary of statisties of universities and colleges, with remarks, cxlvi-clviii;

electives, clviii-cls; summary of persons engaged in agriculture and in manu.

facturing, mechanical, and mining industries in 1880, clx; summary of statistics of

schools of science, with remarks, clsi-clxvii; summary of statistics of theological

schools, with remarks, clxviii-clxx; summary of statistics of law schools, with ro-

marks, clxx-clxxii; summary of statistics of schools of medicine, dentistry, and

pharmacy, with remarks, clxxii-clxxvi; régumé of census statistics of clergymen,

lawyers, physicians and surgeons, dentists, and particularly of pharmacists, clxxvi,

clxxvii; summary of statistics of degrees conferred, clxxviii-clxxxiii; summary of

statistics of additional public libraries for 1883-'84, with remarks, clxxxiii, clxxxiv;

summary of statistics of training schools for nurses, clxxxiv, clxxxv; summary of
statistics of institutions for the deaf and dumb, clxxxvi, clxxxvii; summary of sta-
tistics of schools for the blind, clxxxviii; summary of statistics of schools for
feeble-minded youth, clxxxix; summary of statistics of reform schools, cxc, exci;
summary of statistics of homes and asylums for orphan or dependent children,
infant asylums, and industrial schools, cxcii, cxciii; remarks on summaries of Tables
XVIII-XXII, inclusive, cxciv; summary of statistics of benefactions, by States, for
18 months ending June 30, 1884, with remarks, cxcv-cxcviii; education in foreign

countries, cxcvili-cclxviii; school hygiene, cclxix; International Exposition at

New Orleans, cclxix, cclxx; recommendations, cclxx, cclxxi.


Abstracts of the official reports of the school officers of States, Territorios, and

citles, with other additional information.

Edncational associations and conventions


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