Orientalische Bibliographie, Volumes 19-20

H. Reuther, 1906

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Página 15 - Atlas of the World's commerce. A new series of maps with descriptive text and diagrams showing products, imports, exports, commercial conditions and economic statistics of the countries of the world.
Página 108 - The new Far East. An examination into the new position of Japan and her influence upon the solution of the Far Eastern question, with special reference to the interests of America and the future of the Chinese Empire.
Página 44 - Josef: Die Miniaturen des serbischen Psalters der königl. Hof- und Staatsbibliothek in München. Nach einer Belgrader Kopie ergänzt und im Zusammenhange mit der syrischen Bilderredaktion des Psalters untersucht. Mit einer Einleitung von V. Jagic.
Página 59 - Royal Atlas of Modern Geography. Exhibiting, in a series of entirely original and authentic maps, the present condition of geographical discovery and research in the several countries, empires, and states of the world.
Página 166 - Vedic Concordance : being an alphabetic index to every line of every stanza of the published Vedic literature and to the liturgical formulas thereof, that is, an index (in Roman letters) to the Vedic mantras, together with an account of their variations in the different Vedic books.
Página 231 - Vol. VIII. BIBLE PROBLEMS AND THE NEW MATERIAL FOR THEIR SOLUTION. A Plea for Thoroughness of Investigation, addressed to Churchmen and Scholars. By the Rev. TK Cheyne, D.Litt., DD, Fellow of the British Academy ; Oriel Professor of Interpretation in the University of Oxford, and Canon of Rochester. Crown 8vo.
Página 211 - Lectures on the Significance of Assyriological Research for Religion, Embodying the most important Criticisms and the Author's Replies.
Página 332 - CODE annoté de la Tunisie. Recueil de tous les documents composant la législation écrite de ce pays au 1er janvier 1901 par PAUL ZEYS, avec la collaboration de P.
Página 87 - Mènent», ou les Quatre livres de philosophie morale et politique de la Chine, traduits du chinois par MG Pauthier...
Página 313 - OPPEL (KARL). Das Alte Wunderland der Pyramiden. Geographische, geschichtliche und kulturhistorische Bilder aus der Vorzeit, der Periode der Blüte sowie des Verfalls des • Alten Aegyptens.

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