From Yugoslav Praxis to Global Pathos: Anti-hegemonic Post-post-marxist Essays

Rowman & Littlefield, 2001 - 249 páginas
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McBride offers a significant critical intervention into what is now recognized as a largely post-Marxian, at times liberal and at times conservative, spirit of the day, an intervention marked by writing against the post-Marxist hegemonic mainstream. Just as the Yugoslav philosophers did in their heyday ( from the Korcula Summer School to the gatherings at Dubrovnik's Inter-University Center), so too does McBride accentuate praxis as well as theoretical reflection on the present age. This marks his work with the pathos of a living philosophy. Like his previous volume, Philosophical Reflections on the Changes in Eastern Europe (Rowman & Littlefield, 1999), this book undertakes a most important goal, namely, to offer an informed critical assessment of Central and Southern Europe. But unlike its predecessor, this book is distinguished by situating various discussions of globalizations and neonationalist wars against the backdrop of the history, development, and demise of Praxis Philosophy -- the one-time bridge betweeen the progressive forces of former Yugoslavia and various East-West initiatives (e.g. the founding of the journal, Praxis International, which was changed to Constellations in the wake of civil war in Yugoslavia).

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The Practical Relevance of Practical Philosophy Philosophers Impact on History
Ideals and Reality Revisited Praxis and Nationalism in Erstwhile Yugoslavia A Tribute to Gajo Petrovic
Markovics Language and the Spirit of Community
Global Injustices
Capitalism and Socialism as Ideals and the New World Order An American Perspective
The Marxian Vision of a Better Possible Future End of a Grand Illusion?
The Pathos of European Political Philosophy after Marxism
Rethinking Democracy in Light of the East European Experience
Clarifying Civil Society and Creating Space for Civil Societies From the Struggle against NationState Despotisms to the Critique of Despotic Transnati...
CocaCola Culture and Other Cultures Against Hegemony
Consumerist Cultural Hegemony within a Cosmopolitan OrderWhy Not?
What Values Remain?
Habermas and the Marxian Tradition
The Globalization of Philosophy
Review Essay

The Philosophy of Marx in the Wake of 1989 A New Appraisal
Rights in the Context of One World From Wendell Willkie to the Present

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William L. McBride is Arthur G. Hansen Distingished Professor of Philosophy at Purdue University.

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