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boys. But we cannot measure this work by a certain number of speeches and addresses. It is really "line upon line, and precept upon precept." In all our associations in our several posts of labor, as occasions are found, we would bear in mind the object to be sought in the boys' good, and so draw out their moral sense and direct their observation that they may see and understand the benefits of uprightness and integrity.

There are many instances of waywardness, but we have also many promising indications. We are generally not only able to secure the attention of our boys to our efforts, but a kindly interest which encourages in the present and fixes the hope of permanent good.

Permit me to hope that all these appliances, thus employed under your direction, sball, by the blessing of our Heavenly Father, accomplish all that the best friends of these unfortanate boys can desire.

Respectfully submitted,




To the Hon. Board of Control of the State Reform School:

GENTLEMEN—I have great pleasure in congratulating you apon the extremely good state of health that prevails at the present time throughout the School, both as regards the inmates and officers. There has been but very little sickness daring the past summer and fall, and none of a serious character.

When I first visited the School, the 3d of December last, I found the hospital full of ague patients, and the School suffered severely with that disease during the following winter and spring. The cause of so much ague was obvious; and upon my pointing it out, the officers of the School removed it as soon as the warm weather came so they could open sewers, grade the yard, and remove a large pile of turning chips and shavings that had accrued from the shops.

I think the sanitary improvements that were carried out, as above specified, have placed the School in a condition, so that with proper care in future, the health of the inmates will compare favorably with that of the surrounding country.

During winter and spring, Inflammation of the eyes prevailed to a considerable extent; but the disease yielded very readily to treatment, and at present, I believe, there are no cases, except two or three chronic ones, that are not amenable to treatment.

During the latter part of winter and spring, Pneumonia prevailed to a considerable extent, of which disease two died, viz: John C. Garrow, on the 21st day of February, 1861, and John Kimball, of Pleuro Pneumonia, on June 5th, 1861. I think the causes that lead to attacks of Pneumonia, have mostly been removed, and shall cxpect to find very few cases the coming winter.

James Crowley had been afflicted, I think, two years, with Diabetes, had become very much emaciated, and died Feb. 20, 1861.

For further particulars, I would refer you to my report of last summer.

Let me add before I close, that I am very thankful to the employees, for their valuable assistance rendered me, in taking care of the sick, as they were 'untiring in their exertions to make all that were anywise aflicted, comfortable as possible.

Yours, &c.,


Physician STATE REFORM SCHOOL, Nov. 14th, 1861.


Inventory of the Property of the Michigan State Reform School.

Nov. 16th 1861.


1 Secretary, I Table,... 1 Sture and fixtures, . 7 Canc-scat chairs, at 108,.. 1

rocker,.. 80 Yards Carpet, 7s.,.. 2 Curtains, 33.,. 1 Spittoon, 3s., 1 Key-case, 1 Inkstand, 4s., i Pen rack, 38.,... 1 Parallel rule, 33.,. . 1 Copy Compiled Laws, 1857,... 1 Wood-box, . 1 P. O. Delivery,.. 1 Letter Press,

$25 00

3 50 10 00 8 75 3 50 26 25


37 1 50



37 7 00 1 00

38 8 00

$97 25

FRONT OFFICE. 14 Office chairs,.. 1 Table, ..... 1 Store and fixtures, ... 1 Wood-box, 1, fire-pan and 1 slovel,. 4 Cushions (fur oflice chairs),

$24 50

6 00 8 00 1 75 6 00

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