Painless Reading Comprehension

Barrons Educational Series, 2004 - 224 páginas
Reading comprehension is a skill that all students must develop for academic success, especially as they advance to college and beyond. This book for junior and senior high school students asks them meaningful questions about their reading preferences and difficulties. For example—
  • What kind of reader am I? Avid or reluctant?
  • What can I do if I don’t understand what I’m reading?
  • How do I keep the information in my head?
All students can profit from this book, but reluctant readers will find it especially helpful. Guided by the author, who is an experienced teacher, they learn how to read with ease, and to comprehend what they are reading. Most important, they discover how to transform a once-arduous task into a pleasurable experience.

Acerca do autor (2004)

Darolyn E. Jones is an Associate Faculty Member in the School of English at Indiana University Purdue University at Indianapolis (IUPUI) and an independent literacy consultant. She is a former Language Arts Department Chair and an English teacher at Fishers Junior High School, Fishers, Indiana. She has published many articles in respected education journals and is the recipient of several teaching awards.

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