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much to my friend and former pupil, Mr T. W. Moles, who read my pages in manuscript and offered many valuable suggestions. The same kind service was performed by my colleagues, Dr Moorman, who read and amended the whole in proof, and Professor Smithells, who gave me some much-needed help at the end of Chapter I. To Professor Herford I do not know how to make my acknowledgments. The inexhaustible stores of his learning and critical judgment have been laid freely at my disposal; and I owe him a debt which I shall never be able to repay. The same applies to Professor Saintsbury, who has patiently helped me with advice and suggestions at every turn, and who has shown unfailing forbearance with delays which were vexatious to me and must have been doubly so to him. And there are others, now, alas I beyond the reach of thanks. Without the aid thus liberally given the following pages would have been still more imperfect than they are.

C. VAUGHAN. Leeds, Jam. 1907.

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Limits Of The Period Chaeaojeristic8_0p Romance Contrast Between This And The Prbcedino PeriodThe PrecursorsThojtso*Goldsmith And OthersMacpherson And PercyTheir Influence On The Continent—Their Treatmbnt Of The SupernaturalTheir Resemblance And ContrastApparent Reaction Against Romance Ended By Cowper His InnovaTionsHis Religious Fervour Influence Of The Religious Revival ' The Task ' Cowper's Attitude To Najjjhe His Humour And LettbrsThe Personal Strain In His PoetryBurnsHis Relation To Scottish Writers And To PercyHis Treatment Of The SupernaturalOf NatureOf ManHis Satire His Songs Blake His Poems Of Child Life His Visionary SpiritPictorial Element In His PoetryAlleged Classical Revival Crabbe His Realism His Relation To Romance RogersCampbell ' Lyrical Ballads 'Previous Poetry Of ColeridgeInfluence Of BowlesPrevious Poetry Of Wordsworth Design Of 'Lyrical Ballads ' ' Ancient Mariner'Coleridge's Other Poems Wordsworth's ContribuTionsPoems Of Man Pastorals Poems Ok I799Poems Of Nature Wordsworth's Joy In Nature Personal Note In These Poems-patriotic SonnetsLater PoemsAttitude Of The Public To Coleridge And Wordsworth Wordsworth's Bbalism—His RomanceThe 'Preludb 'BouthbyScottNew


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