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IN 1843, Professor Edward Robinson commenced the publication of the Bibliotheca Sacra, or Tracts and Essays connected with Biblical Literature and Theology. The work was published at New (ork. In 1844 it was removed to Andover, and its plan was enlarged and somewhat modified. The new series came under the cditorial care of Professor B. B. Edwards and Professor E. A. Park, assisted by Dr. Robinson and others. Its title was changed to Bibliotheca Sacra and Theological Review. In January 1851, the American Biblical Repository was transferred from New York to Andover, and united with the Dibliotheca Sacra, under the present title, Bibliotheca Sacra and American Biblical Repository. The Biblical Repository was established at Andover, by Professor Edward Robinson, in 1831. In 1835, the American Quarterly Observer, which was commenced in Boston in 1833, by Professor B. B. Edwards, was united with it, and Professor Edwards became sole editor of the combined periodicals. The Repository thus united continued to be published at Andover till 1837, when it was removed to New York, under the editorial care of Absalom Peters, D. D. From October 1840, to April 1842, Rev. S. B. Treat, was associated with Dr. Peters. In 1842 he resigned his place to J. IIolmes Agnew, D. D. In July 1842, Dr. Peters retired, and Dr. Agnew became sole editor. In 1845, Dr. Agnew transferred his office to Rev. W. II. Bidwell, who conducted the work for three years, when it passed into the hands of IRev. J. M. Sherwood, under whose charge it continued until its union with the Bibliotheca Sacra in 1851. The Repository had then closed its sixth volume, third series; the Bibliotheca Sacra its seventh volume, second series. Thus the present

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