The British Homoeopathic Review, Volume 19

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Página 302 - Notwithstanding the high veneration which I entertained for Dr. Johnson, I was sensible that he was sometimes a little actuated by the spirit of contradiction, and by means of that I hoped I should gain my point. I was persuaded that if I had come upon him with a direct proposal, "Sir, will you dine in company with Jack Wilkes?" he would have flown into a passion, and would probably have answered, "Dine with Jack Wilkes, Sir! I'd as soon dine with Jack Ketch.
Página 609 - From this indubitable truth, that, besides the totality of the symptoms, nothing can by any means be discovered in diseases wherewith they could express their need of aid, it follows undeniably that the sum of all the symptoms in each individual case of disease must be the sole indication, the sole guide to direct us in the choice of a remedy.
Página 251 - Homoeopathy in combination with other systems of treatment; and 3rd, those who, under various pretences, meet in consultation or hold professional intercourse with those who practise Homoeopathy.
Página 302 - Provided, sir, I suppose, that the company which he is to have is agreeable to you?" JOHNSON: "What do you mean, sir? What do you take me for? Do you think I am so ignorant of the world as to imagine that I am to prescribe to a gentleman what company he is to have at his table?
Página 301 - Damn with faint praise, assent with civil leer, And without sneering, teach the rest to sneer, Willing to wound, and yet afraid to strike ; Just hint a fault and hesitate dislike...
Página 249 - ... we smile now at the old schoolmen who seriously argued as to the number of angels who could dance on the point of a needle, but we may in turn be smiled at for something almost as absurd. All positive knowledge which we possess in medicine is limited to fields which are as common to the...
Página 200 - Privy Council, and the said Privy Council may thereupon issue an Injunction to such Body so acting, directing them to desist from such Practice ; and in the event of their not complying therewith, then to order that such Body shall cease to have the Power of conferring any Right to be registered under this Act so long as they shall continue such Practice.
Página 48 - ... of morphia, diminishes their intensity, and may even save life after a fatal dose of the latter. It is therefore decidedly antagonistic, but within a limited area. In man, sulphate of atropia would be too dangerous and uncertain a remedy to depend on in cases of poisoning by opium or any of its salts, but whore the heart's action is greatly diminished it is directly indicated.
Página 48 - ... meconate of morphia within a limited area. 2. Meconate of morphia does not act beneficially after a large dose of sulphate of atropia, for in these cases the tendency to death is greater than if a large dose of either substance had been given alone. 3. Meconate of morphia is not specifically antagonistic to the action of sulphate of atropia on the vaso-inhibitory nerves of the heart ; and, — 4.
Página 386 - The noble CHAIRMAN, in moving the adoption of the Report, said : Ladies and Gentlemen, I have often had the good fortune —indeed, for a series of years, I have been permitted to attend the annual meetings .of the London Homoeopathic Hospital, and on these occasions we have had sometimes to lay before you, in our Report, a state of things which was everything that was encouraging ; while in others, owing to want of finances, or other reasons, we have been apprehensive of some damage to the hospital,...

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