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challenge be accepted or not, it is in their continued prayers for the sufferers tended, with the divine blessing, that a and for the persecutors, for the cause of public meeting shall be held in Dublin, universal religious liberty, and that all at which the points at issue between the the trials which have been endured may Reformed and Roman Catholic Churches prove to the furtherance of the Gospel. will be discussed. Particulars as to time

For the Committee, and place will be announced in due time. London, Oct. 14, 1826. J. Pye Smith. " Richard, T. P. Pope.

Acknowledged in our last . . £139 98 “ Sept. 16, 1826.”

Deduct a second donation to THE CONTINUED INTOLERANCE OF THE

an exiled minister, under GOVERNMENT OF LAUSANNE.

serious illness... 10 0 0 Severe illness had prevented our prin

£129 98 cipal correspondent at Paris from writing, during the period that the London Com

BLACKBURN ACADEMY. mittee were in anxious expectation. We The annual examination of the theolohave now obtained communications. The gical students educated here, took place plan of an emigration to New Orleans on June 21, and the following day. The appears to be so obstructed by difficulties, Committee of Examination having called that there is now little hope of carrying it

the Rev. Dr. Clunie to the Chair, prointo effect. The larger number of the ceeded to examine the several classes ia exiles are in different parts of France,

the Latin, Greek, and Hebrew languages; mostly near the frontier of their own mathematics, and natural philosophy; country; and some have found residences and in general grammar, and the philoin other parts of Switzerland. The Lau sophy of the mind. In the classical desanne Government has not rescinded any

partment, considerable portions were read of its persecuting edicts, nor made any

and explained from Cæsar, Virgil, Hoconcession from its unrighteous measures.. race, and Juvenal, Xenophon, Homer, Some fresh prosecutions have been com- Aristotle, and Plato ; in which the stumenced. In a few cases, parties con- dents displayed a highly respectable acdemned under previous suits have been quaintance with the minutiæ of the reacquitted upon appeal. Public opinion spective languages, and great diligence seems to be acquiring more strength, in and perseverance in their acquisition. opposition to the intolerance of the go.

In the philosophical department, they vernment. The execution of the decrees illustrated various principles in pneumatics against religious meetings depends much and hydrostatics, by performing several on the spirit of the magistrates and the interesting experiments; and throughout clergy, in different places. In some towns

the whole examination, they acquitted and villages, considerable indulgence is themselves much to the satisfaction of shown: in others, the local authorities the Committee, as well as to the credit are vigilant and severe. We have, how- of themselves and their able and faithful ever, the assurance that the spirit of vital tutors. After the business of the Instireligion is generally lively and active, and tution had been transacted by the General that the distribution of the aid sent from

Committee, Mr. Moses delivered an aca-, this country has had a very happy effect,

demical oration, on “the tendency of in alleviating the distress, and in exciting

the doctrine of salvation by grace to devout gratitude to British benevolence,

promote holiness ;" after which a public and to Him who is its supreme author.

meeting was held, and various resolutions One of the exiled ministers, residing near

were passed, expressive of the high apthe frontier, a young man, is alarmingly

probation of the constituents, in the ill, and consumptive symptoms are feared. superintendence, arrangements, and sucSince his expenses are thus necessarily

cess of this important Institution. But increased, and he is become incapable of we regret to state, that one circumstance any exertion for his own benefit, we have

would not permit us to indulge unmingled acquiesced in the recommendation of our joy-the state of the funds, which have Paris correspondent, to grant him a second very materially suffered, from the unex. donation of 250 francs, or the equivalent ampled distress of the surrounding merof £10. Our correspondent further writes, cantile district; a circumstance which. that there do not appear as yet the pro

we hope, will receive the kind consideraper occasions for applying the remaining

tion of the Christian public, and espefunds, and therefore he recommends our cially of those on whom the storm of waiting for a time, and watching the course general calamity has but very partially, of events, which will undoubtedly pro- fallen. duce new exigencies. Whatever may arise, OPENING OF THE MISSION COLLEGE, and our proceedings accordingly, we shall**

HOXTON. in due course lay before our christian Our readers are informed that the friends who have entrusted their bounty Missionary Seminary, established at Gos. to our disposal. And we earnestly request port by Dr. Bogue, under the patronage

of the London Missionary Society, was, the charge; Rev. J. Hunt, of Chelmsford, upon his lamented decease, removed by preached to the people ; and the Rev. J. a vote of the Directors, to the vicinity of Cooper, of Emsworth, concluded with the Metropolis. Anxious did they look prayer. In the evening of the same day, around the environs of London for suit a sermon was preached by the Rev. Dr. able premises, but in vain, till the Com- Harris; and, on the preceding evening, a mittee of Hoxton Academy, about to re- sermon, preparatory to the ordination, was move their Institution to Highbury Col- preached by the Rev. T. Bindy, of Newlege, offered to let, at a very moderate port. rental, the academic premises to them. August 30, Mr. J. S. Hine was set It was generally felt that the situation was apart to the pastoral care of the Indeundesirable, and the accommodations in pendent Church at Wirksworth, Derbycomplete, but the cheapness of the pre- shire. The Rev. J. Wilson, of Matlock, .mises, and the very limited number of the read and prayed. The Rev. G. D. Mudie, mission family, compared with that of of Chesterfield, delivered the introducthe Academy, led the Directors to hope, tory discourse, and received the answers that by extensive alterations, room might of the church and pastor to the usual be found for thirty inmates, whereas questions. The Rev. T. R. Gawthorne, sixty could not continue, but at the sacri of Belper, offered the ordination prayer. fice of decorum and health..

The Rev. R. Alliott, of Nottingham, gave After an outlay of several hundred the charge. The Rev. J. Gawthorn, of pounds, convenient studies and sleeping Derby, preached to the people. rooms have been provided on the premises On Wednesday, September 6, the Rev. for twenty students, beside respectable J, P. Dobson, late of Wareham, and forapartments for the tutor's family, and on merly a student at Wymondley, was pub

Tuesday, Oct. 10, two religious services licly recognized as pastor of the Church . were held in Hoxton Chapel, to commend of Christ assembling in New Broad Street, the tutors and students of the Mission London. The Rev. Thomas Binney, of COLLEGE, to the care and benedic. Newport, Isle of Wight, commenced the tion of the great Head of the Churcb. service; the Rev. Dr. Smith, Theological In the morning, the Rev. George Burder, Tutor at Homerton College, delivered senior Secretary of the Missionary Soo the introductory discourse, and asked the ciety, commenced the service by reading questions ; Mr. H. Snelgar, one of the and prayer. The Rev. John Griffin, of deacons, gave an account of the proceed. Portsea, preached an interesting retrospective ings of the church; the Rev. Thomas sermon from lsa, xxviii. 29, and the Rev. Morell, Theological Tutor at Wymondley Matthew Wilks closed the service withi College, prayed the ordination prayer; prayer.

the Rev. James Dobson, of Chishill, gave In the evening, the Rev. W. F. Platt the charge, from 1 Tim. iv. 6; the Rev. opened the service, when the Rev. J. A. John Clayton, jun. offered up the general James, of Birmingham, delivered an elo- prayer; the Rev. Dr. Collyer preached to quent sermon from John iii. 30, on the the people from 1 Thess. ii. 12, 13; the prospective usefulness of the Missionary Rev. J. Snelgar concluded ; and the Rey. Society; the Rev. A. Waugh, D. D. closed W. Deering read the hymns.. the service with prayer.

Ordination of a Missionary for Ireland.The very unfavourable state of the October 11, 1826, the Rev. J. T. Eviweather in the morning, deprived many son, late a student at Gosport, was soof the opportunity of hearing Mr. Griffin, lemnly set apart, at Claremont Chapel, while the pressure of a recent and afflictive Pentonville, as a Missionary for Ireland, bereavement compelled Mr. James very under the superintendence of the Irish considerably to shorten the discourse in the Evangelical Society. Rev. H. Evison, evening. We are informed, however, that of Clapton, read the Scriptures and - the public are likely to possess them through prayed; Rey. J. Blackburn delivered the medium of the press.

the introductory statements and asked • ORDINATIONS.

· the questions; Rev. G. Collison offered

the ordination prayer; Rev. J. P. Smith, Mr. W. Malden, late of Hoxton Col. D. D. delivered the charge, founded lege, was on Thursday, August 10, set on Isaiah vi. 8-10; Rev. E. Parsons, · apart to the pastoral office, over the Inde. Jun. addressed the people; and Rev. S.

pendent church at Chichester. The Rev. Curwen concluded with prayer. Rev. W. Bannister, of Arundel, commenced the R. Richards, of Cannock, gave out the services of the day by reading the Scrip- hymns. The whole service was truly intures and prayer; Rev. Dr. Harris, of teresting and impressive, and the claims Hoxton College, delivered the introductory of Ireland appeared deeply to interest discourse, and asked the usual questions; the very crowded assembly. Mr. Evison Rev. J. Griffin, of Portsea, presented the is appointed to Roscommon and its yiciordination prayer, with the imposition of nity, as the sphere of his labours. He hands; Rev. S. Hillyard, of Bedford, gave has already spent some months there, and while he mourns over the melan- 66, for more than 42 years, the faithful choly ignorance and superstition of the pastor of the Independent church in that people, and has much to encounter from town. He preached twice on the Lord'sthe determined opposition of the priests, day preceding his death, and attended a he still regards it as a station of consi- meeting of ministers on the Tuesday, at derable promise.

High Wycombe; officiated at the grave We regret to add, that with widening of a member of his church, on Wednesday prospects of usefulness, the funds of the afternoon, when in the evening he was taken Irish Evangelical Society are more than suddenly ill, and on Thursday, before exhausted, and its Treasurer, besides his noon, he expired. This excellent, useful, present advances, is under pecuniary -en and venerable man was thus cut off wbile gagements to the amount of nearly £700, yet in the midst of his usefulness. He which will very shortly become due. To lived universally respected, and lis loss be enabled to meet those engagements, will be deplored through a wide circle. as well as to carry on the still extending We hope in a short time to be able to operations of the Society, the Committee present our readers with futher particulars have no resource but in the promises of of his useful life. He was one of the God, and the liberality of his people, earliest friends and supporters of our which, we trust, will not be withheld at Magazine. this critical period of Ireland's religious


· The ordination of the Rer. Mr. Rose,

at Jamaica Row, Bermondsey, will take On the morning of Wednesday, Oct. II, place on Thursday, the 9th inst, which the Rev. JOHN WHITRIDGE, of Oswestry, will supersede the Monthly Meeting Ser. Shropshire, departed this life, aged 66. mon on that day. With the active labours of this late worthy The next half-yearly Meeting of the minister many of our readers have been Wilts Associated Ministers and Churches long acquainted; and they may shortly will be held at the Upper Meeting-house, expect some interesting particulars of his Westbury, on Wednesday, the 15th of biography.

November, when the settlement of Mr. On Thursday, Oct. 19, at Maidenhead, Watson at that place will be publicly Berkshire, the Rev. John Cooke, aged recognized.



COMMUNICATIONS have been received during the past month from the Rev. Dr.

Harris--J. Turnbull - Dr. J. P. Smith-J. Fletcher-J. Barfitt-J. Jackson-Dr.
Clunie-H. Evison-C. Gollop-R. Alliot, jan.-W. Orme-B. Chandler_W. Grif-
fiths--J. T. Dobson--R. Elliot--T. Gilbart--R. Vaughan--J. Bulmer--J. Sibree-
R. H. Shepherd--E. Morley-_J. Gawthorn-H. Rogers--J, Burder--G. Redford--

J. Morison-T. Davis--R. Poole--and A. Clarkson.
Also from Messrs. James Edmeston--W. Carpenter--J. Woodford, jun.--J. S. Fl.--

Eliza T.--A Noncon--P. B.

GENERAL LIST of CONGREGATIONAL CHURCHES. -- We beg to express our best thanks to those ministers and gentlemen who have with so much care furnished us with lists of the churches and pastors in fifteen counties, which will certainly induce us to use our best efforts to obtain an accurate general list for our Supplement Number ; we must, however, request some of our readers, in the following counties, to forward to us, without delay, the names of the pastors and churches in their several shires, with any other particulars which they may consider interesting, by which means alone, this desideratum can be obtained.

Northumberland, Lincoln, Norfolk, Suffolk, Cumberland, Westmorland, Cheshére, Shropshire, Monmouth, Rutland, Huntingdo:!, Cambridge, Oxford, Buckingham, Middleser, Bedford, Somerset, Wilts, Berks, Surry, Kent, Susser, Hants, Dorset, Cornwall."

We have only received a single list (Pembrokeshire) from the entire PrincipalityWales should be included ; but without the prompt assistance of friends in that quarter, it will not be in our power.

A Correspondent suggests, that as the anniversary of the Popish Plot falls on Lord'sday, the 5th, it will afford Dissenting Ministers a favourable opportunity to advert to the errors and cruelties of the Romish Church.

We fear that the communication of the Rev. W. Deering is lost, if he will oblige us with another, it shall receive immediate insertion,

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Land helps you to pray for
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