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History and Moral Relations of Po-
litical Economy, .


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Independent Treasury Reform,
Influence of Commerce,
Imports 1836-1838,
Intelligence of the People,

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Jeremy Bentham, .



Labouring Portion of the Commu-
nity, Elevation of,

Lowndes, William,

Lay Sermon at Sea,
Late Election,


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Mineral Lands of the United States, 30
Report of a Geological Explora-

tion of part of Iowa, Wisconsin,
and Illinois, made under in-
structious from the Secretary
of the Treasury of the United
States, by David Dale Owen,
M. D., Principal Agent to ex-
plore the Mineral Lands of the
United States, in the autumn of
the year 1839. Printed by or-
der of the Senate of the United

Moral Relations of Political Econo-
my and History .

Mercantile System,

Malthus and Ricardo,

Moral Relations of Political Econo-

Montgomery, his remains deposited

in St. Paul's Church, New York, 384
Marius, by the Author of Fragments

of Unpublished Reminiscences of
the late Edward Livingston, 475
Marius-Born in Cirraetum-He

distinguished himself at the
Siege of Numantium-Scipio
foresees his greatness-His
Tribuneship — Charged with
bribery-Acquitted by the peo-
ple-He goes to Numidia with
Metellus-Hisquarrel with Me-
tellus-He obtains the Consul-
ate-Drives Jugurtha from Nu-
midia--Bocchus surrenders Ju.
gurtha to Sylla—Marius's trium-
phant return to Rome-Inva-
sion of the Cimbri, and Teu-
tones-Marius chosen Consul
for the second time-Assumes

the command of the army-He
is chosen Consul a third time-
Martha-Portents and omens
presaging victory to the Ro.
mans--Victory over the Cimbri
-Marius is elected a fourth
time Consul-Marius marches
to the relief of his colleague be-
sieged in his camp--a second
battle as glorious as the first-
He receives the news of his
election to the Consulate for
the fifth time-Marius triumphs
with Catulus, the other Consul
-Marius is elected a sixth time
Consul-Marius passes into
Asia–His meeting with Mith-
ridatesThe Social War-Ma-
rius saves Sylla's life-Marius
serves as a proconsul during
the Social War--Marius ob-
tains the command against Mith-
ridates-Sylla—Marius is driv.
en from Rome by Sylla—Ma-
rius returns to Ítalý—Unites
with Cinna-Enters Rome at
the head of an army-Is elect-
ed Consul for the seventh
time!-Retaliates with great
severity on the party of Sylla,
in revenge of the slaughter and
proscription by them, of his re-
satives and friends, prepares to
meet Sylla–His sickness and

Lucius Cornelius Sylla–becomes

Quæstor of Marius in Numi-
dia-Bocchus delivers Jugur-
tha a captive into his hands
Had this event engraved on a
ring, and used it to seal all his
letters—Is employed again by
Marius in the Cimbric War-
Pursued by Saturnius and other
assassins, he ran for safety into
Marius's house—is saved by bim

- Distinguishes himself greatly
in the Social War-Refuses to
give up to Marius the com-
mand of the army under him-
Leads his soldiers against Rome
-Enters it sword in hand
His proscriptions and atroci-
ties there-Places power in the
hands of his party, and hastens
to march against Mithridates
-Returns to Italy after the
death of Marius-Defeats all
the leaders of the Marian party
-The battle between him and
Telesinus in sight of Rome-
The slaughter of 10,000 Sam-
nites-His cruelties and pro-
scriptions-Assumes the Dicta-

No. XX. of the series of “ Political Portraits with Pen and Pencil” will contain a fine line engraving, on steel, of Francis THOMAS, of Maryland, from an original painting.

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