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Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1853, by ELI

NOYES, in the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the District
of Rhode Island.

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The following Lectures are the result of several years close study of the Sacred Scriptures. Some of them have been written out for years, while others have existed in the form of sketches, which were written out the past winter.

It has been the object of the author to use such languago as would be readily understood by the most common class of minds. Sense is never sacrificed to smoothness of sound, and when a few words of rough saxon have served best to express his meaning, he has not labored to dilute them with smooth rhetorical phrases.

He does not pretend to say that the arrangement of the Lectures have, in all cases, been the best, but as each Lecture is complete in itself, this is a matter of trilling importance.

In conclusion, the author begs leave to state, that he has superintended the publication of his book in the midst of a severe illness. His proof-sheets often found him in a poor state to examine them. On this account he begs the indulgence of his readers for any errors which a better state of health might have enabled him to correct.

Should these Lectures prove the means of exciting a deeper interest in those precious Scriptures which are fraught with everlasting life, the highest desire of the author will be gratified.

Provideuce, May 9th, 1853.



The reader will please correct the following errors with his pen :Page 35th, fifth line from the bottom for David read Daniel. Page 163d, fifteenth line read Robertson. Page 293d, third line, for succeeding read preceding.

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