The Journal of a Voyage to Lisbon

C. Whittingham & Company, 1892 - 277 páginas

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Página 265 - As if increase of appetite had grown By what it fed on; and yet, within a month, Let me not think on't: Frailty, thy name is woman!
Página 250 - I'll tell you. Of a Monday I drive the coach, of a Tuesday I drive the plough, on Wednesday I follow the hounds, a Thursday I dun the tenants, on Friday I go to market, on Saturday I draw warrants, and a Sunday I draw beer.
Página 43 - In this situation, as I could not conquer Nature, I submitted entirely to her, and she made as great a fool of me as she had ever done of any woman whatsoever: under pretence of giving me leave to enjoy, she drew me in to suffer the company of my little ones during eight hours ; and I doubt not whether, in that time, I did not undergo more than in all my distemper.
Página 44 - ... time, I did not undergo more than in all my distemper. At twelve precisely my coach was at the door, which was no sooner told me, than I kissed my children round, and went into it with some little resolution. My wife, who behaved more like a heroine and philosopher, though at the same time the tenderest mother in the world, and my eldest daughter followed me ; some friends went with us, and others here took their leave ; and I heard my behaviour applauded, with many murmurs and praises to which...
Página 265 - How short of this are the delights of the epicure ! How vastly disproportionate are the pleasures of the eating and of the thinking man ! Indeed as different as the silence of an Archimedes in the study of a problem, and the stillness of a sow at her wash.
Página 30 - ... if the whole had done so, as it " ought, he would be but ill paid for sitting almost sixteen " hours in the twenty-four in the most unwholesome as well " as nauseous air in the universe, and which hath in his case " corrupted a good constitution without contaminating his
Página 253 - Johnson appeared bustling about, with an ink-horn and pen in his button-hole, like an exciseman ; and on being asked what he really considered to be the value of the property which was to be disposed of, answered, " We are not here to sell a parcel of boilers and vats, but the potentiality of growing rich beyond the dreams of avarice.
Página 43 - On this day, the most melancholy sun I had ever beheld arose, and found me awake at my house at Fordhook. By the light of this sun, I was, in my own opinion, last to behold and take leave of some of those creatures on whom I doated with a mother-like fondness, guided by nature and passion, and uncured and unhardened by all the doctrine of that philosophical school where I had learned to bear pains and to despise death.
Página 65 - The colliers, likewise, which are very numerous, and even assemble in fleets, are ships of great bulk; and if we. descend to those used in the American, African, and European trades, and pass through those which visit our own coasts, to the small craft that lie between Chatham and the Tower, the whole forms a most pleasing object to the eye, as well as highly warming to the heart of an Englishman who has any degree of love for his country, or can recognize any effect of the patriot in his constitution.
Página 217 - I have no defence against the accusation, nor can give any satisfactory answer to the question. To this, indeed, I could say, and it is all that I could say, that my lord Bolingbroke was a great genius, sent into the world for great and astonishing purposes. That the ends, as well as means of action in such personages, are above the comprehension of the vulgar. That his life was one scene of the Wonderful throughout. That, as the temporal happiness, the civil liberties and properties of Europe, were...

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