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These books have been prepared by experts who know the difficulties and needs of Student Teachers, and will be found to meet latest requirements. They are well arranged, with Introduction, treating all important points. The Text in each case is carefully edited, and interleaved for Students' MS. Notes, full Explanatory Notes being given at the foot of each page.

Shakespeare's " A Midsummer Night's Dream.' Edited by

C. W. CROOK, B.A., B.Sc., Editor of Shakespeare's “Henry V.," “Richard II.,'' &c. Crown 8vo, cloth, 142 pp.

Price 1s. 9d. Shakespeare's " Henry V.” Edited by C. W. CROOK, B.A., B Sc.,

Headmaster of the Higher Grade School, Wood Green, N. Crown 8vo, cloth, 208 pp.

Price 2s. “This is an admirable edition of the play.”Teachers' Aid. Shakespeare's “ Richard II.” Edited by C. W. CEOOK, B.A., B.Sc. Crown 8vo, cloth, 180 pp.

Price 2s. A thoroughly useful edition."- School Guardian. Shakespeare's “ Richard III.” Edited by W. H. S. JONES,

M.A. (Camb.); Editor of Cowper's “Expostulation," &c. Crown 8vo, cloth, 188 pp.

Price 2s. “We can thoroughly recommend this admirable reprint of

• Richard III.'”—Teachers' Aid. Shakespeare's “ Much Ado about Nothing." Edited by

A. L. CANN, B.A., Editor of Shakespeare's “ As You Like It.” Crown 8vo, cloth, 176 pp.

Price 2s. A splendid book for students.”—Schoolmaster. Shakespeare's " As You Like It.” Edited by A. L. CANN, B.A., Principal of Bolton P.T. School. Crown 8vo, cloth, 164 pp.

Price 2s. “Ā worthy addition to this well-known and, widely-used series.”

Shakespeare's “ Julius Cæsar.” Edited by R. RUTHERFORD,
Winner of the £1,000 Literary Prize. Crown 8vo, cloth, 120 pp.

Price 1s. 6d.
Is undoubtedly the best that has come under our notice. It is

indeed a help."-Teachers' Review. Shakespeare's "The Tempest." Edited by C. W. CROOK,

B.A., B.Sc., Editor of Shakespeare's “Henry V.,” « Richard II.," &c.
Crown 8vo, cloth.

Price 2s. Shakespeare's "Macbeth." Edited by C. W. CROOK, B.A.,

B.Sc., Editor of Shakespeare's " Henry V.," "Richard II.,” &c. Crown 8vo, cloth, 185 pp.

Price 2s. Milton's Areopagitica." Edited by O. W. CROOK, B.A., B.Sc., Editor of “Henry V.," "Richard II.," &c., Crown 8vo, cloth,

Price 1s. 9d. Milton's " Sonnets." Edited by C. W. Crook, B.A., B.Sc., Crown 8vo, cloth, 50 pp.

Price 9d. A work as near perfection as that attribute is attainable.”—The

Teacher. Milton's " Paradise

Lost" (Books I. & II.). Edited by A. L. CANN, B.A., Editor of Shakespeare's “Much Ado About Nothing," &c., &c.

Price 2s.

132 pp



151 pp:

'Milton's " Paradise Lost” (Book III.). By T. E. MARGERISON,

M.A., Lond., late Principal of the Tottenham P.T. Centre. Crown 8vo, cloth, 88 pp.

Price 18, 6d. " We can.

without hesitation, recommend it to students."

Milton's “ Paradise Lost" (Book VI.). Edited by A. L. CANN,

B.A., Editor of “Paradise Lost." “Much Ado About Nothing,” “ As You
Like It," &c. Crown 8vo, cloth, 110 pp.

Price 1s. 9d. Milton's " Lycidas." Edited by A. L. CANN, B.A. Crown 8vo, cloth, 61 pp.

Price 9d. Milton's "Paradise Lost” (Book VI.) and" Lycidas.” Bound together in one volume. Edited by A. L. CANN, B.A. Crown 8vo, cloth,

Price 2s. "Excellently adapted to the needs of the student."-School Guardian. Bacon's Essays (OF TRUTH, REVENGE, MARRIAGE and

SINGLE LIFE, TRAVAILE, INNOVATIONS, GARDENS, STUDIES). Edited by T. E. MARGERISON, M.A. (Lond.), Editor of “Paradise Lost," &c. Crown 8vo, cloth, 88 pp.

Price 1s. “Notes judicious and adequate.”The Educational Times. Bacon's - New Atlantis” Edited by D. W. BEVAN, Principal of the Scarborough P.T. Centre. Crown 8vo, 68 pp. cloth. Price 1s. “ Will assist the student materially. Can be strongly recom

mended.”—Teachers' Aid. Cowper's “ The Task” (Book V.). Edited by W. H. S. JONES,

M.A., Camb ; First Class Classical Tripos, Parts I. and II.; late Tutor at
York Training College. Crown 8vo. cloth, 86 pp.

Price 1s. 6d.
“This is a thoroughly practical Text-book, and maintains the high

standard we have been led to expect from the Helps' published

by this firm."-Schoolmaster. Cowper's Expostulation," Edited by W. H. S. JONES, M.A., Camb.; Editor of “The Task” (Book V.). Crown 8vo, cloth, 76 pp.

Price 1s. Altogether, the help accorded is just such as is likely to be useful

to the reader.”—Practical Teacher. Gray's " Elegy” and “Ode on the Spring." Bound together

in one volume. Including a fac-simile reproduction of the original MSS. of Gray's “Elegy written in a Country Churchyard." Edited by M. GOMPERTZ, B.A., Editor of Goldsmith's "The Traveller.” Crown 8vo, cloth, 58 pp.

Price 1s. “No candidate could desire a better or a safer guide.”—Educational

Gray's “ Ode on the Spring.” Edited by M. GOMPERTZ, B.A.,

Editor of Goldsmith's “ The Traveller.” Crown 8vo, 16 pp. Price 3d.
“ It has been admirably treated by Mr. Gompertz, who evidently

knows just what information the student is likely to need for

examination purposes.The Teachers' Aid. Goldsmith's "The Traveller." Edited by M. GOMPERTZ, B.A.,

Head Master P.T. Centre, Leyton. Crown 8vo, cloth, 74 pp. Price 1s.
“Pupil Teachers will find in this well-arranged edition all the help

they can possibly need."-Schoolmaster. Scott's “ Marmion” (Canto VI.). Edited by T. E. MARGERISON,

M.A., Lond.; Editor of Milton's “Paradise Lost” (Book III.), &c.
Crown 8vo, cloth, 92 pp.

Price 1s. Par excellence the book for the Student.”The Teachers' Aid.



An Elementary & Intermediate Algebra.


BY THE Rev. J. LIGHTFOOT, D.Sc., M.A., Author of "Elementary Logic,etc., etc. GRAPHIC METHODS are logically developed in their appropriate places and profusely illustrated with a large number of carefully drawn diagrams.


"A capital book of its special kind.”—The Sheffield Daily Independent.

A well arranged practical book, well up to modern requirements.”—The Head Teacher.

"Logical development; principles rigorously established.”—The Educational Times.

“ The work is written in a clear and concise style, admirably arranged and well printed."--The Belfast News-Letter.

" The teaching is unimpeachable and healthy. We wish success to this fine exposition of Algebra.”—The Schoolmaster.

“We have much pleasure in recommending it as, in every respect, a firstclass text-book on Algebra.”—The Schoolmistress.

“An excellent book, taking the student as far as the binomial theorem and scales of notation, with constant care to make his ideas vivid and practical, An introduction to the binomial and remainder theorems is given immediately after the chapter on simple equations, in a chapter entitled, 'Special Results in Multiplication and Division.' Graphs are used and diagrams supplied wherever they are wanted. An excellent treatment of the whole subject."The Education Gazette (issued by the Department of Public Education, S.A.

“The subject is developed in lucid and helpful ways, with numerous examples. It may be commended to the notice of schoolmasters.”—The Yorkshire Daily Post. “A most valuable introduction to the study of Algebra.

We have pleasure in bringing it under the notice of our readers.”—The Irish Teachers' Journal.

“Few works on Algebra merit the recommendation of Dr. Lightfoot's work. Its characteristics are originality, clearness, and accuracy. Many of the worked examples are perfect models.”—The Teacher.

“We do not remember to have seen them (Graphic Methods) so simply and clearly given in any similar treatise, and in themselves they are sufficient to commend Dr. Lightfoot's work to the student.”—The Irish Times.

A first-rate book. It covers much ground, is full of lucid explanation, has abundant examples, is capitally planned,' and possesses some unique features. Altogether, it should take a high place among the best of modern school books.”—The Board Teacher.

"The matter is very_logically arranged, and the illustrative examples are perfect models.”—The Teachers' Aid.

" The treatise possesses a large amount of originality based on common sense principles. Although the number of books on Algebra is large and is still increasing, yet we are of opinion that there is plenty of room for the one under consideration."--The Western Morning News.

“Among newer mathematical text-books suitable for the use of young students, there are few that have come under our notice that are so good as . An Elementary and Intermediate Algebra,' by Dr. Lightfoot.

The book is a most commendable piece of work and deserving of high praise.”— The School Guardian.

"In spite of the large number of algebra books on the market, we cordially welcome the appearance of this one. It is well arranged, and presents the subject in logical steps; the teaching is driven home by concrete illustrations, and what innovations have been made are distinct improvements.”—The Practical Teacher. *** A full Catalogue of the best books for Student Teachers will be forwarded post

free on application. Of all Booksellers, or post free at published price from,


Educational Publishers,
68 & 69, Temple Chambers, London, E.C.

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